Arc:Time Heals All Wounds

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This is a Healer's Guild RP.

This is a personal arc for Penelope, but everyone can ALWAYS join!

Arc Leader: Penelope

Chapter I:

"A scar does not form on the dying.

A scar means you survived." - Chris Cleave

Summary I

After Pakellin Halifax’s death, Penelope’s life fell silent over the years that have passed by. The simple girl knew after she had broken free of her twin’s grasp that she would be able to have bigger and better opportunities. Penelope Halifax has taken it upon herself to join the Healer’s Guild and spread grace throughout Lithrydel. Partnered with Finn Fennigan, Penelope learns non-magical techniques in healing. The first round of joining the guild led to doubts of her ability to be a true healer during the Saurian War, but she continued to strive forward and settled in with the elderly man Yerrel and Ruari Erickson to learn the craft of healing. Her main focus on herbalism. With determination, the girl joined the guild yet again with Emilia’s elderly healer’s approval, Edith. Although Penelope claims to live in simplicity, there is so much chaotic events that spiral: the plague, the loss of Linken’s memory, Lionel’s battle with Kahran. With events that transpire, she is determined to place her focus significantly on her craft and grow to be the best that she can be and be free from the suffering she has been through.

Chapter II:

"Healing isn’t about changing who you are,
it’s about changing how you feel about who you are." - Suzanne Heyn

Summary II:

After surviving the plague and helping save Lionel from death, the woman is determined to strive forward for more. On the battlefield against Kahran, she discovers the magic of fire that rests within her veins from her Ardelian roots. Linken haunts her as he did in the past when her brother was killed. She desires to discover and research her source of magic and how to tap into the source for good. Not only does she begin researching healing strategies, but she begins to learn more about her mind and heart, and also who she is as a person. In the meantime, her past comes back to visit--members from the village of Ardelia, a far long place from Lithrydel. A little Ardelian boy, Leon Lovik, is extremely ill with magical runes covering his body. Magic cannot save this boy, only non-magical skills. The Ardelians are desperate and know of Penelope’s line of work and are in search for a cure from both of the Halifax twins--little do they know Pakellin Halifax is dead. Will Penelope be able to save the little boy? Will Penelope let her brother rest or find a way to bring Pakellin back? Will Linken’s memory return? To be continued.

Chapter III:

"Some people see scars, and it is wounding they remember.
To me they are proof of the fact that there is healing." - Linda Hogan

Summary III:

Linken is left behind due to the dangers he has caused the woman, and the horrors of the past, but that does not mean he is completely gone. The healer is still trying to figure out where her heart is, and she faces challenges with her own emotional barriers. Members from Penelope’s village in Ardelia come to see Penelope Halifax in search for a cure for little Leon Lovik. Penelope is determined to save the boy from incredible illness. The herbalist is empathetic towards death knocking on the young boy’s door since she had been there once before. The girl researches the boy’s illness and ventures throughout the land to gather ingredients to be the saving grace for the young one. In this chapter, there is less knowledge on becoming a skilled healer, but personal growth remains. Many grim events transpire quickly that change the girl forever. Penelope makes the final decision for her brother. Will she be able to find the ingredients she is searching for? Will the little boy live to tell the tale of his almost last breath?

  1. Don't You Put Any More Stress On Yourself, It's One Day At A Time
  2. Blackbird Take These Heavy Wings and Fly
  3. Colorful Apologies
  4. Honey, Make Him Healthy
  5. Smile Like Society Taught You To
  6. Open Your Eyes
  7. Releasing Burdens
  8. Sift Through the Truth
  9. We Rise By Lifting Others
  10. Compassion is to See Others Free From Suffering
  11. A Dolos for Every Druantia
  12. Chosen Paths
  13. If by Sea
  14. Something Wicked this Way Comes
  15. Part I: If I Should Go Before You
  16. Part II: Into the Great Unknown
  17. Part III: I'll Leave My Ghost Right Beside You: From day one the malign entity chose the freckled girl. Penelope Halifax has been targeted by a dark force ever since the metallic-armed elf stepped into her life, and since the day Linken was born, he has been the key to let the entity into this world. Penelope is the key to Linken’s misery, for she was the one to murder his parents when he was a baby. Time is unable to be changed. The night in the temple, fears are brought to life, loved ones are massacred and Linken is the only one to stop it all.
  18. Part IV: You Won't Have to Wait Alone: Linken has to make a choice. Kill the one's he loves or give in to the entity. A choice is made. Linken stabs his grown children against his will and even stabs Penelope to leave them to die. Though, something calls him. A force stronger than the entity. Linken is forced to bring the entity back into the void, but before he does that he revives the one's that were lost in the past and heals Penelope before she bleeds out and then... he is gone. Trapped in the void only to leave his metallic arm behind and Penelope to take care of the rest.

Chapter IV:

"No one is actually dead
until the ripples they cause in the world die away..." - Terry Pratchett

Summary IV:

After the night of horror with Linken and the entity, Penelope has changed and wants nothing but to push emotions aside of the horrible things that happened to her friends, almost-family, and herself which backtracks her true feelings on the people who have come into her life to start to make her "feel" something. She decides on "normalcy", and tucks the thick memories inside herself as much as she can to continue being the healer she wants to become. Penelope decides to continue to find the cure for Leon Lovik. The healer starts to learn the trade of being a druid. The pyramid vault is still sealed, and Penelope is still in search for one more ingredient for the boy, though flashbacks easily makes the girl blinded by reality. This is the chapter of knowledge, practice, and continuous growth.

Chapter V:

"Grief is in two parts.
The first is loss.
The second is the remaking of life." - Anne Roiphe

Summary V: The Final Chapter

Coming soon... for a girl living for the hope of it all...


  • Ruari Erickson: Penelope's best friend since her days as a baker. He is also in charge of watching Halifax Roots when Penelope does her other errands.
  • Yerrel: The keeper of the healing hut in Kelay. The elder took Penelope under his wing to help her grow to be an herbalist.
  • Pakellin Halifax: Penelope's twin brother. He was killed long ago by Linken and inherits the other half of Penelope's magical properties.
  • Leon Lovik: A little boy from Ardelia. He is sick and magic will not cure his illness.
  • Sofia Ulberg: The chief's translator from Ardelia. Translates for Leon who is still learning common tongue.