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Falirae Sheild

Premises of House Falirae

Today, Rynvale Observatory and the (yet to be written) Magistra's Tower and Falirae estate. TOMORROW, THE WORLD!!!

History of House Falirae

Public Knowledge About House Falirae

House Falirae is the richest and most socially influential of the Seven Noble Houses, bowing only to the legal authority of First House Illaren and the Governess Arien. The House has long been reputed for its open doors to the young mage talent of Rynvale City-Port, and for sacrificing all other virtues in favour of the preservation of education. It's totalitarian, no-nonsense position on the issue whenever imposition on arcane or academic teachings is imposed by the ruling council has served to keep Falirae lofted for many millennia, snagging the continual support of those families wealthy enough to see sons and daughters educated within the House walls, and a select cult following amongst lesser Houses elevated by recognition of intellectual potential by the more generous Falirae nobles. The primary focus of Falirae teachings is in magic of the elemental stock, though they are also known for a keen interest in astronomy, boosted by a seemingly innate knack for mathematics.

Political Information About House Falirae

Allies of House Falirae

Organization Leader
House Illaren Arien

Credits and Acknowledgements

  • House Coat of Arms made utilizing and further modified by myself through the use of the opensource photoshop called GIMP. Or at least that's what Ayameko did my behalf. She's 'da bomb'.

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