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Muraski's Description:

Name: Muraski LeskoVac

Aliases: Merchant.

Race: Vampire

Class: Thief, Scout, Rogue, Swindler

Eye: Steely Cobalt Eye

Hair: Military Cut Brown Hair

Skin: Distinguished Light Skin

Age: Thirty-two and has the wrinkles to prove the age.

Suit, tie, dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, fedora. Classical mobster looking male.

Muraski's Biography:

Muraski's bio is still a WIP, don't take it as 100% truth but it's getting closer to where I think it's mostly accurate.. Also, this information is entirely OOC unless you have a good reason to know it Icly.-----

Muraski was born into a wealthy merchant family inside Cenril. He quickly learned the trades of sales, he learned to smooth talk people into buying things and bartering. What he didn't learn about though, was a dishonest living. As a child, he worked with his parents, watched them work their customers into getting the highest coin possible from each sale and asspired to learn their secrets. He'd study the people who walked in, study the way his parents talked, and understood the craft of playing people to gain what he wanted. Years would pass and eventually, he'd become a teenager, in which he'd use these gifts he'd been given to swindle men and women out of valuables, almost anything and everything he wanted he got. But, there was some things people refused to part with which put a kink in the thoughtful man's plans.

The preklek war came to pass, able bodies needed to defend the city of Cenril and Muraski to fall within the ranks of their draft. Training would be what he happened to find himself within first and as the quartermaster handed weapons and armor out to the individuals of the military, the human spotted the leather armor, silent, durable, flexible. He enjoyed the feel, the weight, the fact he wasn't burdened by the over weighted chains and plate. The weapons however, were different as well. The first would be mandatory, crossbow and bow skills for all the learn, but the other thing that caught him was a thing of beauty and finesse compared to the simple projectile launchers before them. As he stared upon the blade, his eyes found themselves captivated within the image, his hand would wrap upon the beautiful hilt of a sabre. He practiced with these weapons, work to be placed upon them daily till the days up until the battle. When those days came, the man had a great deal of skill between them, skill in which he still hones to this day.

The days of the war didn't end with training though and while Muraski found himself able to stand toe to toe with many a fighter as long as he used the beautifully flourished technique of his sabre, he was not destined to continue fighting in this way. Nights would pass within these wars, people had gone missing, part of his platoon. Muraski tracked them down, little experience to go upon other then the basics training had given him. When he arrived, he counted troops, he counted weapons, positions, places, and guard rotational switches, his spot to be camped for two days before he would finally leave to return to base. The information was given back, the troops retrieved with relative ease, the man's informational gathering skills happened to allow him the men's safe return. His position quickly became that of a scout within the ranks, the information gatherer, the one who spied upon his enemies from afar but never to battle with them directly.

When the war ended, Muraski skipped town for a while, a break to be taken.. He needed to leave the society but when he returned.. The town was in chaos, the city was in turmoil, people to be fighting and attacking one another with reckless abandon. He began to work upon a strategy to make money as he marked targets, staked out their places, learned their schedules, and soon, they would find their places removed of anything of value, of all things capable to be sold and another item to be added to the extensive inventory of Muraski.

Years would pass, the man who was once a swindler found himself amongst the sea of merchants within Cenril, for at the age of 26 he opened his own shop inside the cities walls. Things to be sold, things that were pilfered and stolen from their original owner. Upon the books, things looked as if one had sold it to him and he was just reselling it back out into the world but in the true matter of things, he'd been the one to steal all of it. As the pawn shop took off, massive money would flow through the thief's pockets, and he began to understand the only thing important in this world. Value.. Above all other things he understood that one thing. He knew that gold had value, items had value, and little else had meaning. People occasioanlly offered value but the few gems worth picking weren't easy spots to be found.

Once again, a lapse of time would go buy, business would boom for the man and the flow of gold through his place became out of hand. He hired another to deal with the sales, a tight look upon his books to be kept should the man ever decide to steal from him. He hired others to watch over the store, ever fond of minotaur mercs to keep his building safe. But, then something happened that the well dressed man didn't expect. Paranoia began to set in, the once confident man found himself fearful. Perhaps he'd be found out, perhaps he'd be attacked, he'd made so much money that plenty of the town had considered him worth robbing, honest merchant or not. It was about this time that the man learned the trade of the fight. He picked up his crossbow and in his free time practiced, constantly. Combined with the utility of the tools of a thief, the man's fears would slowly began to dwindle away, back into a closet... Though, he still had a few to remain, the biggest of them was what he couldn't see.

And now there is the current Muraski, where he sits now, a shop that still flows through plenty of cash, a paranoia of what can't be seen, and a confidence that could make walls shake should one ever find a way to swing it. He had wealth and with that wealth he'd buy his power. He'd buy the army he wanted, he'd buy the living and buildings to be needed. His new plan was to gain ownership of the city he'd been within for so long. With that thought in mind he's set out to gather thief's and criminals by the dozen, the more the merrier. The more who are paid by his pockets, the less he feels he needs to worry about, afterall, those paid by him are able to be seen. The problem with this is, he doesn't know where to start. He's bought his own small part of Cenril, he's worked towards establishing a group dedicated to be under his pay.. Could he truly conquer a small portion of Cenril or even all of Cenril where so many had failed before him?

Mura’s Capabilities:

-Knowledge, he has it in bucketloads. Knows poisons, traps, gadgets (Some but would like to learn more), surveilance, stealth, cooking, merchandizing, fashion sense.

-Reasoning, he is quick to figure things out. How to express logical deduction without a scenario isn't the easiest of things.

-Word play, a battle of words is a grand thing indeed for this man. Try it sometime, you might be pleasently surprised or pissed off.

-Melee fighting, a battle of blades meshed with others is something he's best at.

-Ranged weaponry, both bows and crossbows though he has decent accuracy and can usually hit his mark it's not 100%.

-Vampiric Disease, increased strength and speed.

Mura’s Weaponry and Armor:

Alphelion Gadget Vambrace

– Has a total of three gadgets in it, that are interchangeable with others.

-Mini grappling hook launcher, 45 foot in length, holds 450 pounds. Solid true steel line and is expanded the second it leaves.

-True-steel line, a short five foot line.. It's used for... Discreet purposes.

-Anti-Venom Shot, contains a massive dose of anti-poisons that will stop most lethal injections in their path. However, shortly after taking it, the massive amount of drugs, leaves the person woozy and hardly capable of movement for several hours.

-Has latches on the outside of them that will dig into rock, scales, etc, and hold him up so he will not fall down, off, etc. Assists when climbing.

-One on each arm.


-Can make several different types.

-Paralyzing poison, the likes of which numbs everything in ones body, shutting their systems down, lungs, arms, legs, until eventually they die of strangulation.

-Slowing poison, this one is meant for less lethal purposes, only slowing down a person's movements and reactions.

-Deadly poison, exactly that, it aims to kill someone by means of shutting down their heart.

-Dragon's blood, though it's kept much more securely since his change to leech.

-Vampiric blood, used to deal with certain nuisances.


-Pretty much, his only bladed weapon. Immense skill with it, nuff said.


-He uses them to throw at people! Has four on his person, each lined with a various poison.

Cenrilli Repeater

-8 shots


-Small, can't pierce plate or chain mail. Only lethal to a range of 40-50 feet.

Studded Leather Armor

-Capable of stopping daggers, most physical blows from fists and such.

-Underneath his clothing, so you're unable to see it.


-To numerous to count.

-Some examples include poison spikes, oil under sand, etc

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