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Eboric is a massive, apparent human; nearly seven feet tall and broad, with hulking shoulders and arms as big around as a lesser man's legs, the barbaric man is a born fighter. His head is neither too large, nor too small for his body, with a prominent brow and wide nose, with piercing blue eyes and shoulder-length blond hair. The human's enormous frame is draped in black and white armor, crafted by the smiths of Frostmaw and enchanted. He carries many weapons; a heavy, one-handed axe and a long seaxe (a heavy, one-sided dagger), and now a blade with a diamond-like coloring, jagged and sharp, along with a round shield of Everfrost, nearly four feet in diameter, painted with stylized ravens that interlace around a long spike in the center, while smaller spikes line the frosty metal rim. On his head he wears a conical helmet of Everfrost, complete with a nose-guard and delicate engravings of ferocious boars. Eboric's Biography: Notable Feats:

  • Eboric defeated the fermin Syrr in battle, taking his eye as punishment for his insolence.
  • Eboric has killed the centipede Ymheshphilun.
  • Eboric has killed the beast hunter Taki (also known as Balatro, although Eboric does not yet know that), to avenge the fallen Badawi, and claimed Taki's sword, a special weapon crafted by Veriun the avian using parts of Ymheshphilun the centipede.
  • Eboric has defeated the wizard Svilfon in a duel that, though started in friendship, became very nearly deadly for both men.
  • At the conclusion of the aforementioned duel, Eboric was mauled by a werebear, turning him into one as well. This is not yet known, however.
  • Eboric has gained a follower: Grailan. The two have begun making some interesting plans.


Eboric defeats Syrr

Eboric kills Balatro/Taki

Eboric defeats Svilfon

Eboric defeats Slintora

Eboric defeats Javelin

Eboric defeats Kuzial

Eboric defeats Kumorohyou

Eboric defeats Gorzhageigk

Eboric defeats Kasyr

Other RPs of Note

Eboric kills Ymheshphilun

Battle royale between Eboric and Fadje the orc

Eboric mucks about in Frostmaw