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Forsaken Elf

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This page is an UNOFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

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Forsaken Elf Profile

Homeland: Vhys
Average Height: 4'0 (121cm) - 5'7" 
Average Weight: 90 - 150 Pounds (calculator)
Preferred Classes: Mage, Necromancer
Classes this race can be: Death Knight, Illusionist,Mage, Necromancer,Priest Ranger,Spell Blade, 
Alignment: Evil (Although the Forsaken Elves are evil they are mostly aloof enough that most people do not know of this fact yet).
Aggression Level: ????
Intelligence Level: Superb Intellect
Magic Rating: Mystical
Strength Rating: Low
Weak Against: Druid Magic, Holy/Divine Magic, Fire, Mythril and Gold Weapons.
Strong Against: Most Magic, Mind Control and Illusion
Related Races: Elf, High Elf, Drow
Allied Races: Fermin, Undead,
Enemy Races: Dryad, Ogre


On the outside Forsaken Elves appear much like High Elves however they are much paler and are often gaunt. Their eyes tend to look pale deadened or washed out and their hair is always dark. At first sight they are quite frail, having little musculature but they are very fast and nimble with a hidden strength that is often used with great subtlety.


Forsaken Elves are cruel and cunning. They take offence easily but will not always let the offender know, preferring to take note of the offence and perpetrator in order to gain revenge later. Forsaken Elves actually enjoy the company of other races as long as they are not enemies for it is an opportunity to learn and knowledge is of great importance to them. This strange race thinks more tactically than strategically and will happily lose a battle knowing they will eventually win the war.

Forsaken Elf Society

Forsaken Elf Society is new and complicated. It would appear there are few labourers and craftsmen among them and the work is often left to magical servitors, Fermin and risen Undead. The Forsaken Elves are powerful mages and hard working scholars. The society seems to be almost entirely composed of an aristocratic elite that spend their time studying, theorising and indulging in philosophy. The elves of the forests consider this to be an antithesis of their races work ethic and consider them a fallen people. The elves of Port Rynvale appear to be traumatised by the further schism among the Elven races and a royal diplomatic mission has been dispatched to attempt peaceful reunification. Forsaken Elves are however not willing to seriously consider the idea yet but humour their brethren as they do not wanting to cause any further troubles between them. Some say this stubborn independence is what gives these elves their iron will. Apart from this however their fledgling society is small and weak reliant on labour from the Fermin who they tolerate and the Undead who they have a strange affinity to. The society is not split along lines of gender but it appears that men tend to be philosophers and women tend to be theologians. Both classes are capable of fighting and performing magic.For the time being it is not known if this race can still breed naturally due to the fact the Elven race sees so few births and this society is so new.

Forsaken Elves & Religion

The High Elves are fiercely religious. However they appear to worship religious ideas rather than individual Gods. The notion of life after death through necromancy is seem as preferable to leaving ones soul open to attack. Another idea that Forsaken Elves consider sacrosanct is 'Restoration' though they stubbornly refuse to tell outsiders what this idea is. The final belief that seems to run through all Forsaken Elves is 'Apotheosis' the idea that it may be possible for all individuals to ascend to a higher plane of existence, although they seem to debate which races may be capable of such a feat. The only Gods that seem to have any favor among the Forsaken Elves is Delisha and Vamatharas.

Forsaken Elf History

The idea of a Forsaken Elf nation is a new one. In addition it is not even known who exactly the first person to claim the moniker was. The Lich Queen claims to be a member of the Forsaken Elf race but is almost certainly to some extant Undead. The next person to claim to be a member was Morvious Van Kalia who was formerly a Titan. The vast majority of what now call themselves Forsaken Elves fall into two categories. The first and largest group are decedents of The Sylvan Concordat which was known to be the original race of Elves indigenous to Rynvale. This group of elves feel disenfranchised with their lot and still mourn the end of their mighty civilization. When Ryeanna arrived on the island she sought out these individuals and gave a sermon on ‘Restoration’ a few days later most of the Sylvan Elves became Forsaken Elves and came out of hiding to settle in eastern Rynvale past what is now known as “The Dragonlands”. The second group is smaller and consists of High Elves who left Port Rynvale during the imperial occupation and during the fighting that ultimately led to the town’s liberation. There are rumours of a third group who claim to have been Forsaken Elves even longer but this group may just be an unsubstantiated rumour. These individuals claim they have been persecuted for over one thousand years their religious beliefs. Most of these are rumoured to be members of the third house (of which Ryeanna was a member before being sired to Vyrick) and sixth house of Rynvale. It is interesting to note that several high ranking members of the sixth house were rumoured to be members of “The Cult of Pleasure.” However this is most likely a simple coincidence. ...

Famous Forsaken Elves

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