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As one of Cenril's gangs, Pariah operate as a family structured group. They venerate courage, the ability to fight, to make pretense at forgiveness of an offense in order to get vengeance later, the ability to maintain silence over a crime, the willingness to protect the group as a whole.

They think of themselves as respectable men. Within their territory Pariah ensures that apartment owners receive money from their tenants, and in return are paid for their services. They police their own area, preventing petty crimes from happening at all without their say so or blessing. Their slums may indeed be slums, but they are also orderly. There are three separate slums in their area, marked by the city blocks they reside within. Each is lead by a Headman who sees to their needs and reports back to Pariah. In return for basic care, the poor in the slums are within the debt of Pariah, and give what they can. Pariah do not traditionally charge them protection money, as these men and women have other uses.

Slums dwellers form the primary customers for Pariah's smuggled substances, though many of the working poor within their territory also buys.

This way, Pariah has earned itself a respectable reputation as being strict but fair, though incredibly violent towards anything that threatens the status quo. They keep themselves as out of the way of the major gangs, groups, and legal peacekeeping force within Cenril as possible, while maximizing their own wealth.

After having picked up many capable mercenaries during and after the Preklek Invasion, Vitus began to accept contract killing cases made by allies who had problems they needed to get rid of. Though these are for the most part not high profile, and exist largely within the slums, they have marked Pariah as somewhat of a threatening group to those who are aware of these activities.

Pariah remains rather small for a Cenril gang, its power solid within the slums and poorer areas but without any real reach into the wealthy parts of the city. They do regular business with the dockside smugglers, but have begun to look at other options.


Pariah operates with a classic family mafia structure, with the Korato family featuring as the inner circle. Those who swear in to Pariah are counted as extended family, with alliances into neighboring territories helping to cement the power of all.


Vitus Korato

Description: Human, male, 39

Not often seen by those who are not related or in close ties with Pariah. Though it is said he is rather financially well off, he does not engage in ostentious behavior.


Description: Human, male, 41

Vitus' cousin, and second in command. Large, muscled, and Vitus' face and representative.


TBD through rp


Description: 16, human, male, 5'9"

Skinny, dirty, and typically quite full of himself: these qualities mark Dax as well as any other teenager. Under all of that, he is eager to please. Having lost his parents at a young age, he has since fallen in with Pariah. First, he was nothing more than a nuisance, but as time went on he found himself something of an uncle in Nils, and by age 10 he was brought into Pariah like the child of a close family friend. He was never particularly violent or brutal, though he learned as well as any street tough how to brawl, but he never shied away from acting as a thug for Pariah. The one thing he was never easy with was killing, and though he has made his first kill for Nils and become one of the family, it is still not something that comes easily to him.

He is sandy-haired, brown-eyed, and has the ruddy complexion of a born Cenrili.

Members and Allies

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Description: 24, human, female, 5'10"

Rue hasn't had an easy life. It's had an effect on her mental state, and that together with an appearance that couldn't be called pretty but those who were lying through their teeth, it's turned her into a natural criminal. She's sadistic, cruel, and power-hungry in the way of schoolyard and adult bullies everywhere. Having been in enough situations where she was powerless and scarred deep for it, she revels in any opportunity to lord it over others. Causing pain to others gives her a sense of power, and she thrills at any opportunity to take it. Rough of manner, bull-headed and stubborn, Rue is the type of person that can be difficult to control in an organization. It is only for her abilities as a fighter and a mage that Nils, second in command, keeps her around. Still, though she never realizes it, she is almost always a step away from becoming a liability to Pariah, and dead for it. She is kept on as a thug, and has never been offered the formal 'adoption' process into the Korato family.

She is dark haired, dark eyed, and well tanned. Stocky, broad-shouldered, and considered by most to be ugly.