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When a person wields a particular type of magic for a long time, they ultimately become a master of it. Once that happens, the person often wants to push the boundaries of that magic further than anyone thought possible. Once upon a time, Khitti Herzegler had a taste of the advanced abilities of the Black Tides, thanks to a boost from a shadow magic-enhancing implement she found on an adventure with the Warrior's Guild. She lost access to the magic tool some time ago during her quest for a cure for the vampirism that had plagued her and since regaining the ability to use dark magic, Khitti craves more knowledge and power in that particular section of necromancy, as all mages do--and her connection to the Shadow Plane, as well as the many visits she takes to the realm -isn’t- helping.

Now, she’s sought out membership with the Mage’s Guild--as well as rejoined the Necromancer’s Guild--in an effort to learn arcane magic to aid her on her journey of gaining access to the last two elements of the Black Tides.

The purpose of this mini-arc is to expand the Black Tides branch of necromancy, adding two extremely advanced elements to the already existing two (ie: shadowflames/shadow-ice). This will result in the Black Tides section of the The Arts of Necromancy page being rewritten, as well as a possible renaming of the teaching position used within the Necromancer’s Guild (currently, it is Umbracryaestor) or making a new one entirely to go under the Advanced Arts category. As a minor note, Chapter One begins when Khitti's magic is upgraded to its proper state. Anything before that, her magic is dampened by a magical seal and a mental block brought on by the extreme trauma from her childhood.

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Chapter One: We All Have Hunger

  1. Rescuers Down Under: Raiez is slain. Khitti is rescued. But, because of a magical explosion during the fight with the dragon, the mental block keeping Khitti from properly wielding the Black Tides has gone, leaving her to soon discover that her magic is rather different from last she used it.
  2. KhittiBrand Together Again: After Khitti's rescue, Brand is left to deal with Khitti's newly upgraded magic on his own.
  3. Hourglass: When Khitti acquired a small, black orb from the corpse of a mindflayer that would turn out to be a implement used for boosting shadow-based magicks.
  4. Face Of The Enemy: With the help of the orb, Khitti's boosted magic is made obvious in the form of summoning all three current Black Tides around her weapons during a fight against a rather large spider queen.
  5. The Battle For Chartsend: The first time Khitti siphoned energy from portals to the Shadow Plane and channeled it back at the enemy in the form of black lightning.
  6. Anathema: The magical implement is lost, in exchange for the cure for vampirism.
  7. It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Khitti loses the ability to wield dark magic entirely. Unbeknownst to her, it was merely locked away.
  8. Scary Monsters And Super Creeps: After much struggle without the Black Tides, Khitti is regifted the ability to cast them by the Prophet Cirice, a notable denizen of the Shadow Plane. The alchemical symbols for the processes of putrification and purification has been carved into her hands. This allows her to cast her dark magic--which comes straight from the Shadow Plane--without the magic itself poisoning her as it once had (this is the reason she had to become a vampire in the first place) by way of balancing it with the holy magic that was given to her by Cyris, God of Freedom and Independence. She has been given a warning however: not to use both kinds of magic at the same time.
  9. Absolution And Ales: Khitti gets it into her head to try to wield black lightning once more.
  10. The Devil In I: Khitti rejoins the Necromancer's Guild and makes it known that she wants her teaching job as Umbracryaestor again.
  11. No Bats Here: Khitti's use of both magicks within a short span of time results in a minor magic-induced heart attack.
  12. Curse Of The Blessed: Khitti is interviewed by Odhranos for his studies in the Mage's Guild, and once finished, Khitti asks to the join the guild in an effort to further her quest of finding the last two shadow elements of the Black Tides.

Chapter Two: The Darkness Is Revealing

  1. Somewhat Damaged: Khitti gives Quintessa her first lesson of the Black Tides and tells her about her quest to find the last two shadow elements. Quintessa offers to help her teacher, by showing her the basics of arcane magic at a later time.
  2. We're Not Gonna Take It: Summoned by Bradyn for a separate guild and Vailkrin-wide issue, Khitti eventually tells him of her quest to find the other two Black Tides. The vampire gives her his blessing for it, as well as the offer of future publication for her book and expenses covered.
  3. A Helping Hand: While it's not quite looking for the other two elements, Khitti has accepted a quest to build a hand for Emilia, from shadows and shadow-ice.
  4. Disasterpiece: Khitti works on Emilia's hand, trying to obtain magical object permanence.
  5. How To Make A Monster: Now that her goal with Emilia's new hand has been achieved, Khitti begins work on creating a creature out of shadow magic, in an attempt to further see what her shadows are capable of.
  6. The Talking Dead: Khitti is given a rather large piece of the earthen shadow element during a search party attempt for Emilia. It's the same obsidian that makes up the hilt of her sword Embershard, otherwise known as shadowglass.
  7. Objects In Motion: Khitti helps to defend Vigilanti Semper (the Warrior's Guild new HQ).
  8. Pet Cemetery: Khitti returns to the rank of Thanadule in the Necromancer's Guild and also gets her job as Umbracryaestor back.
  9. The Darkness That Binds Us: Khitti gifts Emilia her new shadow/shadow-ice hand.
  10. Taking The Long Way 'Round: Khitti gets help from Quintessa with Runeology and Quintessa voices a theory: Maybe Tenbatsu Kaji is holding Khitti back from her true potential.
  11. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?: Khitti, on a whim, goes to the druid's tree after work one day. There she runs into Krice and the two briefly speak about light and darkness.
  12. The Subtle Science And Exact Art Of Potion-Making: Khitti works on her poisons and potion-making with Brand and at one point voices her concern about Tenbatsu Kaji and the possibility that it might leave her due to her way of thinking of late.
  13. Enthralled: During a mission with Lionel and Magik in Vailkrin, Khitti goes to unsheathe Tenbatsu Kaji but is shocked rather abruptly by the weapon's holy magic as a punishment for her constant thinking of wanting to burn down all of Larket--which includes more than just Fort Freedom.
  14. Yeet Or Be Yeeten: After being several levels of done with Seika and Tenbatsu Kaji, Khitti yeets the sword into the ocean. How will this affect her holy magic? Guess she'll find out eventually.
  15. Creating Light For The Darkness: Khitti seeks out Nikola to have a new sword crafted.
  16. Die Trying: Khitti holds a Warrior's Guild meeting to inform the guild that they have to find Lionel.
  17. Commissions Galore: Khitti talks to Iintahquohae about the hilt to her new sword and they also discuss an idea Khitti had for an outfit.
  18. Night of the Living Dead Girls 2: This Time, It's Personal: After hearing about the attack on the druid's tree in Kelay and that people were scrambling to protect the Xalious one, Khitti heads to #MageTown to see if it was truly what she thought was going on. Turns out? It was. Quintessa chose to betray Khitti and go against her word of not harming the Holy Trees of Lithrydel, and in turn, Khitti was forced to fight the student that she had started to call daughter.
  19. Expect Nothing And You Will Never Be Disappointed: Khitti struggles to deal with Quintessa's betrayal.
  20. The Burning Desire To Learn About Shadowfire: Khitti is finally found by Elga, who wants to learn how to properly wield the black tides.
  21. A Shadowy Correspondence: Khitti fills Magik in on the upcoming Warrior's Guild mission and also about the possibility that Quintessa was involved in the corruption of the Xalious and Eternal Druid trees.
  22. The Power Of Love: Quintessa finds Khitti to apologize. They still argue a bit, but Khitti does her best to heal Quintessa's burns from the light magic.
  23. A Slice Of Life: Khitti finally receives her new sword, Slice of Life (aka Sol).
  24. The Demons Within Us: Team Tranquility: During the mission to find Lionel, Khitti feels a connection to the spirits in the Archipelago, has an unpleasant encounter with Amarrah's ghost, and with thanks to the archipelago's latent energies, has her hands completely healed of the alchemical symbols, leaving both shadow and light magicks as wholly her own.

Chapter Three: Ride The Black Lightning

  1. In The Land Of Gods And Monsters: Khitti is sought out by Hildegarde to help with something that began with a ritual the Silver and Leone took part in a couple years ago.
  2. If I Burn: Brand's past comes back to haunt him and Khitti is forced to forget about him entirely.
  3. I Belong To You: Khitti and Viera spend the day together and Viera introduces Khitti to Viera's new apprentice, "Moira".
  4. How Have We Not Talked To Each Other Yet?: Khitti retrieves Hildegarde's needed book from Satoshi's library, with thanks to Kasyr, while also discussing Khitti and Kasyr's mutual student, Quintessa.
  5. Hooked On A Feeling: Khitti and Viera go to the Shadow Plane to retrieve info for Hildegarde. There Khitti finds a flier for an teacher in the Shadow Plane's terramancy.
  6. Just Another Warrior's Guild Meeting...: A funeral, and meeting, and a confrontation.
  7. Ghosts 'N' Stuff: Khitti's magic summons something more than just spirits when her and Quintessa try to find Brenwyn's ghost.
  8. Another Bout Of Bad Luck: Khitti tells Viera about the ritual and the "lovely" visitor she got during it.
  9. The Twins: An assassination attempt is made on Khitti by two of Xicotl's sentient thralls, but she's aided by the shadow that's been stalking her since Xalious.
  10. Not All Tattoos Are Permanent: Khitti gets a new tattoo and tells Meri about the shadow being that Khitti thinks might be an elemental.

Chapter Four: Heart Of Shadowglass

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