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RP:Blackbird Take These Heavy Wings and Fly

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This is a Healer's Guild RP.

Part of the Time Heals All Wounds Arc

Synopsis: A blackbird. Penelope found a blackbird treasure at the Healer's Guild meeting, so now was the time to find the face that matched the name. Talyara. The witch is lovely, kind, and gentle which resembles a lot of Penelope. Talyara reminds Penelope that magic will appear when they least expect it to due to emotion, and this is the first moment that the message would sink into the girl who walked the days without knowing how to be her. Besides that, Talyara agrees to create a meeting with Kailani, Callum, Penelope, and herself about the sick boy. Also, the witch is sweet enough to offer the assistance of magic and Penelope reflects that proposal with surgical healing.

Spring of Vitality

Penelope had sent word to Talyara through letter. How the healer gained the information, well, perhaps it was the sister of the witch, or perhaps it was the underlying word around Lithrydel. Either way, Penelope would wait at the spring for the woman. The winter snow had finally melted, and now, it was the damp earth beneath. Still cold enough to have to wear a lighter coat, but no more thick, wool gloves to keep the sting off fingertips. The healer was grateful winter was coming to an end, for that was the reason the outdoors was where she wanted to meet. A little fresh air felt serene. The woman wears a pair of khaki pants that hug her legs and a very loose, v-neck, white, long-sleeved blouse. A very relaxed fit with a pair of loafers. She lingers on a nearby rock as she fiddles with the blackbird she found at the Healer’s Guild meeting that was labeled ‘Talyara’.

Talyara had indeed received that letter from Penelope requesting that the pair meet, thinking nothing of how the healer was able to suss out where she lived. She knew Penelope was at the very least an acquaintance of Krice's and friend of Lanara's so her assumption is one of them gave her the information. Not wishing to walk down the mountain, the witch opts to take the silver haired engima's wyvern, Gylworliath, instead. The creature was always up to flying and she trilled happily as she lands smoothly in a clearing near the spring. Despite Taly dismissing her to find food in the woods, she scampered after the witch--whether it was because of her affection for the woman or an order to watch over her safety, she didn't know. Talyara doesn't seem to mind the company, at least. She wears a thick, grey woolen sweater and a pair of black denim pants. She opts to wear a pair of knee-high black boots and her hair is pushed back with a headband, keeping the unruly curls away from her face. "Hi, Penelope!" Taly greets the healer with a friend smile. Gyl trills happily beside the witch. "Got your letter," she adds.

Penelope widens her gaze as the wyvern hovered over the spring, however, this was Lithrydel. Why was Penelope so surprised? As the wyvern comes to a smooth landing, and Talyara climbs down to make her way towards the physician, the girl sort of cautiously stands, gives a wave with her wrapped palm, and peers at Gyl who appeared to be friendly—hopefully. Once the healer gains her composure with a genuine smile, she nods. “Good to finally meet with you, Talyara,” she holds up the bird. “Emilia had set out items at the meeting to find, for I was gratefully paired to meet with you,” she smirks giddily. “How are you? Have you heard from your sister? Is she well? She told me that you’re full of healing knowledge, so of course, I had to hunt you down.” She paused. “Plus, when I met you at the ball, I feel like we never really got a chance to –really- talk.” Her mind wanders to Krice for a moment and then she brushes that thought to the back of her mind. That was another story for maybe a never time. Penelope had planned to try to make amends with the man since Linken was, truly, toxic.

Talyara gestures towards Gyl who is already sticking her snoot in the ground in an attempt to find some grubs to eat. "This is Gylworliath," she says as means of an introduction. "She's Krice's wyvern, but I borrowed her for the day so I didn't have to walk down the mountain. She's very friendly," Taly assures the physician with a kind smile. "It's nice to finally meet with you, too! It's -long- overdue." Meeting at a ball was great for temporary networking but it made true conversation difficult what with the cacophony of voices and music. "I'm doing well, thank you! I'm afraid I've let me store of salves and tinctures run low so I'm in a made rush to make some more and replenish my supply." Taly pauses, shifting her gaze momentarily to Gyl who gave an audible snort before returning to look back at Penelope. "Lana is doing well, she's back in our homeland, Kelvar, reconnecting with her daughter and helping her run the place. So I'm sure they are keeping busy." Talyara focuses on the bird in the physician's hand and she furrows her brows slightly. This blackbird meant that they were paired up? Unfortunately, the witch hadn't been able to make it to gather of the healer's guild members so she was a bit confused. "What does this mean?" she asks gesticulating towards the blackbird. "Not that I'm not pleased to meet with you, of course," she adds quickly. "I just...do we have to do something?"

There is a furrow in Penelope’s brow as she listens to the name of the Gylworliath. “Gyl…Gylworliath,” she says this slow with an odd tone to the name, but only because she was learning. “Friendly is good,” she laughs slightly. She then plants herself back on the rock to soak up the rays that were casting down. As Talyara talks of salves and tinctures, she would cant her head. “If you need any help, please, let me know. Sir O’Connor has been supplying me of stock recently, so I am able to make more.” The girl listens to the status of Lanara, and Penelope nods all the same with a small smile. The freckled woman did miss her dear friend, but she knew family always came first. The girl sort of fiddles with the bird and then shakes her head. “Not necessarily. I think it’s just to actually come in contact with each other. Bond, really.” Beat. “Figure out our strengths, goals and whatnot. I basically want to know about you, and I may have a question that recently came up and I am not sure if you know how to answer it,” she gets up again and begins to pace by the spring. “Do you know of a Callum? He’s in the guild, but I remember Lanara talking about working for him. He knows about elixirs and… I’m sort of in great need of him. It’s complicated. There’s a lot I need to learn… Magic is also a goal I am struggling with,” she shakes her head as she is off topic. “Do you know where to find him?”

Talyara arches a brow when Penelope mentions Sir O'Connor because the same is familiar and she can't quite place a face to it. She pushes it out of her thoughts for now and instead focuses the physician before her. "Thank you for the offer! I'd definitely love to expand my knowledge of healing stuff. Admittedly using magic is sometimes easier, but seeing as I can't heal myself and there are others who might be adverse to magic, especially from a witch..." Taly shrugs. "I like to know non-magical ways of healing." When Penelope explains about bird she feels her face flush a light pink in embarrassment before nodding. "Ah yes that...makes more sense." When Penelope takes to pacing, the witch opts to flop on a rock and watches the freckly woman with a curious expression. "I'm an open book, you can ask me anything." The witch cants her head to the side when she asks about Callum but nods. "I know Callum, yes. I've offered to tutor him in the past and he's come to celebrate some holidays. Is there something -I- can help you with?" Of course, she would try to get a message out to Callum if that's what she wanted, but wanted to offer her assistance as well.

Penelope was actually not supposed to call Lionel ‘Sir O’Connor’ because he begged her not to. Also, well, they were an item, but the girl always meant business unless… business was not business which was ever-so rare with her life. Before acknowledging the magic that Talyara inherited, she would start with Callum before diving in completely. The woman halts her pacing when Talyara offers if she could assist. “So, not to take this weird,” the girl begins to lose the business-like façade. “But since you’re Talyara’s sister, I think I can take it to a weird level,” the girl now stands across from the witch as she sits perched on the rock. “There’s a problem. A huge one. A boy. From my village,” the Ardelian begins. “H-he’s sick. Extremely, but here’s the catch, the boy was left with a list of rare herbs that would heal him, but I am wondering if Callum has some in his greenhouse. Also, well, my magic… I am struggling to tap that side. I never learned, but… I know that I am capable because there were points when it sparked itself through my—emotions.” She shakes her head as if that is not as important, but it was probably the most important aspect of it all—not that Talyara knew. “The boy has about two months if I don’t get on it,” she would leave out the part where she had to somehow use her druidic magic with her deceased twin to open a vault, for she only shared that portion with Lionel. She tucks a loose frizzy strand behind her ear. “I am also guessing that I need to take these ingredients and make an elixir or a potion or I don’t even know what to call it because I am so unfamiliar with that side of healing. I’m a non-magical healer. Completely.” She breathes out after her lengthy explanation. She then blinks and turns a little sheepish for a moment. “Of course, I am openly willing to help you in that aspect. I do well in trauma and surgical skills, so take that as you may,” she lets out a nervous laugh. It was the stress.

Talyara is a captive audience and she remains quiet as Penelope begins to open up about her reason for seeking out Callum. Her lips twitch into a small smile when she mentions feeling like she can 'get weird' because she was Lanara's sister. It was true, very little phases her at this point. Taly is attentive and her brow creases at the mention of a very sick boy--the witch has a soft spot for children. She had secret dreams of being a pediatrician of sorts; however, she had only confessed this to Krice. "I confess I haven't been inside his greenhouse yet but his garden is expansive. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a least one of the items you need or were you might be able to find them." She smiles consolingly when Penelope mentions being able to tap into her magical side when things get emotional. "That makes sense, sometimes in moments like that we don't have a chance to overthink or second guess our abilities so they just...come out." Reaching out, Taly places a hand on the physician's shoulder and gives it a squeeze. "Do you want me to reach out to Callum on your behalf?"

“Well, maybe it’s garden I’m thinking of,” she corrects herself. The girl sort of feels rather relieved that there is hope Callum might have what she is looking for. “So… does emotion play a part on magic?” She did not know a lot about magic. The woman feels the relation of the woman with the squeezing of her shoulder. The feeling of reassurance. Gentleness. Sincerity. “If you would be willing, Talyara, I would owe you completely. Anything. I’ll purchase lunch, a manicure, a lesson on anything you’re curious on about surgical aspects—seriously. Kailani, who I am not sure if you have ever met, and myself are in search for him. She agreed to help me. Especially if we need to venture off if he doesn’t have it. It’s a rare herb this time of season, so it’s going to be a pain to find.”

Talyara is thankful that Penelope doesn't recoil from her touch--she's someone who thrives on affection and physical touch and she sometimes forgets that not everyone shares that sentiment. Not wanting to make things awkward, she allows her hand to slip back into her lap and offers the woman a kind smile. "I know Kailani by sight but we haven't officially met, I don't think. How about I reach out to Callum and see about meeting somewhere for lunch or dinner? Kailani is welcome to join as well. We can meet at the restaurant or if you'd rather more privacy due to the sensitive nature of your problem, I'd be happy to host at the small cottage behind the sanctuary here in Sage. But really, I don't need anything in return," she assures the woman. "As for magic...it can be complicated," she admits with a sigh. "I have been practicing and using magic for as long as I can remember; however, I suffer from terrible self confidence. Magic -always- came easily to Lanara and she was -so- powerful, even at a young age. I felt like I could never be as good as her and so, my magical abilities faltered because of it. Despite knowing I can wield powerful skills now, sometimes it's a struggle and I tend to preform -stronger- magic when I'm in situation where emotions are running high. I don't have time to second guess if my conjuration is going succeed I just have to do it."

Penelope is silent in thought of Talyara’s proposal. Kailani crosses her mind with her words from when they met up at Yerrel’s hut. “Let’s try to meet at the small cottage. Kailani isn’t really a people person, and well, I’m afraid this boy is a lot more complicated… I’ll have to give you all detail when we meet,” and that meant… confession. Maybe? The woman then steadily listens to Talyara and the magic that never came easy towards her. “Adrenaline usage—right. That seemed to happen to me when I was helping Lionel,” she would spare the details, and she put more of her focus on Talyara’s words. “Well, it seems like you have been stronger in other aspects as Lanara has told me so. I mean, she told me to confide in you. However, practice makes perfect. Maybe even studying the art more? Finding a teacher to assist you? I can always practice with you, although… I struggle to even tap in. I used to be able to, but it’s faded over time. You and Lanara sound a lot like my brother and I. His magic was always stronger. Perhaps we have something in common.” The girl gives the woman a reassuring smile. The freckled woman inhales for a moment. “I am very glad that I confided in you, and I’m hoping we will see each other more, for I am sure we have quite a bit to offer each other.”

Talyara nods when Penelope suggest they meet at the cottage behind the sanctuary in Sage. In truth, she preferred it anyway. Aside from offering them privacy, it also meant they didn't have to eat at the Kelay restaurant which left the witch susceptible to angry glares from the worker Rebecca who had a 'thing' for Krice. "Alright sounds good. I'll cook! When do you want to meet? I assume sooner rather than later, yes?" She doesn't pry when Penelope mentions being able to tap into her magical abilities when helping Lionel--and that's when the witch realizes who Sir O'Connor is! Lionel, yes. It made sense now. "I think we have a lot in common!" Siblings who had stronger magical abilities, healers, heck even their hair was similar! "Feel free to confide in me whenever you need, and I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but I have a feeling we will become fast friends." Taly just felt it in her gut that this was a woman she could trust. "I'd be happy to try and help you with your magic, too, if you want. But if not I totally understand!" she adds quickly not wanting to pressure the physician in anyway.

/relaxed her shoulders at the agreement that was exchanged. “I can also bring a dish,” she smirks. “Take a load off of you, of course.” She then runs her hands through her unkempt hair in exaggeration. “Sooner, indeed. I gotta find these ingredients fast,” she laughs without humor and more flustered habit. The girl then eases herself back to grace again. “I think we will also be fast friends. I would utterly agree,” she gives the woman a crooked grin as the relief slowly slides out of her back—for now. A flutter in her stomach lifts as the witch mentions assistance with magic. “Any help is great help. I’ve been having a difficult time finding tutors,” and the relief unravels more. “Also, feel free to seek me for anything you’re in need of too. Please. My door is always open.” Literally. She had hosted Linken who has some demonic entity in him. “It was nice to ‘officially’ meet you, Talyara. If you know what I mean?” She says lightly with a bit of playfulness.

Talyara is likewise relieved when Penelope agrees that they will be fast friends--again the witch is overly sweet and friendly and sometimes is more exuberant in her desire for friendships. She was happy the physician felt the same way. "I wouldn't say no to learning more healing stuff, especially the non-magical stuff. I can do basic stuff for minor injuries and illnesses, but could do with some more serious stuff." It sounded like the pair were perfectly matched with tutoring one another with their respective needs. "The pleasure was all mine! It was indeed nice to officially meet you outside of a ball and other chaotic means." Pushing herself to a stand she gives a sharp whistle and Gylworliath, who had meandered deeper into the woods in search of food, comes meandering back. "If you're ever in Frostmaw, feel free to stop by my cottage. Do you know where the Winterberry Garden is? Southwest of the fort? If you look towards the north through the foliage is a beaten path. Follow it and you'll find my cottage."

Penelope keeps the grin on her unpainted lips. “Well, what a good balance. Sounds like a plan,” and perhaps the blackbird was their destiny to meet. As the wyvern comes wandering back, the woman slowly turns to face the creature who comes out of the forest. The healer was a little timid by beastly creatures besides the behemoth from the battle against Kahran. Odd. “I’ve been to the fort to see Lionel plenty. I’m sure I can find it. And same to my shop. Halifax Roots. It’s north of the fountain in Kelay. I stay in a loft up above for now until I can manage an actual place,” she smirks. “Anyway, I’ll see you soon.” The woman would then take the black bird and stick the tiny treasure in her side satchel that she always carried. “Take care,” she would say one last time before giving a kind nod, and pivoting to disappear out of the opening. She would let the witch be on her way.

Talyara nods and smiles in appreciation when Penelope offers the directions to her shop (and temporary home) before reaching out to grasp the pommel of the saddle and swings her leg over it to settle upon it. Once more Gyl trills happily as this can only mean she's about to take flight once more. "You, too! Be safe!" With a final parting wave, the wyvern trots towards a more open area before beginning to beat her wings allowing the pair to ascend into the sky and then north towards home.