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Phenthae Family Crest

History of House Phenthae

Public Knowledge About House Phenthae

Political Information About House Phenthae

House Phenthae is ranked as the seventh Noble House and as such is out-ranked by the other six Noble Houses. Phenthae is currently the head of the Rynvale Rangers and is also the house that enforces Rynvale law. Rynvale Rangers, guards and special task force units are created through this House to patrol and govern the safety of it’s citizens. Duties like these are considered an honor by House Phenthae. This responsibility follows their personal code of conduct, as symbolized in their family crest, which are: Civil Responsibility, Assertiveness, Duty and Loyalty.

Players in House Phenthae

Role Holder
House Leader Jesen
House Ambassador NPC
House Head of Etiquette NPC
House Tutor of History NPC
House Healer NPC
House Gardener NPC
House Stable Master NPC
House Groundskeeper NPC

The Noble Houses

House Leader
The First: House Illaren [[User:]] -
The Second: House Falirae [[User:]]
The Third: House Larethian [[User:]] - Commander of the Rynvalian Regiment
The Fourth: House Glorindol [[User:]] - Director of Shipping and Trade
The Fifth: House Nonalla [[User:]] - Manager of Port Rynvale Lumber Industry
The Sixth: House Ilkan [[User:]]- Admiral of the Rynvalian Fleet
The Seventh: House Phenthae Jesen- Commander of the Rynvale Rangers

Allies of House Phenthae

Organization Leader
House Here Head of House Here

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