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RP:Unruly Warriors and Unstable Ground

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Part of the Larketian Fault Lines Arc

This is a Healer's Guild RP.

Summary Everything seemed to have been settling down until a disaster down river forces the Vibrance to tear through the House of Ara. Aside from the once prominent structure no further casualties were documented from within the dwelling.

Sabrina didn’t appear to feel remorseful about his great deal of pain, her focus was solely on finishing as quickly as possible. “All…moooossst got…it.” It was probably less encouraging than it was meant to be. As he grasps the linens beneath his form she releases him. The oddest sensation would take over his ability to categorize what it was, but it was the sudden wash of painlessness that would snap into him like waking from a bad dream, leaving him to question if everything he had surely just felt was really real. She was calling his name, the sounds coming together to form a blurred picture of the demon eyes woman. No one had let on the sensory malfunction before, but clinically the methods she used in situations like this would overload the conceptual mainframe that was the delicate nature of the basic sentient mind. She is smiling though, and pulling off his covers after producing a pair of cotton pants, likely left here by Lita. Her staff did not shop. His leg was once again being toyed with as she tried to shove it into the hole meant for it, paying no mind to his maleness as it was just a very standard scene to her profession. As she likely fights his natural reaction to be in control of his own limbs a few drops of blood fall from her nose, staining the linens, but she doesn’t immediately notice. Did he hit her again?

Krice was suffering two different pains at once, and for a moment, the intense throbbing under his skull surpassed the discomfort of infection being extracted from on-the-mend bones. He shuddered from the stress of it all but managed to keep himself quiet save for a few breathless grunts intermittently throughout the treatment. When his leg was finally mended and left alone, the warrior felt a moment of complete pain-free reprieve; so sudden was the painlessness in his leg that he forgot about his head. Seconds later, as Sabrina sought to shove the covers off his legs, the pulsing heat in his head returned, Given the hold of his right hand over his right thigh, the blankets were only removed from his leg from the knee down, and he insisted on it despite himself. Squinting through the discomfort in his head, but not fighting Sabrina as she slipped one pants-leg up his recently healed limb, the warrior noticed that blood dropping from her nose, smelled it a moment later, and grunted out a hoarse, " You overdid it." He reached down for the cloth in his lap and brought it up to his head, whilst his right hand left his thigh to reach out for the woman, fingers spread. " Stop... You need to rest." There was still a hint of lethargy behind the forming of his words, and his pain was evidently an issue, but he could still sense and see when a friend was in trouble. " Thank you, Sabrina," he grunted out, " But please - lie down."

Sabrina looks at Krice a split second before the warm trickle registered. Her hand goes to her face, coating the tips of three fingers with her own blood. “sh-…” She backs away from him, almost flinching. Since Irenic had brought that body in two knights prior she hadn’t quite been at full potential. She smiles, touching and retouching the growing trickle. “I’m fine..” She takes one of the clean cloths meant for him and holds it up against her nose. She is backing up into the door with apologies and excuses. Fishing for the handle she turns it, opening up just enough room to squeeze herself out through the crack. “Try to get some rest… fit those pants on and call for someone to change out those linens, please.” Besides, she couldn’t lie down… he was in her bed.

Krice lowered the damp cloth from his aching head to watch as Sabrina crept away, his brows furrowed in a frown not only of pain, but of confusion and concern for her as well. If he wasn't still feeling so damn terrible, he'd pursue her. After her words well-wishes and instruction, the warrior called out. " Hey!" It was loud but not piercing, yet the pressure was enough to send a sharp bolt through his head. He winced visibly and lifted that cloth to his temple briefly before lowering it again to continue his message. " Big Mouth! She needs help." Squint, grimace, quiet 'tch' of discomfort. Stupid head.

Sabrina didn’t mean for him to call now, and sure enough Big Mouth shows up, swinging the door wide. “I told you we shouldn’t have left her alone with him.” He storms past her, nearly knocking her over and his arm reeled back in his approach to Krice. “Stop!” But he didn’t, and the Elfess grabs hold of his arm, already in the midst of aiming towards Krice’s face. She is flung, landing hard with her back against the armoire. Krice’s face is spared but the counterweight pulls the man’s heavy frame over the Warrior’s body on the bed. People came running, because that is what people do, all of them looking at Big Mouth accusingly. “Get out.” She grumbles. “You’re done here.” It wasn’t a simple dismissal, it was one of permanence. She is still on the floor, with pain in her back and the inability to wish it all away. Of course Big Mouth had something to say, but the Elfess retorts. “I will kill you myself.” No one. No-One would threaten her friends and resume a place in her house. “Bitch.” A silence befalls the room. His infatuation had gone from service to malice in a single breath. She is paused, the pain in her body succumbing to a numbness she was unfamiliar with and her features advertise her astonishment.

Krice was busy moving through his headache, reaching under the covers to pull the other pant leg up his other -leg-. Just as the cotton found his hips and made him modest, Big Mouth came storming in with about as much aggression as one would expect from a heavy weight like him. Rather than helping Sabrina, as Krice had -hoped- he would, the burly attendant shoved right past her, -endangering- her to get to -him-. The warrior braced himself for the inevitable punch that was reared his way, but he hadn't anticipated Sabrina's interjection. It was with surprise in his eyes that he watched her pull the punch before it could fly, resulting in a messy display of her hitting the armoire and the burly idiot falling toward -him-. He was concerned for Sabrina, but she had unwititngly gifted him the perfect opportunity to punish Big Mouth without exerting himself. With the man in reach, Krice lifted his arms swiftly to curl his bandaged left one around the man's throat, his right hand pulling his forearm to tighten the choke-hold, and he growled by the unruly attendant's ear. " Apologize." Krice shot a brief look at the other healers who came to check in on the commotion, but his eyes ultimately returned to Sabrina, scrutinizing her condition, watching her closely, even through the pulsing haze of his headache.

Sabrina was still sedentary, her mouth clamped shut at the plethora of things trying to escape it. She knew how some saw her, none ever had the gall to say it so blatantly. “The importance of-“ “That’s enough, Mei!” Sabrina was cautious of Krice’s position, to whether he had the strength to pose a challenge as he did. Big Mouth struggled some, eventually giving in to a snarky response. “I’m sorry …you’re a bitch.” He was looking right at Sabrina when he said it. Again the wave of shock refreshes her expression. Her brows furrow. “Take him out to Ro.” Big Mouth, when finished with by the silver-haired enigma, would be pried from the room, escorted noisily past patients and staff alike, and directed towards the door facing the River. The hound would be waiting and there would be no fooling what he did or didn’t know. Mostly the hound would just bully him beyond the presence of Ara with a few minor faults on his person. The Healer would find her footing and rise, attempting to maintain composure, poster, and respect. There was no need for her to do so, as all those included would have likely understood to some degree what went on in that room. Her voice is shaking. Conflict was not a thing she was comfortable around in the first place, let alone having to exact some measure of authority and having nothing to back it up. Her nose was still bleeding, soaking the fibers around the neck of her coat. “Let me.” Says Big Mouth’s buddy, with his hand stretched out, unfearful. “No let me.” There was a unanimous outpouring of the workers, all holding out a bare hand but none overstepping their bounds. Tears started to pour from her face. Never had this gesture been extended beyond those truly close to her. She wasn’t crying though, obviously, because anyone who spread that story would get punched in the face. Nothing could break the awkwardness better than Mei chiming in, in that tiny voice of intellect. “Don’t look at me. I’m too little.”

Sabrina watched Krice rise and arm himself. “Where do you think you’re going?” Her brows furrow. “Get back in bed.” All the soft moments had passed, and it wasn’t like Krice could get past the crowd at the door anyways, fair to say it was thoroughly blocked. The elfess was on a mission to make sure Krice didn’t ‘escape,’ even accepting the offered donations to ensure he had no ground to stand on over her rest. It wasn’t like she slept anyway, but still, he would stay put or “Don’t make me call Lita.”

Krice grunted at Sabrina's threat to call Lita and he reached out, his hand finding the wall for support. Through the group of healers he glanced toward the owner of the home, his eyes still narrowed against the rhythmic drumming in his head. His voice was quiet to avoid jostling his head further, but he spoke loudly -enough- that she would hear him. " You can't help anyone if you don't rest, Sabrina." Of course, the same could be said of him, but injured people didn't rely on him once the threat was gone; they relied on the healers who came in afterward.

Again the land trembles, and but unlike before it's no common quake. The previous quake has taken its toll on Larket's bedrock, and near the Vibrance River, new cracks in the groundstone widened as the roaring river filled each vein. With a crash as loud as thunder, a portion of the ground caves and craters. The Vibrance diverts along the new v-shaped ravine, then free falls down, down, down into a sinkhole, the freefalling water beautiful in its cascade. The slopes of the new crater and the endless pinhole center create a whirlpool with no end, constantly fed by the river.

Sabrina shrugged. “And if you don’t rest I will expend every effort to follow you around and make sure you get what you need. What good am I th-“ She was silent only a moment before the ground started moving. Instinctively she grabbed the edge of the armoire to steady herself, had she hit that hard? No, the ground began to tremble. There is a crack from the hall outside and as the house shook water began to pour in from the pipe configuration in the washroom. There are screams coming from the main room, screams coming from in here, but the Elfess would remain calm and quiet. The candles had fallen and Ara had fallen into blackness. Mei screams something awful and Sabrina couldn’t recall her last location. The silver rings around her pupils seem to light in the darkness, catching every reflection of brightness that flashed by them. “Mei!... Mei!” She couldn’t see in the dark as something nocturnal would, but the sound of roaring water crept closer to the door. And then, something like thunder. Rohk was still outside, by the sound of it he had come about to the side of the structure and he was ramming his full force into it.

Krice didn't like being half-naked and so incredibly weak in front of so many -people-, despite the fact that they were all healers who, with the exception of the ousted Big Mouth, were respectful of Sabrina and kind to her patients. He felt vulnerable, and burdensome, and... trapped. He knew it wasn't the woman's intention to make him feel that way, but it was in his nature to hide away whenever injury took over. Still, he was motionless against the wall save for the rise and fall of laboured breathing, quiet as it was, and lifted his chin when Sabrina stopped talking. He even had a rebuttal prepared but distant vibrations underfoot told him of trouble yet to come. And then the ground buckled and shook and he braced himself against the wall, his waning strength doing little to help him remain upright under his own power. As Mei screamed, he was alerted the her nearness and he reached out, closing his right hand around her arm. " It's okay - I've got her," the warrior called out to Sabrina, cringing through another stabbing pulse that struck his head. He looked around, peering through the group of terrified healers into the hall beyond the door. The house was damaged, but more importantly water was flooding into the lower level. This building wouldn't be much of a refuge for injured people if it fell. Leading Mei to a group of female students and telling them firmly to take the young girl - who had twinged her ankle - to Sabrina, the warrior freed himself to investigate further. After squinting through his migraine to see the glowings eyes of the woman in the darkness, the ailing enigma stepped out of the bedroom and descended the stairs at a limping jog, the floor below already flooded up to knee level. The legs of his cotton pants caught water and gained weight, swirling around his shins as he stepped just shy of the banister to peer toward the source of the flooding. A quick scan in the darkness, eyes alert and able to discern the damage despite the darkness, and despite his condition, the warrior waded through the flood and slipped his katana's strap over his head to hang the weapon against his back, freeing up his arms. The bandaged left limb shot him with a jab of pain in protest but an irritable grunt told that he wasn't going to let it dictate his movements. Once he arrived at the source of the flooding, the wall cracked open to reveal places where the piping had popped or snapped, Krice reached out to arrange them back together, pulling one pipe to its sister connector and holding them in place with one hand, while using his other palm to stem the flow from a third pipe. Water spewed outward around his hands and both arms trembled to keep it at bay; the effort was more than his body wanted to deal with in its current condition but he knew he could hold it - could at least slow the flooding for everyone to evacuate. With the water now waist-deep, Krice called up to the healers on the second floor, " Out the window - go now!" He flinched, his voice vibrating through the tender bone of his skull,

Sabrina had been the last out of her bedroom, sensing the life signs rather than using sight as proof. She is halfway down the stairs before she freezes. The injured were being ushered, table and all, out the windows as directed. One of the healer’s turns back for the elfess, calling her name and pleading for her to keep moving. “I-I can’t…” A river elf who could not swim. Her grips is white knuckled on the banister, even when her sleeve is grabbed and she is being pulled toward the exit she just screams “Leave me!” And then, the small woman shoves the one tugging out her two steps down into the rising swell. The pounding of the hellhound had stopped, presumably the water coming in was not only from the pipes in the walls. Chances were the sudden rise was caused by water sloshing over the ravine and compounding with gravity making the terrain too wet for the beast to do any good.

Krice squinted through the spray of water, his hair saturated and clinging to his face and neck. At least the chill of that water soothed his migraine a little. The lessening impacts from outside the home did little to comfort the warrior that he had help with the evacuation, but he didn't dwell on that thought; instead, he shot his gaze up the stairs where Sabrina stood frozen, halfway. He cursed under his breath and released the pipes to hang in their damaged positions, turning his back to the deluge that ensued. With the water rising rapidly, he wasted no more time trying to stem the flow. Instead, he half-swam, half-waded, through the flood and ascended the steps to assist first the woman who tried to help Sabrina. Once she was outside, and with no -small- measure of haste, Krice returned his attention to Sabrina and pushed her back up the stairs. " Move, damn it. -Now-," grunted the exhausted warrior, a hand finding the small of Sabrina's back, or her elbow, seeking purchase -anywhere- to push her further up the stairs. The flooding was fast enough that even the open window didn't stop it from rising, hence the need to find higher ground.

Sabrina starts moving up the stairs, he didn’t need to tell her twice to go -away- from the suffocating death rising at their heels. The house creeks and groans, almost as if in pain. Ara was dying. The south wall buckles, crumbling into the deluge and being washed down river to the whirlpool forming there. The various magical pieces housed for centuries in Ara’s care began phasing from the shelves, likely being sent to hidden areas across the map. The house was designed first and foremost as protected grounds, meant to defend its contents from theft and plunder as well as nullify the effects of the treasures housed there. It was why, in all its history it had never allowed those with ill intent from entering, and why it was so safe to begin with. Now, those artifacts could be anywhere; the less deadly ones had been filtered to the turmoil taking place outside.

Krice was unaware of Xzavior, injured and tired and focused on -Sabrina- as he was. With the woman moving up to the second floor, he followed suit though his steps were laboured. Once he arrived in her room once more, the warrior closed the door to at least slow the water's flow, allowing them time to evacuate. Magic prickled his skin, electrifying the air in the small pockets that immediately preceded and succeeded the arcane transfer of Ara's items out of danger. He looked around, acknowledging this with the briefest of glances before moving toward the window at a clip. The warrior pulled it open with both hands and then tensed before he stepped up to his raven-haired companion. Without awaiting permission, and potentially fighting her because of it, he secured her torso in the strength of his right arm, curled his bandaged left arm under her legs, and cradled her to his water-slick bare chest as he literally swept her off her feet. In the same movement, the warrior fluidly pressed a foot to the window sill and lept through the opening, ducking his body over Sabrina's to clear the frame. It wasn't -too- high a jump and on a good day in perfect health he could manage it no problem, but as he landed on dry land away from the sinking house, his legs lacked the strength to keep him on his feet and both knees buckled under him. With a grunt, he descended hard onto his bent legs but managed to slow Sabrina's impact to the ground; he slumped over the healer and his left arm fell away from her legs to catch his weight under her, leaving her knees to ride the angle from his elbow to the ground. The silver-haired man unfurled his right arm from her shoulders and left her to roll away, his chest expanding with heavy breaths. He pushed against the ground to sit back on his haunches, every movement slow and labourious, and turned to regard the sinking home over his right shoulder before scanning the evacuees. Did everyone get out?

Xzavior hadn't watched the exit of the two as he went on to where the water was pouring in from. Giving an inaudible sigh as he watched the water come rushing in from the outside. Coming up to the more major leaks, he started putting his efforts in blocking them with walls of ice. At least then he could start working on getting rid of the water inside the house. And perhaps contain more of the artifacts before they all get swept away. Despite not knowing what purpose they held, he wasn't going to risk one of them being a life saving thing and have it be lost because he didn't think it was all to important. However, there was someone on the outside who saw the jump. Leifa, seeing only the man crouching over Sabrina, quickly came over to see if they needed help or something, explaining in elvish that she was here to help in any way she could. Throwing in as well that she was glad to see Sabrina again.

Sabrina might as well have been a doll in the fashion she was lofted about. She couldn’t argue anyways as she watches her home, her sanctuary, succumb to the nature she once held so dear. She rolls. Krice calculated her trajectory with skilled precision, that she didn’t even get a scratch. She pushes up to her knees and with hands held to her face she bawls at the sight of Ara sectioning off chunks to flow along the river. Rohk is there, ready to lend his whole frame to assist the wounded Warrior to his feet, and then some. What ever he needed, even if it was a ride… just this once. Sabrina just cried, she had no answers for anyone.

Krice vaguely heard the cracking and forming of ice somewhere behind him but he didn't look at the house again; it might as well have been his -head- splitting open for all the pain he felt under his skull. When Rohk neared him, the warrior used the hound to find his feet, heavily relying on Rohk's strength to pull himself up, just enough that he could cover the short distance to be by Sabrina's side. He reached out, seeking to comfort her with a gentle squeeze to her shoulder - but the touch did not linger. Content in the knowledge that she was at least -safe-, along with her students, and assisted by whoever had formed the ice to stop the flooding, Krice departed on slow-moving, unsteady legs, leaning predominantly into Rohk for a few paces. He struggled to stay awake, but his subconscious mind was compelling him to continue, to search... " Stay with Sabrina," he breathed at the hound beside him, pushing away to urge his drenched figure forward.

Xzavior huffed a bit as he finished up the last few segments he could find in this spot. making sure that they wouldn't break under the pressure of the water before he was done. Glancing back, he went to search the house for any more cracks leaks or any other means of entry for the water that he would have otherwise missed. the water inside, was already in. There wouldn't be a point to try clearing it out if there was still some getting in. Leifa though, watched the two as Krice went to walk his way and Sabrina remain. She gave a sad trill before moving beside the elfess and tried her best to provide as much comfort to the woman as she could.

Lita was late to the party. But she'd managed not to drown. Mostly. She liked swimming as much as the next person but it hadn't been on her itinerary for the day when she'd left the Healer's house for a brief hunt. Now, making her way back towards the house- what was left of it- she was damp from head to toe. The cotton pants and tunic she'd gotten from the Academy days prior had already been a bit big on her but now that the garments were soaking wet it was far more obvious. Raven curls clung to her shoulders and her cheeks and she was shivering slightly. Her left arm hung loose at her side and she was limping slightly, favoring her right leg, probably due to a large slice in the pant leg over her left thigh. In her right arm she was carrying a small child. The boy was five, maybe six, she had no idea. He'd been bare chested when she'd scooped him up near the river banks, with a shock of short blonde hair and emerald eyes. He was slumped against her chest now, his arms loose around her neck and his head against her right shoulder. He shifted slightly and she winced as his arms moved. She was pretty sure her left shoulder was out of socket. She grit her teeth and was more than grateful to find people coming into view in the distance. "Hey, we're almost there." she chided softly, trying to sound more positive than she felt for the kid.

Xzavior was too busy frantically working around the inside of the house to notice what was going on on the outside. By the time he was even part way done, the walls would start looking like they were made more of ice then of the actual material they were once made of. And yet, he was still not done. He wasn't oblivious to the fact that the house was ripped at the seams, but that didn't stop his attempts to save it. What he could anyways. At this point wearing a scowl on his face, he was moving towards the outside of the house to see if he couldn't possibly anchor the remaining part of Ara to the land it was on. That was at least possible right? Sabrina reluctantly pulls herself from the ground, doing anything and everything to keep from looking at the destruction of her home. She was having one of the most selfish moments in her life, almost unaware of the plight of those around her. Rohk is convincing her to buck up and do her damn job. She nods, repeatedly wipes tears from her face and distracts herself by looking at the string of survivors. Everybody got out. Wait. “Mei?” She calls out to the girl and is answered with a short and snarky. “Right here, no thanks to you.” The Elfess frowns, it wasn’t a direct jab as the white-haired ten-year-old points to Krice. “-He- saved me.” She nods. “I think it means I have to marry him now. But he looks broken.” Sabrina’s eyes go to Krice, and then the approaching Lita. There was a boy in her arms. She is briskly walking towards the girl now. “What happened? Where did you find him?” He wasn’t one of hers, that was certain. She glances back at Xzavior and all his valiant efforts. The sinkhole at the east end of the river must’ve have finished doing its harm as the waters slowly began to secede from Ara’s main floor, courtesy of the regulating flow and the redirected valleys of magically channeled ice flow.

Lita paused in her steps for a moment, letting her eyes close as she steadied her breathing. Everything hurt. How did she keep ending up like this? She hated Larket. She lifted the boy a little, shifting him slightly against her right hip. Her right arm was going numb from his weight but her left arm was mostly useless to help. He was cold and shivering against her, his breaths shallow but he was alive. She needed to get him up to the house. The healers would help. Somehow she found the energy to keep walking. One more step. Krice was a sight for sore eyes, though somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that he should not be on his feet yet, at least not dealing with all of this. The house behind him, in all its ruin, was a sad state and she scanned those gathered for the familiar face of Sabrina, if only because she knew that the Healer would be devestated. Not that Lita would likely be able to help much, outside of offering to help rebuild the place. She caught sight of Xzavior coming from the house, seeming to be helping and her brow furrowed at the stranger before her gaze would shift to Krice. "Where's Sabrina?" she called out, closing that distance between them. Again she shifted the boy against her hip. She didn't trust anyone else to look at him. Even if Sabrina recommended another healer look the kid over, she trusted the Healer's judgment more than her own in those matters. She'd give the warrior a scolding later for his recklessness. "Found him out by the riverbank." Or at least, what had once been the riverbank. "Managed to grab him before 'e was swept off." Though she hadn't been entirely as lucky. She hadn't drowned. Silver linings and all.

Krice didn't even hear Mei's child-minded logic that 'rescue' equalled 'marriage', but when Sabrina moved past him to check on the boy in Lita's arms, he slowed to a halt and huffed out a breath, rooting himself in place. The warrior swayed minutely from one side to another, sometimes forward and sometimes back, his body struggling to remain upright. He couldn't take another step. As Lita conversed with Sabrina about the boy she had found, Krice caught glimpses through his migraine-befuddled head of what had happened to the vampire. Where was Sabrina? He didn't know--oh, wait, she was right there, talking to Lita. Where was -Rohk-? Rather than expending precious energy resources looking for the mutilated hound, the warrior cleared his throat and spoke hoarsely to Sabrina, his eyes on the dark-haired vampire. " Her shoulder's off," he slurred, pointedly staring at the dislocated joint. He tried for a frown but even -that- was difficult in his current condition, so he simply shared with Lita a look that unintentionally told her just how dire his situation was. Her scolding would have to wait, and so would everything else they'd planned. Wow, his head really hurt.

Xzavior would give a huff of relief as the water flow started to ebb. He started rolling his shoulders and knew right away he was going to be a bit more then just a little tired here in a while. Stabilizers made of ice placed about would only be remove after he figured they weren't needed any longer. After all was said and done, he would make his way back to the growing crowd of people, and flick off some water from his tail, stopping first at the very unstable warrior. "Well, I think someone has had enough fun for one day." He muttered as, if allowed, he took Rohk's place in keeping him up. Calling over to Sabrina, "I can get Leifa to carry some people along to wherever we're going to be heading." Focus on the task ahead right?

Sabrina would never turn away the charge of someone close, at least, someone close to a loved on who didn’t seem to be handling this exertion very well. “Give the boy to me.” She suspected that Lita would be more than willing to check on Krice’s condition and this was the least she could do.. The Elfess would help usher the boy to capable hands, noting that he would be under her care in ‘just a moment.’ She takes I Lita’s shoulder, sunk more on one ide than the other and she winces. “How long has it been like that?” The longer it remained dislocated, chances were, the more it would hurt to put it back in place. If Lita ventured the Warrior’s way she would find a new tail at her heels; a soaking wet white-haired girl who would not hesitate to make sure Lita knew that she already laid her claim to the bruised and beaten hero. “I’ma marry him, you know.” Suddenly the little girl’s epiphany had graduated to a well-known fact. Rohk was dragging a man-made sleigh of tables that had been fashioned to follow in line with each other. He would take the injured and the collection of tired soaked healers north to Artia’s ranch; in the past the once guilded witch was known to take in strays in need, and these were more in need than ever.

Lita had half a mind to have the stranger who'd been fixing up the house knock Krice out and carry him off to, as he put it, 'wherever we're going to be heading'. She'd also thank him most likely. She was in no condition to be helping the warrior and she was worried about the boy she'd come across, worried about the Healer and everyone else who'd been in that house. Lita narrowed dark eyes over the Healer's shoulder towards Krice as he mentioned her shoulder. There were bigger issues. "'S fine." she growled, turning her focus back to Sabrina and the boy. She was hesitant to hand over the kid and it took her a beat to relinquish the boy to the Healer's care. She set her jaw as Sabrina turned back to her. "An hour, maybe two?" Maybe longer. She hadn't been paying much attention once the river's edges seemed to give way. Time had slowed to a stand-still and sped up all at once. "Just do it." The sooner it was done and over with, the sooner they could get Krice and the other wounded heading to safer grounds. She shook her right hand a little, feeling returning to the appendage just in time for her to curl her fingers into a fist in anticipation. With eyes closed she'd grit her teeth, a growl of protest on her lips as the Healer manipulated bone back into its rightful place in socket. The pain subsided to an insistant throb and she'd manage a nod of thanks for the Healer as she reminded herself she was not allowed to eat Sabrina. The appearance of that white-haired girl gave her pause and she'd loft a brow at him. "Tell you what," she'd manage with a little smile. "If you can get 'im onto the sleigh there-" nodding to the contraption being manned by Rohk, "I'm sure he wouldn't mind havin' you take care of him while we head out o' here for a bit." She'd leave the girl to the task of the warrior, offering Krice a 'you should know better' sort of look as she'd help aid the Healers in getting the other wounded gathered onto that sleigh as well.

Krice flinched when Xzavior moved up beside him, perhaps for a completely unrelated reason. The warrior lifted his right hand to idly press at his forehead, above the bridge of his nose, before wiping drenched silver strands away from his face. The gesture was slow but fluid and his arm returned to his side shortly after. He wasn't even aware that another being was holding him upright until Lita's shoulder was popped back into place. He stared at her as best his mind would allow him, scrutinizing her condition post-enlocation, before the looks she gave - and general disposition she bore toward him - told him that perhaps she needed to be avoided. With Rohk busy manning the sleigh of tables, which he dared not interrupt for the sake of the other tired and injured people present, and Lita in the care of capable healers who -weren't- injured (namely Sabrina, for the most part), Krice nudged himself away from Xzavior and grumbled out a hoarse, " Help everyone else." He squinted into the distance and had half a mind to smash his own head against the nearest rock just to be rid of the throbbing that plagued his skull. One foot in front of the other, one at a time, slow-going and focused, the silver-haired enigma moved away from the river bank to seek refuge for rest.

Xzavior couldn't help an amused look as the child said that about the warrior. Looking over to him for a moment as he cast a slight smirk, saying nothing, seeing as Krice looked as though a breeze could knock him over. He winced a bit when he heard the bone get set back in place, never liking that feeling, even if just from the sound. He'd take note of the rather tense look from her before turning to watch where Rohk was going, he looked ahead of the hound for a moment to give a hum before feeling the nudge, "I would, but then again, you're probably on the list of the more injured people here. So..." He trailed off for Leifa, who had helped gather up the people onto the sleigh, to come over and offer her own assistance in keeping him up. And possibly away from any rocks for him to bash against. "Well, anything else you need me fore Sabs?" He asked. Glad that things were starting to come to a calm. For now at least. Sabrina doesn’t wait for Lita to change her mind, sliding her hands under her hand and elbow to raise the limb- almost straight. “Hold it.” The hand was abandoned and repositioning took placement at again, the inside of her elbow, and then the base of her shoulder. “One…two-“ crunch. The elfess was quick, and the bitch didn’t wait for three. It was an act of mercy, really, not allowing Lita’s brain to catch up to the upcoming event. She was certain through trial this made it hurt less, anger fueling the response. Almost immediately the Healer steps away to address the boy and his condition, which was mostly fatigue, lethargy, emotional trauma, and surface injuries. Mei practically overflowed with joy. So, this lady understood the logic. “Okay!” She trots over to Krice, demanding- not asking. “Since you are all broken you have to ride with the others.” Rohk is laughing, visibly, audibly, hissing out a series of snorts as he comes to pass the Warrior and halts with an empty bed at his side. His head jerks towards the contraption as if to say ‘ hop on princess.’ There is a sort of shrug when Krice heads backwards instead of forwards and he resumes a slow pace north. Mei was simply not having it. “You’re gonna make us sleep outside?” She holds out a hand, checking for rain. There was none, but she was soaked head to toe. “You are a horrible husband.” She had already lost interest, as preteen love was such a fleeting thing. Sabrina stayed with the boy, sleeping as he was. “No, I think I’ve got it from here.” She looks back at the house one last time. Could they get it back up and running again? Tears began to well up. No time for that, move forward. So with the boy in her arms she followed Rohk.