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Well, if this isn't something uncommon for me to do. Well, at least in terms of writing down my life.

The Basics So, obviously, I am a male naga, I'm around four hundred some years old. fifteen feet from head to tail and I usually stand about six to seven feet tall. Depends on the situation. I'm a healer and a cryomancer first and foremost with a few extra little set of skills on the side. Don't worry about them, they don't concern you. Not in a relationship, no kids or anything. Well, other then my adopted daughter Leifa. Yes, she is a wyvern, no I don't care. I live in Kelay, I own a cabin there, but I travel around quite a bit to find myself a bit of trouble from time to time.

The Past Alright, so all the way back to the beginning. It all literally started when I was born. Not exactly the best of ways to begin, what, with your parents hating you and calling you weak. It didn't take long for me to find myself on the road and fending for myself. It wasn't till I found myself up in Frostmaw that I started working with cryomancy. For about a hundred years or so. After that, I came down from the top of the mountian and almost right away things went from bad to worse. Well, not at the moment. At the time, I thought it was amazing. Someone was actually coming to me to offer a job. It wasn't till after that I would start regretting ever taking that job. At first, it was some simple stuff. Just odd jobs. Then it escalated rather quickly from there. I had wanted out from the place, but there wasn't an easier way to quit other then death. But they thought it was too rare for them to find someone like a naga to allow them to die or run away. Woo. Poster boy of a third rate gang. They apparently had connections to a telemancer. From that day on, I was an emotinless slave. Doing whatever I was ordered to. Beaten whenever I failed to do something or whenever someone needed to vent. Fun, The orders usually meant killing someone or stealing something. Whatever it was along that lines. It took about two generations of leaders for them to think that I was loyal enough that I didn't need to be constantly controlled by magic. Sadly enough, it took me about a hundred afterwards for me to finally break from their hold. Though it took the death of a kid with the same kind of idea I had whem I started. I didn't want to, but they weren't so kind to someone who could easily be picked up off the streets. So after a long time thinking and one dead gang later, I found myself free and alone once more. However, it wasn't long till Q'na had enough of our kind's ways and we all ended up frozen in time.

The Present Now, this is where the real story begins. Forget the other stuff, that's mine to worry about. Waking up in the Sage forest, I start off my new lease on life by first heading to the tavern. Met up with a pleasant dwarf who I still have to share my stories to. I have indeed found myself quite a bit of trouble friend. Afterwhich, I ran into Reginae. I like her, but still don't agree on the whole hiding part. People will like or dislike you no mater what form you take. Had a witch reaserch me, went to a ball, found an amulet and for a time lost my memories, only gained a small amount of it back. The rest were brought forth no thanks to a mutt of a lycan, Started my apocarthy training. Didn't finish that for the longest time. Met with Sabrina, the lovely lady that one. Fought in a war, and a hellhound. There are some details in there involving some rather not nice people that I feel like would be better left unsaid at the moment. Honestly, I could go on with everything big that's happened, but I feel that anyone who knows me well enough already knows what I've been through. The rest of ya probably don't care.

Further into the journal

She and I met one day. Just another day in this life of mine, with another simple task in mind A bit of change with the face I was greeting. We came with gifts, my friend and I. Mostly the friend, I was along for the ride. When the meeting was done, I stayed behind. I wanted to talk, I wanted to greet her. A bit rude and distant at first, a simple joke broke me right through. We talked and talked and talked that day.

She and I met again. It was night. I was alone, a raven came in. She was overworked and tired and wanted to get home, however she couldn’t do it alone For what I assumed was swallowed pride she asked for assistance. Perhaps she saw no harm in it for we’ve only just met. I carried her home in my arms, no stranger thing to see then me To my home I brought her to rest and recover, it she left but I was left in wonder.

A bit further after, I kiss her at the door. I still have to say, her eyes are wonderful.

Forward now we’ve talked for longer got to know each other more with each encounter My heart for her, had grown fonder. Those meetings, I’ll admit, I kept going after. I learned of her plight and thought it most dire, I wanted to help her get over this nightmare. Something I would risk life and limb doing. One day I wander huffing and fuming. For the reason I no longer remember. All I remember was finding her laying there, twitching and shaking and screaming in fear.

I lay with her that same night. To my glee and surprise I fought off her fright. She didn’t stir when I woke she was rather peaceful. However, I’m sure that slumber was interrupted by a companion that showed some aggression. Now I have scars to prove my affection.

Under a willow, with the sonata of rain. She tells me her story and I do the same. Then out on a whim I take her hand, and bring her over and onto the sand, “Come, let us go for a swim.” Another thing I learned from her, the water she feared. And what was in store. However, I lead her in. Guiding her, letting me keep her above.

If it wasn’t obvious before, this woman, I love.

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. That terrible heart wrenching saddening end. It was my fault in all, the one who had helped her, who did his all to protect and love her She can not see who I was before. I can’t blame her. I can’t find him either. But no matter what has been done, what has been said that can not be undone.

She and I will meet one day.