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October 2013

  • October 17
    • A trade deal has been finalized between Venturil and Larket. In addition, due to recent reports of crime in the outlying areas of the West, a detachment of Venturil's forces have occupied the Dead Forest.

August 2013

  • August 10
    • With the temporary relocation completed successfully, the city has been garrisoned fully by the royal army, who serve to guard the walls as well as undertake the restoration and renovation of the city.

March 2013

  • March 30
    • After securing the city, the new king Eboric has begun relocating its citizens south of the city, into temporary housing in the Wildlands.
  • March 9
    • The city was thrown into upheaval today, as fires raged and monsters attacked. Eboric's warband was nearby, however, and managed to eliminate the threats. Following this, the Warlord claimed the throne of Venturil, and fortified the castle with his armies. A small resistance was made, but it was swiftly beaten back.

November 2012

  • November 12
    • A mysterious spate of unusual deaths has been reported in the central and eastern portions of the nation. Whether these deaths, in which badly desiccated bodies of persons and animals alike are covered in strange circular markings, were caused by some previously unknown plague-like disease or foul play of some kind is still under investigation.

October 2012

  • October 2012
    • A disturbance was heard in the forests surrounding Venturil, likely a battle between warriors and beasts, as reports claim sounds of roars, snarls, yells, and clanging metal were plentiful. The outcome is unknown. Those searching the area for the source have only found patches of disturbed, bloody ground, a number of green scales, colorful feathers, and a few abandoned, broken weapons. No other signs of the confrontation or its results have been found.

August 2012

  • August 13 2012
    • Unknown scouting parties have been seen in the vicinity.
  • August 17
    • A pair of couatl have been spotted flying in tandem above Venturil's forest. Although the creatures aren't considered completely rare for the area, the sight of more than one is far from common. Neither seem to be aggressive in any way and have not interfered with travelers in the area, save to occasionally dazzle one with their aerial displays of scales, rainbow-colored feathers, and sunlight. Attempts to approach them result in the pair disappearing into the clouds.

October 2011

  • October 22 2011
    • The two children recently kidnapped from the Shelter for Younglings, have been recused by the being known as Raziel.

September 2011

  • September 30 2011
    • Strange noises and phosphorescent lights have been reported in the region of the mists, north of the city. Speculation has it that the peculiar phenomena followed the nocturnal departure of a certain necromancer from the Fallen Star Inn recently.

February 2010