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Ever since the Preklek invasion, and the pirate raids which toppled the existing city hierarchy, Cenril has been a lawless morass of murderers, thugs, black marketeers, and people just trying to live their lives without getting shanked in the process.

After Geoff Burnham died, followed by Grot and Vaduuk's respective shuffling off of mortal coils, the place has pretty much seen gangs doing what gangs do best: scrapping over turf in the absence of law and order.

Here, then, are some of the gangs currently active in Cenril, and the areas they have staked out, or are contesting.

Their membership can be purely NPCs, NPCs led by a PC, or consist of PC members only.

OOC Notes

Please join in the fun. There's plenty of space in Cenril for numerous gangs and factions, as well as the inevitable corresponding intrigues, small-scale skirmishes, and territorial politics.

An umbrella Arc has been created to help organise the RPs related to the Cenril Underworld.

See Arc:New Troubles in Old Cenril for more details.

An off-site non-canon forum has been created at to assist in sharing plot ideas and information prior to IC implementation, as well as to help co-ordinate RPs.

This page will remain as a canon 'Who's Who' of gangs and factions as they rise and fall during the flow of RP.

Definitely feel free to add to the list of gangs as you join in, but please make sure to note if there is a PC involved in/operating that clan's activities: this is so people know who to Hmail if they want to incorporate the gang NPCs into an RP.

For those who aren't wikiholics, and who want to have a gang-related RP added to the wiki, please feel free to approach me via Hmail, or via AIM on username corneliusvonpenzance. - Valentin

The Gangs of Cenril

Craven's Crew

Leader: Craven

Current members: Vander, Korax, Cluster, Dart, Haggard

Territory: West Arril Street.

Business: Craven's Crew have left the racketeering business. After Craven's crew assisted with the rebuilding of the shrine to Olric the Just, they have been supporting Lared's initiatives to improve the lives of Cenrilli children from behind the scenes.

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Sawtooth's Solution (although an uneasy armistice is presently in effect)

OOC: Contact Valentin for access to these NPCs

Sawtooth's Solution

Leader: Sawtooth, a half-orc ex-gladiator. (Contact Katya)

Current members: 10 gang members in fighting shape.

Territory: Strong presence in the harbour, as well as their old haunts in East Arril Street.

Business: Smuggling, Protection rackets.

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: The Byechni, Craven's Crew (although an uneasy armistice is presently in effect)

Litter Revolt (Currently inactive)

Leader: Gekz

Current Members: Members of the Litter Revolt as well as additional fermin

Territory: Cenril Underground

Business: Smugglers, Thieves


Enemies: Any who stand in their way of expanding their territory


Litter Revolt Emerges Arc

Adrian's Gang (Currently inactive)

Leader: Adrian (NPC) (contact Muraski for more details)

Current Members: A well placed together gang that is vastly growing as smaller groups flock to it for sanctuary. While little is known about the man who runs it, speculation believes he is quite cunning and ruthless.

Territory: Cenril

Business: Currently collecting bounties on Cenril guards and churchmen. They're profitable through many nefarious acts throughout the city, burglary, theft, assassinations, and others of which have yet to be discovered.


Enemies: Cenrilli Law and Church.

Blooded Triads

Leader: Blut

Current Members: Current Members: It's estimated they have fewer than twenty but more than ten. They operate in groups of three, hence the name of the gang. Each group has a lycan, a mage and a warrior. The only rped triad consists of a man named Leyson, a female mage and a male wolf lycanthrope.

Territory: They've been known to operate mostly along Coastal Street and within the dock area.

Business: Trafficking/smuggling, extortion, counterfeiting, contract killing

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Haut Monde

The Rats

Leader: A so-called Slumlord named Alessa "Rat" de Rege (NPC, open for use)

Current Members: Maybe around twenty, most of them trash and rabble little better than the poor slobs they lord over. The only two of note are Tooth and Claw, a wolf lycanthrope and a puma lycanthrope who have been essentially driven mad by their previous actions and history. Unstable, unpredictable and very good with violence, these two are the sole reason Rat has been able to claim the territory she has. Only other named member is a man named Jevan.

Territory: A few city blocks within the slums of central-ish south-eastern Cenril.

Business: Gambling, prostitution, peddling drugs, interest in underground fighting rings, murder

Allies: Questionable allies with Thonmet's gang. On neutral ground with Pariah.

Enemies: Unknown


Leader: Vitus Korato (NPC, open for use)

Current Members: His second is a man named Nils. Other members are unknown.

Territory: Several city blocks within the slums of south-eastish Cenril.

Business: Contract killing, larceny, smuggling

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Thonmet's gang

Thonmet's Boys

Leader: Thonmet (NPC, open for use)

Current Members: Unknown, said to have around a dozen fighting men with who knows how many hangers on.

Territory: A couple city blocks within the slums of south-eastish Cenril.

Business: Smuggling/trafficking, larceny, confidence tricks, blackmailing

Allies: Questionable allies with the Rats.

Enemies: Pariah

Haut Monde

Leader: TBD (open for use)

Current Members:

A known contact is the woman Cliona. The enforcer in charge of their bodyguards and mercenaries is a man known as Goban.

Territory: unknown

Business: Inbetweens for the rich and politically sensitive in Cenril. They acquire drugs and act as private contact points for illicit dealings such as fighting rings that might otherwise damage the reputation or good standing of said rich people.

Allies: unknown

Enemies: unknown


Leader: TBD (Contact Valentin)

Current Members: TBD

Territory: Unknown

Business: Smuggling via land route

Allies: TBD

Enemies: Dockside smugglers


Leader: TBD (open for use)

Current Members: TBD

Territory: The bad side of the dock district.

Business: Distribution, small protection racket

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Ring of Gluttony

Commonly referred to as Gluttony.

Leader: Danko (elf male) and Tomas (human male) (presently npc, open for use)

Current Members: see page for details.

Territory: They own some warehouses dockside, but otherwise don't have any specific territory of their own. They utilize different spaces (and pay a tribute fee if necessary or come to other arrangements) for their fights.

Business: They operate one of the underground prizefighting rings in Cenril. They make a profit off betting, admissions for bait matches, and cuts from drug trafficking during their events.

Allies: Haut Monde



Leader: Slit)

Current Members: about 12 members strong

Territory: Beloy Street

Business: They mostly attempt to gather power through the poor of Cenril much like some churches. They feed the poor and offer them clothing in exchange for information and for them to act as look outs for Vanguard. They have aspirations of gathering political power in Cenril and hope that if they gather enough of the poor to them, they can use them to advance.



Other Factions of Note

The Law of Cenril

Cenrilli Guard

Leader: Alice Brommson

Current Members: The Guard is now largely made up of veterans of the preklek war, volunteers, and hirelings. Outsider help is sometimes enlisted from allied groups.

Territory: A main headquarters is positioned near the Main Governor's building.

Business: Recent events have reformed the Cenrilli Guard, and after several near-catastrophic events. The Guard now stands as a small army for Cenril, trained daily by the previous leader; Lieutenant General Edgar Malanx. A strict code of honor has been set in place; and they can be seen as the protectors of all who need protection within the city's walls.

Allies: Cenrilli Police, Church of Cenril.

Enemies: Gangs of Cenril.

Cenrilli Police

Leader: Thalan Yurx, Head Sheriff of Cenril.

Current Members: The Cenrilli Police Department.

Territory: They're mostly located at the police department but they constantly patrol Cenril in search of crime wherever it can be stopped.

Business: Arresting criminals, jail, etc.

Allies: The Cenrilli Guard and Church. The Police Force now works hand in hand with the Guard in protecting the city from danger. The Police Force and the Church still remain unattached, however.

Enemies: Gangs of Cenril.

Church of Cenril

Leader: William Compton IV

Current Members: Those of the religion are currently amongst the ranks. Mostly clergymen with little fight, there are also a group of paladins meant to constantly keep guard over those of the church. Due to the recent deaths of several clergy men, the numbers of paladins have begun to grow in an effort to protect those of faith.

Territory: They're slowly spreading away from the church as they attempt to bring their religious order to the people of Cenril, however, they're centralized as a force around the church with minor groups and booths throughout.

Business: To spread law and order via religion, giving all power to the Archbishop. They run off of donations, faith, and services they're able to provide.

Allies: Cenrilli Police and Guard are both allies to the church.

Enemies: The Gangs of Cenril. The shadowy assassin/murderer known as 'The Butcher of Cenril'

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