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November 2020

November 1

  • Breaking News from Cenril:

Hallow's Eve tragedy! The mysterious illness that had been sweeping through Cenril's southern slums for the past few months has led to a terrible revelation. Thousands of South Cenril residents that had been infected with the disease have turned into what locals are calling zombies. The infection is spread through bite. The infected have all-black eyes and pronounced purple veins on pale skin.

A party on Hallow's Eve aboard The Sullen Siren ended in yet more tragedy as Kasyr Azakhaer set the ship ablaze, killing dozens of infected and hundreds of innocent civilians in the fire. Cenrili authorities have placed Mr. Azakhaer at the top of the Most Wanted list for murder of hundreds of residents. There is a 20,000 gold bounty for any information that leads to his arrest, and a 100,000 gold bounty for anyone who brings him in dead or alive.

Many South Cenril locals are calling for aid in curing the illness, and demand that the infected be quarantined and kept safe until a cure is found, so that victims may be restored to their families. It is unclear if a cure exists or could be created in time before the disease spreads. Hardliners are determined to eradicate the disease by killing the infected, arguing that the infected are already lost.

Authorities in other cities are seeking to prevent the spread of the disease within their borders. Larket has already closed its borders, just hours after the disease broke out in the city.

August 2018

August 27

  • Mayor Uma Abelin hosts Cenril’s first annual Peace Gala. The news reports it's success without mentioning Henry Cramer’s unwelcomed appearance. The masked man interrupted the night with a speech that was filled with witch phobia and hatred, reminiscent of the majority of Larket's views. He publishes a religious, witch phobic book that is a popular buy despite receiving scathing reviews. A new paper is hitting the shelves that promises to be honest, but what could they have to be transparent about when the Fisherman's Almanac is reporting nothing is wrong?

February 2014

February 10

    • General Brommson has announced that the last of the cultists present in Cenril have either fled or been apprehended. The court trials will begin shortly, and according to Brommson, a festival celebrating the revival of Cenril will be held, as well as the offer of work to any and all who need it, as Cenril must now be rebuilt.

January 2014

  • January 7
    • Cenril has been in a state of constant war between supporters of the Church and the general Cenrilian populace. Many lives have been lost, and the streets are bare save for the debris of homes and stores burned down by the fighting. The war seems to be coming to a close, however, and General Brommson suggests that the war will be coming to a close soon.

November 2014

  • November 7
    • A series of very dangerous and strange events has lead to the discovery of a corruption far worse than what had been expected, rooted deep inside of the Church of Cenril. The Cenrilian Guard has been busying itself investigating allies of the Church and performing arrests on any deemed dangerous to the safety of the Cenrilian people, and any found to be directly involved with the newly found cultist activities.

May 2014

  • May 21
    • The caretaker and owner of a funeral home on Beloy Street was found badly beaten, but alive, in his business early this morning. Cenril Watch patrols discovered his front door open and entered to investigate, to find the elderly man unconscious, arranged in a coffin, face battered and slashed. On the floor nearby was the body of a young Avian woman, as yet unidentified. Her death appears to have been from stab wounds to the chest. The caretaker states that he did not see the faces of his two assailants, although one appeared to be a black haired Feline male and the other a small masked female, possibly lycan or feline. He is unsure what the burglars were after, for no property has been reported missing, but suspects they were after the Avian for unknown reasons. Earlier in the night, a patrol had stopped by the store, having noticed the back door left open, but left when they discovered a stray cat as the likely culprit. The Guards are now on the look out for the pair, wanted for murder and assault.

January 2014

  • January
    • A strange new wave of people moving in seems to have crashed into Cenril, bringing with them the promise of new beginnings, and the danger of new evils. The Church continues to show secretive behavior, the gangs continue to act. In a more recent turn of events; a group of lycans, and mutated snakes have been seen, and pushed out of Cenril by a certain blacksmith and her friends. The Guard seems stronger than ever, now with a supplement of allied forces walking about. It seems maybe Cenril is getting just a little bit safer.

March 2013

  • March
    • Over previous months, the residents of Cenril have noticed a growing tension between the various factions vying for dominance in the anarchy-riddled city. Brawls between groups of thugs have become more common, and the rumour mill is flooded with whispers that various groups of criminal and semi-legitimate interests have been spending a lot of coin hiring whatever muscle they can find. It seems that every day more hardfaced brawlers turn up in an alleyway dripping red from newly gained 'dockside smiles' or numerous weapon wounds. Regular citizens are showing the caution and stoic acceptance typical of Cenril's sturdy breed. Sell-swords, brawlers, and bravos are finding Cenril a perfect place to earn some coin. Rumours whisper too of an external group adding fuel to the fire.

October 2012

  • October 16

An ongoing investigation taking place in Rynvale has led their authorities to question Cenril locals. The victim of a murder investigation was reported by sailors to have been seen traveling from Cenril to Rynvale the day of the murder. The woman was an 18 year old human with dark hair, dark skin, and pale blue eyes. She was approximately 5'7" and weighed approximately 135lbs. She has been identified as a lycan and may have turned someone on October 14th, the day before her body was found. If any locals have any information about the woman's identity, please contact Cenril's authorities and/or those of Rynvale.

August 2012

  • August 5
    • The gorge that leads to the bridge between Kelay and Cenril has seen an alarming amount of hideous creatures flying around it, attacking various travellers seemingly at random. How some of these creatures can fly almost defies explanation, as they appear to be made up of various body parts put together at random. The city of Cenril itself has seen minor damage from them, but it appears just a matter of time before the creatures attack it in force.

May 2012

  • May 14
    • Hadrian, found to be leading the raids as of late in Cenril, was captured after a failed attempt to raid the coffers of Cenril's Curch. A Giant serving as Hadrian's accomplice brought considerable damage to Cenril's Cathedral of the Divine Three. The Giant escaped after being chased out of the city by Cenril's Guardsmen.
  • May 11
    • Bodies were found at the bottom of the Eastern Bridge Ravine, among those dead were the Merchant Guickmoor, and bodyguard Vesimiir. Worried talk among Caravaners ripple through all of Cenril at this outrage. Not a single valuable was left behind in the wake of the Raiders responsible.

April 2012

  • April 2
    • A Large, Red Dragon and a smaller, black Draconian were spotted flying South of the Cenril-Kelay bridge. They appeared to be heading Upwards for a little bit, before disappearing into the clouds under Armantium. Why anyone would want to go to the ruined city is beyond any idea of a common person, however, rumors of fabled treasure hidden in Armantium are slowly making their way around Cenril.

February 2012

  • February 25
    • A draconian monk was called to a mysterious set of rubble at the depths of a chasm in Cenril. A dark presence has left the abandoned ruins...

January 2012

  • January 18
    • Two paladins sent by the "Church of Cenril" fended off a small band of necromaners and mercenaries off of the coast of the city in the rubble of the castle that use to be there. Reports indicate that this is just an action in what is being called a rebuilding of Cenril through enforcement of law.
  • January 05
    • A bronze dragon has been witnessed by many, exploding out of the waters of Cenril and shooting lightning in all directions from his mouth. It is yet unknown if he is truly a hazard or not, but citizens are advised to be wary of this creature.

November 2011

  • November 08
    • A red dragon flew the skies of Cenril this day before descending into the Grand Arena to lay a challenge. A local butcher proved to be more than just a shopkeep when he summoned shadowy sorceries to fend off the dragon.

October 2011

  • October 20
    • Citizens were awakened by a shrill scream in a section of Cenril not too far from the cathedral. Locals who were quick to their windows say the source of the scream was a priest whose hands were shackled in crimson light. Some with a decent vantage point say they saw a figure wreathed in shadow knocking the priest out and dragging him away. A large scorched area could be found on the cobblestones where the priest had stood when curious residents investigated the following morning.
  • October 9
    • The stench of rotting flesh in the northern parts of Cenril has been very evident over the last two or so weeks, though the smell was shrugged off as unimportant for many were used to it. Though finally someone took it upon themselves to at least dispose of the stench but what they found truly surprised them. Deep in the woods was a effigy of sorts, made of rotting and decaying bodies, most with deep lacerations and missing limbs, some bodies had their entire ribcage ripped out. The effigy was fashion in a five-pointed star, in the middle of the star contained one body, strung up and missing all organs, head, and legs. On the corpses chest there seemed to be a swirling design to the cuts, as if something had wrapped itself around the chest with great pressure, it is still a mystery as to what has caused this, bindings had been a good guess but a acrid black substance that was mysterious to everyone seemed to be covering the corpses and was especially evident in the wounds. The scene was a gruesome one and was quickly disposed of by someone or another, for the smell was just getting stronger over the days, the monster that had caused this is still unknown, and it is unknown as to whether it will return on not. These wounds are similar to those that were experienced some two years ago around this time, and most believe the beast to be a demon of sorts, and all who was around then, they surely hope it hasn't returned.

September 2011

  • September 26
    • Rumors of a ghost haunting central Cenril surround the mysterious appearance of a floating, unconscious woman traveling down the street at an unhurried pace. Descriptions of said woman/ghost include: Copper colored hair, dark leather clothing and a rather chubby chinchilla trailing after.
  • September 24
    • Reports of a coven of vampires being present in the Cathedral of the Divine Three as well as extensive damage being done to various pillars and pew's has drawn some concern from various citizens. Of the vampire's group, all were attributed to being seen more commonly in Frostmaw.
  • September 14
    • The corpse of a cathedral acolyte, its carcass prepared like that of a butchered pig, is found on the steps of the Cenril cathedral. Exsanguinated with no sign of fang marks, eviscerated, and cut into eleven pieces, its head is found with a note shoved in its mouth: "Make Witness: The sins of the city have come for its clergy"
  • September 9
    • A notice is placed around the city: By decree of his holiness, the Archbishop of Cenril, William Compton IV : The illegal, and sinful, actions of the invading pirates, as well as the ever growing corruption that is sweeping the lands, has forced the church's hands. On this day, in absence of any real form of governmental rule, the church declares itself the soverign ruling body of the port city.
  • Septemper 8
    • This evening, the Whalers Bar was trashed when a local businessman and a butcher had a violent disagreement over what appeared to be paperwork. The barkeep has commented that the next time he sees one of them, "...they'd better pay for the damn repairs, or they ain't gettin' served".
  • September 7
    • There has been an acid rainstorm over Cenril's Open Market. Rumors are that this was caused by a wraith dragon. Do not come in contact with any wet acid! If you see this dragon, be wary, for she can spew more acid forth from her mouth. Several plants have been killed by this acid, and the streets have marks from it. The acid is highly dangerous. Stay safe!

August 2011

  • August 17
    • In the first good news Cenril has had in months, the priest Lared begins restoration of the desecrated shrine to Olric the Just.

July 2011

  • July 27
    • Troubles continue in southern Cenril as a warehouse is torched by Saboteurs. Street rumours point the finger at Craven's Crew.
  • July 21
    • A powerful summoning of dark magics is witnessed in the eastern part of Arril Street, followed by a building being partially demolished and set alight.
  • July 13
    • People have been disappearing without a trace in southern Cenril over the past few days. Stories had spread far enough that many Cenrilli residents were now avoiding the southern streets. Some claimed that it was demons, some slavers, others had gone so far as to speculate that a group of evil magicians were teleporting around and sacrificing people for some dark ritual. All anyone knew for certain was that something evil had taken root in Cenril within the last few days, and that no one who saw whatever the thing was escaped to tell of it.
  • July 9
    • Visitors to Cenril were endangered this day when what may have been an assassination attempt by a female Orc occurs on the Cenril-Kelay Bridge. Witnesses report the attack occurred without warning or challenge. Baldwin, a witness and regular in the Whalers Inn, later commented over a cheap ale "Someone must have paid good gold to have that thing unleashed on their target."
  • July 6
    • The rumour-mills churn as word start to ripple through the streets of Cenril of some kind of shadowy feud developing. A handful of people reported several assassins fighting in the shadows of a park near the Cenril Library the previous night. Those who investigated would find dried blood, and perhaps a snapped-off crossbow bolt in the upper branch of one of the trees in that park.

June 2011

  • June 27
    • A stream of curses in an unknown language is heard from a rooftop near the Cenril Inn, followed by a high-pitched death-scream. Local witnesses report a cloaked figure with white hair lying on the rooftop before being collected by two other cloaked men - presumably accomplices to a failed assassination attempt. No other details are forthcoming.
  • June 21
    • Reports confirm eight men slaughtered in the Funeral Parlour in Cenril. The funeral director confirms the conflict was between rival gangs 'Craven's Crew' and 'Sawtooth's Solution'. Craven's crew had lost eight of their own men the night before, and had been making funeral arrangements when Sawtooth's men attacked them in the parlour. The funeral director further claims that Craven's Crew was aided by an assassin named 'Nemo'.

January 2011

  • January 31
  • January 22
    • The war on the streets of Cenril reached new heights today. The docks at the harbor were the scene of what appeared to have been a meeting of ciminal power players gone horribly wrong. Several bodies were discovered littered in an abandoned warehouse, one of which has been identified as the former merchant, Geoff Burnham, currently rumored to be one of the leaders of the criminal element in the city. His death upsets the balance of power in the region, and it is expected that violence will increase in the power vacum generated by his murder.As always, caution is advised as you move through the city.
  • January 11
    • An explosion of violence in the streets of Northern Cenril disturbed what little peace the war torn city enjoys. Tensions between rival bands of thugs, herebefore running under the suface, seem to have been redirected to open conflict. The city is considered extremly dangerous and citizens of the lands are advised to avoid travelling through and stays there unless absolutely neccessary.

December 2010

September 2010

July 2010

  • July 20

June 2010

  • June 18
    • Earlier today several large booms of thunder were heard over by the bridge connecting Cenril to Kelay. A swell of mana was noted in all of the more magically prone, and soon after an absolutely thunderous explosion could be heard all the way to the mines of Xalious as several crates of explosive were detonated, it is presumed, by Triyul, and several Preklek guard after a failed assasination attempt on a famed Senator of the Republic. The explosion, while having not destroyed the bridge, has made traffic nearly impossible - especially those trading goods between the small village and the city-state via horse-drawn carriage.
  • June 13
    • Let it be known that Lithrydel's Guard, under the leadership of Aranhil, has declared that their clan shall lead the clean up and reconstruction of the city of Cenril. Plans are nearly complete to help clear the city of the many bodies that blanket the streets.
  • June 12
    • The anticipated assault on the city of Cenril has taken place. A portal was opened, and an estimated 8000 Preklek soldiers invaded the city proper. The allied forces of The Fold, The Order of The Violet Rose, The Eyrie and Lithrydel’s guard, along with Cenrilian militia fought valiantly, sustaining heavy losses on their way to eventual victory.
  • June 8
  • June 04
    • A series of odd occurrences were reported across Cenril. 2 city guards were attacked, fishermen reported unusually low tides, and a series of runic engravings have been found. A feline was seen with a large metal sphere near all the incidents.


March 2010

  • Mar 22
    • Governor Demont Roussai was seen along Congressional Way today for the first time in many months. Apparently, the Governor was not pleased with those in the Capitol Building; two notable political figures were brutally murdered upon his arrival. After a brief statement by Senator Rigsby Zade, the two disappeared into the Governor's office for several hours.
  • Mar 19
  • Mar 9
    • Another body was found today, lying face down in a pool of his own blood. The victim, a promising young mage under the instruction of the magister templi, Knelltic, named Tyress, will be buried Thursday evening. Knelltic will be attending the funeral, as will many close friends and family. More information will be released upon further investigation...

January 2010

  • Jan 17
    • A Cenril guard has been reported missing, last seen on his patrol of the bridge. Witnesses report hearing sounds similar to snarling animals and a troll coming from below the bridge. Investigations are underway.
  • Jan 10
    • The Arena was repaired and the forces of chaos retreated from the city.