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House Illaren is currently the ruling House of the democratic government in Rynvale. They hold the Political Status of being the First House of the seven ruling Noble Houses of the island. This privilege is traditionally awarded to the House currently holding the seat of Governor of the island. House Illaren outranks the remaining six Noble Houses and is known for producing some of the most dedicated and skilled civil servants and political agents in the High Elf society. Civil service is their calling and trade of choice as symbolized in their crest, the shield of which bears symbols indicative of their reverence for Civil Responsibility, Dedication, Discipline, and Loyalty.

Players in House Illaren

Role Holder
House Leader Arien
House Ambassador
House Head of Etiquette NPC
House Tutor of History NPC
House Healer NPC
House Gardener NPC
House Stable Master NPC
House Groundskeeper NPC

The Noble Houses

House Leader
The First: House Illaren Arien - Governor of Port Rynvale
The Second: House Falirae Nirrarien - High Magistra of Port Rynvale
The Third: House Larethian Pallas - Commander of the Rynvalian Regiment
The Fourth: House Glorindol Ayameko - Director of Shipping and Trade
The Fifth: House Nonalla Allanon - Manager of Port Rynvale Lumber Industry
The Sixth: House Ilkan Durian- Admiral of the Rynvalian Fleet
The Seventh: House Phenthae Eloen- Commander of the Rynvale Rangers

Allies of House Illaren

Organization Leader
House Here Head of House Here

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