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aka Raevyn May McGowan

Can't you see that you're lost without me?





PRONUNCIATION... Ray- Ven / Nah-Sah-Dah

NICKNAMES... Rae, Nas, Sister Solarus

RACE... Human

GENDER... Female

CLASS... Necromancer


AGE... Twenty-Three

BIRTHDAY... May 15th



Other Statistics

NATIONALITY... From a land called Iris

CITIZENSHIP... Nothing Official, but Larket is promising

FAMILY... Exiled. aka None.


OCCUPATION... Advisor to Religion in Larket.

PATRON DEITY... Vakmatharas

HEIGHT & WEIGHT... Five Foot, Two Inches / One Hundred and Twelve pounds.

ALIGNMENT... Neutral, yet slipping into darkness.

Introduction to the Character
Nasada Aeul Korith. Not much is known about the man before his transformation into the bastion of evil that his legacy is known for. When he first appeared in Kelay nearly twenty years ago, he came as a man broken by many a century of enslavement to the Drow. Nasada stood out amongst the citizen of Lithrydel, being a Vampire with bright crimson skin. Given the events that would take place in later years, it would be concluded that there was more to the Vampire story than first believed. Whatever his origins, the creature hid them from even his closest allies, choosing to claim forgetfulness over the centuries.

Nasada was kind at first. Thankful for the charity shown to him by his early savior Slash, he pledged to take up defending those of a weakened nature as best he could. This hopeful and altruistic nature would be the beginning of his downfall, as it caused him to dare attack the Dark Avatar Solaris in a bid to save Slash from death, and in this action Nasada would become condemned with the loss of his soul.

Emotionless and void, Nasada fell from view for some time until the "Angel" Samandiriel made an appearance to gift upon the world the Thirteen Seals to be protected. The Seal of Darkness, an artifact of great evil and power, was meant to be given to Solaris. However, Nasada coveted the item and it unexpectedly bound itself to his chest. This would, for some time, replace his soul and turn his motivations toward death and destruction. The item granted the crimson skinned "Vampire" dominion over evil, and in its name he devoured souls and began to grow his own armies to add to the power of the Dark immortals that would later be resurrected.

Some time into his rule, Nasada was felled by a worthy adversary, Demonian Lyastri, of the famous Lyastri bloodline. In death he spent what felt like an eternity in the depths of Hell, in which he was tormented, twisted, and transformed by the Dark immortals to reveal his true demonic nature. It is here that he learned of powerful blood magics through the tutelage of Azazil. Eventually, for some strange reason, Nasada was brought back from the death by his adopted sibling, Dante, and his reign of terror began again.

Nasada would eventually raise an army in the form of The Damned to fight for the Dark immortals, which would later be placed in the lead of his late wife Aleriah, while he himself returned to the depths of Hell to search for his long lost soul. He always returned empty handed. With the Seal of Darkness growing stronger and consuming more and more souls to feed its power, Nasada started to go mad. He wanted nothing more than to be released from this life, to find his soul and move on, to stop the voices of those consumed by the Seal from screaming in his head; But the power of the Seal of Darkness was relentless and demanded blood. It was only after Dante had ascended into a higher power that the adopted sibling came to the demon and brought with him the long lost soul to be returned.

With his soul restored, Nasada's purely evil nature began to wane. While he still wanted to rid the world of all mortal life, it was no longer a motivation of hatred and darkness, but of a means of nature correcting a problem. Life was the problem. It was the cause of all the war and strife, the sorrow and pain, and he felt that everything had to go back to nature. To a time before sentience plagued the world. Once more the Damned would be resurrected and Nasada would campaign toward once again extinguishing all life; Even going so far as to think himself able to take his fight to the almighty Sven.

Nasada grew conflicted with time. He was torn between the good nature of his newly returned soul and the influence of the Seal of Darkness. It was a constant battle that twisted his mind. For some time he tried to do better. To make amends to some extent with former adversaries he once called friend. Yet the Seal would always destroy any progress that had been made. It was during a deathly duel with the draconian Rygar, a battle in which the demon was able to kill the man with naught but his mind, that Nasada decided that he needed to isolate himself from this world. Lithrydel had been home. And as long as he existed in this realm, this home would forever be in danger. No longer able to withstand the power of the Seal, Nasada tore the item from his chest and gifted it to the vampire Tenebrae to care for in his absence. Despite this, the lingering power of the artifact was forever part of the demon's essence.

There had to be a battle. A sense of closure. No matter what, he would no longer be able to walk as free as he once had. The world was changing and because of his past misdeeds, and the power of the Seal, it was no secret that the Keepers of Light wanted to see this creature removed from the mortal plane for good. And so, Nasada took an army to the Milous plain and waged a war. A final war. One in which he would allow his death to be showcased as a means of spreading a peace of mind to those that had been wanting this entity stopped for some time. Through arcane trickery, Nasada gave the keepers of light the outcome they desired, while slipping between planes for new worlds to conquer.

Nasada would eventually come across the land of Iris. A vast kingdom in which he hoped to enslave. However, underestimating the power of a local clan known as the Seventh Circle, Nasada was the one to be enslaved to a young human assassin named Sidney, and an all too familiar lycanthrope named Aevo. They would make a partnership of some form, the demon used to assist the Seventh Circle in committing all sorts of heists and attacks on the tyrannical kingdom that ruled. Eventually, as a means of laying low, Nasada brought Sidney and Aevo back to Hollow for a couple of years. Most of his time was often bound to an amulet, hidden away from the citizens that once knew him best. He did find a brief romance with his oldest friend Faythe, but it would be cut short when he was requested to take his master and the mutt back to Iris.

Nearly two decades since his rise to power and Nasada would finally know death once again. After betraying Sidney and Aevo, the Seventh Circle concocted a plan to kill the demon once and for all. Through ritual, Nasada's flesh was stripped and his essence bound to a soulstone to prevent his return to hell. The stone was then tossed into a local volcano where it was thought to be lost forever. This would not be the case, as two years later when the mountain erupted, the stone was found by a young girl named Raevyn.

The rest... is History

I Don't Live In Darkness; Darkness Lives In Me.

Human Appearance
Her frame is lissome and frail; Flesh is pale and flawless. Sharp, almond shaped eyes house irises of blue; A blue so pallid that they mock the dead. Thin, sinister lips are now plush and painted black to match her nails - Fingers and toes. Straight, raven shaded locks cascade upon slender shoulders; Although as of late, she has been keeping her hair in a pony tail, with bangs swept off to the left.
She bears a small two inch scar on the left side of her forehead, just peeking out of her hairline. Upon the top of her left breast sits a brand in the shape of a triangle, with a single line expanding from each side. It is known as the Mark of the Heretic. Newly aquired, Raevyn now has a scar on the back of her left hand- The result of a sparring practice gone wrong. On the right side of her neck, a tattoo rests in the shape of simple chain links. These are the Chains of Domination, otherwise known as Gheneroc's Mark.
Demonic Appearance (The past)
Nasada stood imposing at a near seven feet in height; Muscle and mass perfectly cut from stone. His gaze was made of a vibrantly glowing azure light that stood out in contrast to the deep crimson of his flesh. Above brow sat two large ashen horns that acted as a crown for long flowing locks of jet black that fell to his massive shoulders. A sinister grin always showcased the sharp pearly fangs that he once used to drain blood from his victims before the transformation. His chin, set upon a squared jaw, was adorned by a short bristly black goatee.
Upon the demon's back were two large wings of contrasting colors that spanned fifteen feet from tip to tip. The right was shaded in a raven black, while the left was a brilliant ivory white. Feathers that fell held a slight luster of amethyst and burned away into a mist whenever they touched the earth at the creature's feet.
Nasada did not have much in the way of scars. Due to his training with the Dark One Azazil, and his genetic makeup, Nasada's flesh had its own ability to heal and prevent permanent damage in a strange and unique way. However, there were a couple of things that stood out, or were of a permanent fixture. His arms, legs and torso were home to hundreds of archaic symbols; tattoos of a dark and cursed nature. They were script of a former dead language crafted by the dark immortals and shimmered with a faint amethyst much like the feathers of his wings. In the center of his chest was a small crater, the leftover remnants of where the Seal of Darkness sat for so many years.
Raevyn has made an attempt to dress more fashionably, rather than that same old conservative clothing she had been wearing for so long.
She now sports a dark, coal-colored halterneck underbust corset, sat atop a black, short-sleeve v-neck shirt that just exposes the brand upon her breast. In cold weather, she keeps warm with a stylish, black wool, double breasted trench coat, complete with a fur-trimmed hood, and a lovely little black scarf.
On her legs, she still wears black leather pants, held in place by a slender, coal-colored leather belt. Her feet now carry expensive, extravagant, black leather boots that reach up to the knee, complete with a a fancy folded collar, reminiscent to what a pirate might sport.
To accessorize, Raevyn has found herself some ebon, skull stud earrings for her ears, and a silver ring with an oval-shaped onyx shard for her right ring finger. To carry her belongings, a worn, black leather satchel hangs from her shoulder. She should probably replace it soon.

Psychological Profile
Raevyn is a bright and cheerful girl for the most part. Always happy to greet a new face and eager to meet new people. She can often be seen as a bit of a loner with her nose buried in a book, but she more than welcomes company when it is present. She is very much an easy person to befriend, and is kind to most that she crosses paths with.

Conservative and sheltered for most of her life, Raevyn is starting to break free from her shell. She is polite and retains much of her upbringing, but has tested the waters in other areas, such as altering her attire and experimenting with more harmless things like white lies and alcohol. In more recent times, Raevyn has developed a bit of a penchant for deceiving the people of Larket with her role as Sister Solarus, but in her mind, they deserve whatever happens to them.

Raevyn can be on the emotional side at times. For the best part of her days, she is usually happy and full of smiles. Always a pleasure to be around. She enjoys says out to explore or shop, especially with her friend Celaeno. However, due to certain circumstances regarding how some members of Lithrydel treat her regarding the creature within, she has many spontaneous outbursts of anger or tears. She does not like being taken advantage of.

Raevyn is also a very intelligent girl. She excels in her studies and is quick to pick up on anything that those willing would teach her. In her spare time, when not pigging out on snacks or exploring the countryside, Raevyn will most likely be found in a local library, reading just about whatever she can get her hands on. She abhors those that use ignorance over critical thought. She also hates those that would use such ignorance to hurt others instead of trying to solve the problem with logical steps.

Most recently, Raevyn has found herself in a bit of a depression. With her closest friend having departed unexpectedly, Raevyn is feeling isolated and alone. She is slipping toward a darkened path. To make matters worse, with so much exposure to the Flesh-Bound Tome, she is suffering extreme side effects that have left her a little on the irritable and paranoid side.

Philosophy & Mannerisms
Raevyn's main line of thinking is to treat others as you would like to be treated. To do no harm. To just be nice! She has been rumored to showcase this philosophy by helping the less fortunate when she can.

She believes in manners and politeness, often putting such social norms into practice in all that she does. Because of this, she may be quick to apologize over the silliest of things.

Because she's mostly a bookworm, she may often be found reading or writing as she travels around the world of Lithrydel.

Raevyn has recently found a Religion of sorts. While not an authentic believer, she preaches as an alternate persona Sister Solarus, about the God of Death Vakmatharas. This is mostly her job as Religious Advisor to the King and Queen of Larket, and it is practices as a form of revenge on how cruel the city has been to helpless witches not so long ago.

Quick Notes
● Eager learner
● Quick witted.
● Trustworthy.
● Loyal.
● Fairly naive.
● Lacking experience.
● Can panic at the worst of times.
● Often gets her hopes up.

● Gloomy Weather. Rain Especially.
● Boots! All sorts of boots.
● Eating! Has a secret inner fatty.
● Wine! A newly discovered love.
● All things supernatural and occult!
● Reading, and therefore Libraries.
● Exploring the world, when she's not studying.
● Drow. In Nasada's former life, he was extremely racist against the drow.
● Morning. The Sun is evil.
● Blackouts.
● Irrational and ignorant people.
● Liars.
Life Skills
● Combat ability is growing.
● Excellent with sewing.
● Minor Crafting.
● Above par baking and cooking skills.
● Easy to get along with.

Sister Solarus: Voice of Vakmatharas

  A d v i s o r  t o  R e l i g i o n  -  L a r k e t   
Looking for answers as to how to help their ailing town from the effects of Vakmatharas' Curse, King Macon and Queen Josleen turn to the followers of the dark God. With the guidance of Bradyn, it is revealed that the only way to save Larket from its current curse is by sating Vakmatharas' need for death by commiting an annual sacrifice. Thanks to her polite demeanor and quick wit, Raevyn was hired on as Larket's Religious Advisor regarding the dark deity. Together with Josleen, Raevyn helped to craft a tale in which will be used to found a new religion based on this annual sacrifice. Raevyn has taken initiative to become sort of evangelist and prostlytize the citizens of Larket to worship Vakmatharas; To put the people at ease, to reassure their doubts and to help them to transition into this new Religion.

  A  P r i e s t e s s'  D i s g u i s e   

Sister Solarus. This name was chosen as a need to hide her identity from the public; The name borrowed right out of the history books- a reference to the Dark Avatar, Solaris. Once branded a witch in Larket, and known to some more prominent figures in the land, Raevyn did not exactly want to be associated as a follower of Vakmatharas, given the connotations toward the evil that many of his followers practice. Even with ulterior motives as to why she has taken up this cause, Raevyn does take the position somewhat seriously, the anonymity a necessary precaution to separate the girl from the sins she must commit. And so, Sister Solarus is born.

Red. Black. Gold. These are the colors branded by Sister Solarus in her travels through Larket. She dons large, flowing, hooded vestments; The base color of which being black, even though the Queen herself had suggested against it. However, the red and gold trim are quite prominent, with the latter hue being the focal point in its design as showcased by the large Y shaped pattern that runs up the middle of the vestments and over the shoulders. Her hands are often covered by black, silk gloves, in which she uses to clutch and walk with that ghastly malachite scythe.

To conceal her facial features, Sister Solarus has two means of protection. One a gold, featureless, feminine mask. It represents innocence, youth, and life. The other, a more ghoulish disguise, is a facepaint in the guise of a skull. It is in honor to, and a depiction of Death itself- The very dominion in which Vakmatharas rules.

If and when her hood is ever lowered, Sister Solarus' hair is always slicked back with some sort of fat-based gel, causing it to appear as if it were constantly wet.

Inherited Artifacts
  • A rune-engraved shortsword on her hip for when things get extremely dire. A gift from her lovely best friend, Celaeno.
  • A ghastly looking, Malevolent Malachite-Hewn Scythe. The thing radiates evil, as it were taken off of the corpse of a fallen wraith. It seems to cast a glow when in darkness, and has masked her signature toward undead things, making it easy to bypass otherwise aggressive creatures.
  • Nasada's Flesh-Bound Tome. This book once belonged to the demon known as Nasada. It's binding is pieced together by the flesh of man, seemingly enchanted to prevent decay. The pages, too wrought from thin, cured strips of flesh, are inked in crimson- The vitae of those once living. The book is written in various languages of the many races found within Lithrydel. The most prominent are those of Avian, Draconian, Vampiric, Elven, and the language of the Dark Immortals, Demonic. While it is taking some time to translate, Raevyn has discovered that the book contains all sorts of spells and curses, blueprints for specific weaponry, ghastly depictions of death, and even journal entries detailing the thoughts of the crimson false deity. Those that interact with the book often become haunted in a sense, a lingering afterthought of the powers eminating from the Seal of Darkness- a terrible and evil artifact once held by the fallen creature. Side effects can be as minor as visions, hallucinations, or whispering deep in the mind; And can be as severe as experiencing full on apparitions of both the familiar and unfamiliar, misplacement of time, disappearances and being stalked by tentacled creatures of Shadow.
  • A Personalized Spellbook can be found within her belongings. It depicts her own thoughts and ideas, personalized spells, and maps of the surrounding regions. This was a gift from a fellow student at the Bardic College in Schezerade.
  • A peculiar creature known as Xersom bestowed upon the woman a strange Accursed Blade. The dagger houses a blade of shadow that seems to eat the light around it. Placing the tip against a wooden table caused the immediate area around the weapon to rot. This item is kept hidden; Wrapped in a thick piece of animal hide.
  • A Demon-blood stained wand was gifted by the Mountain Dragon, Gheneroc.

Relationship Status Legend

Former Acquaintances


●Seeks a MENTOR to continue her MAGII training - Mage Guild?
●Working on ranking up in the Necromancer's Guild
●Wants to buy a home of her own. Needs to find more work.
●Continues to search for a method in which she can rid herself of Nasada. Needs help from a powerful caster.
●No longer accompanied by her Guardian, Baelok. Last seen fending off guards in Larket. Raevyn is worried about him.
●With more exposure to Nasada's Tome, Raevyn has become something of a recluse. She is unable to fully trust her senses and because of this, has been a little on the edgy side at times.
●While Nasada's power is slowly decaying, older characters may still sense the creature within.
●(OOC) Players that come into contact with Raevyn while she is using the Flesh-Bound Time may RP having their character experience side effects in later RPs. Visions, hallucinations, spooky shenanigans in general. The more exposure, the worse the effects.
●(OOC) Looking to get involved in more popular RP circles.
●(OOC) Always looking for RP when online.

Places where the character is very likely to be seen
Larket: Town Square or passing through.
Vailkrin: Black Library or Graveyard
Xalious Village: Mage Tower / Dormitory
Things Raevyn is involved with!
Larket: Advisor to Religion.
Necromancer's Guild: Magister Letum.
Xalious: Student looking for a Mentor

NPC Rumors

Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"Looking for entrance into the Mage Guild."
"Also looking for a new Magii mentor to train non-necromancing magics."
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"She's very charitable."
"Insert Rumor Here."
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"Word around Larket is, she's a witch!"
"May be the reincarnation of Nasada."
PC Rumors

Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.
"Rumor" — Rumormonger.


Combat, Abilities & Weaponry

All those things that you desire; You will find here in the fire.
Basic Statistics
Above Average:
Aetheric Abilities
Weapon Training
Combat Relevant Skills
Above Average:
Non-Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
Combat Abilities
Ability: Description
OOC Note
Notes here.



Act 1: A Human Vessel

Nasada, Reincarnated Larewen discovers a familiar presence trapped in a young woman. She introduces the girl to the voice of Gheneroc.
Nasada, Marked Raevyn finally comes face to face with the mountain Dragon and pledges her commitment to his teachings.
The Dragon and The Puppet One year has passed since Raevyn last saw Gheneroc. They begin with a simple lesson.
The Not So Wicked Witch Lost and at risk of freezing, Raevyn happens upon a generous witch named Artia, who offers the young necromancer a place to stay. Raevyn also meets her first Naga.
Full House Raevyn gets to know the other residents of Artia's Ranch, including one particularly feisty lycan named Mikaia.
Snakes, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails Raevyn has a much closer meeting with another of the Naga kind.
Educational Field Trip (Part 1) Seeking answers, Raevyn sets off toward the village of Xalious.
Educational Field Trip (Part 2) After waking, Raevyn finds herself in a most wonderful location; Soon to meet a new friend named Diryon.
Ice To Meet You On her way to Artia's Ranch to share some news, Raevyn crosses paths with her first Genasi.
Voth Suleyk Fid Dii Fen After a month of silence, Gheneroc reappears. Raevyn's frustrations lead to an unexpected result.
Distressing Recollections Raevyn and Diryon meet once more in the Mage's Library. Pleasant conversation turns to unhappy revelations.
An Unexpected Expedition (Part 1) Long after Diryon put the young necromancer to rest, Raevyn wakes up to find herself in the City of Gualon. How strange. Here she meets an amnesiac named Meri and a well traveled woman named Lita.
A Cryptic Offering After being shown around Gualon by Meri, Raevyn returns to the Gualon Clinic to get a good night's rest. Inside she meets a dark and mysterious stranger that leaves the young necromancer with more questions than answers.
An Unexpected Expedition (Part 2) Having been terrified the night before, Raevyn is urgent to leave Gualon. Unable to wait any longer for Lita, Meri tasks it upon herself to help the young necromancer get home.
A Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma Finally back from her unintended trip to Gualon, Raevyn reveals to Diryon all that she has learned. Together they begin putting the puzzle pieces together.
Trust Issues Raevyn and Emilia meet once again. This time it isn't quite as pleasant.
Summoning a Nightmare During the election in Xalious, a pair of necromancers set forth a plan to unleash an ancient evil. Raevyn gets her first taste of Nasada's power.

Raevyn awoke the next day to find out that Mikaia had saved her life. Due to a strange dream, Raevyn had assumed she had lost Nasada's unholy tome- Something she herself had never even located. Mik was tasked with finding the book before it fell into the wrong hands. Scared, feeling as if she did not belong in this world, Raevyn packed some supplies and ran away to those woods in Vailkrin where she had first arrived- Wanting nothing more than to go home and get away from the dangers of Lithrydel. She has been missing for the last year and a half.


Act 2: A Return to Society

A Kind Exchange Raevyn meets a phantom-hand Elf named Celaeno. The pair help one other find their way.
A Reunion in Larket Raevyn reunites with Artia and gains an undead follower in the process.
Study and Conversation Artia visits Raevyn at the Mage Tower. They converse about life and future study.
The Battle for Chartsend‎‎ Another blackout causes Raevyn to find herself thrust into the middle of a war on the outskirts of Chartsend. Here she sees horrors never before imagined, in the end walking away with a strange Scythe dropped by a vanquished wraith.
The Path Home (Part 1) Having originally been stranded, Raevyn learns about the town from the locals. She purchases a horse and learns how to ride.
The Path Home (Part 2)‎‎‎ Finally having learned enough to ride confidently, Raevyn journeys home on Tempest, her new steed. She has a close call with a pair of wraiths.
Retribution‎‎ While attempting to explore Larket, Raevyn is caught in another attack by Kahran's army. Something inside the girl stirs when the dark one makes himself known to a witch by the name of Valrae.
A Conversation Over Curry‎‎‎ Raevyn heads to Larket to visit a friend after the attack. Here she meets a selfless monk that delivers unto her an unsettling gift. She makes plans with Celaeno to get together and discuss ideas for adventure.
‎‎‎Awakened by a Kiss Feeling out of sorts, Raevyn heads to the tower in the Abyssal Forest to be alone. On the way she crosses paths with Larewen, who not only becomes the girl's first kiss, but awakens Nasada temporarily. He tasks Larewen and the undead stalker, (now named Baelok) with helping the girl find his sword and journal in order to perform a ritual to get his body back.

With the new dangers around every corner and a piece of the truth brought to light, Raevyn is now determined more than ever to grow; To become stronger and no longer be some frail little girl. She will seek out mentors to train her neglected ability, and work even harder to unravel the mystery surrounding the man known as Nasada.


Act 3: Finding Her Path

‎Black Magic Women Raevyn is invited into the Necromancer's Guild by Khitti.
Alms for the Poor Still feeling a high off of the news earlier, Raevyn is involved in an act of charity.
Planning an Investigation‎‎ Pilar finds Raevyn and asks if she will help investigate a mystery surrounding the Forest near Vailkrin.
A Woman From Rynvale Meets a Reaper‎‎‎ Raevyn meets Lita in Chartsend and learns of the Island, Rynvale.
A Man of Curses‎‎‎‎ While discussing how to get 'Rawr' to speak, a mysterious undead showman arrives to discuss magic.
An Aspiring Amateur Appeals for Approval‎‎‎‎‎ Raevyn meets with Bradyn Mahara to try and gain entrance into the Black Library.
The Mob Rules‎‎‎‎‎‎ Raevyn and Bastion find themselves in a fight or flight situation when a mob accuses the boy of helping witches, and the girl of being a witch..
Friends 'Til the End‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ Raevyn finds out that Celaeno is now in the Necromancer's guild. While bonding, 'Rawr' places the cursed mask on his face and is transformed. He now goes by the name Baelok Parellius..
Search Before Sunrise‎‎‎‎‎ Ngirturong tracks down Raevyn to question her over the events happening in Larket..
Revelations of the Dead Performing a ritual to speak with the dead, Celaeno is possessed by the spirit of her sister and Raevyn comes to learn a bit about the half-elf's past.
Revelations of the Living Raevyn find Celaeno the next day and reveals what exactly took place during the seance.
The Execution of Valrae Baines Raevyn returns to Larket to find Artia. However, along the way she is witness to the death of the Red Witch.
‎‎Damned Meatbags‎‎ Celaeno brings gifts of a short sword for Raevyn. Baelok agrees to taken them on as students in melee combat.
‎‎Free Education While shopping for attire for the Yule Ball, Raevyn and Baelok stop by the College of Bardic Arts.
I'll Never Be Her‎‎‎‎ While Raevyn attends class and gets to know a handsome Avian named Hinder, Baelok has a brief conversation with the Dean, ...Raven.
Dress Up! Raevyn and Celaeno go dress hopping for the Yuletide Ball
The Final Preparations‎‎ Nervous for their first big event, Raevyn and Cela finish getting ready and offer each other words of encouragement.
Yuletide Authority‎‎ Raevyn attends her first Ball with Celaeno and Baelok.
A Venture into the Black Library‎‎ After a terrible dream, Raevyn summon Celaeno to Vailkrin to finally explore the Black Library. Frustration and anger bubble forth as tensions lead to confrontation.

The year has ended and Raevyn still has no answers when it comes to Nasada. However, she is beginning to blossom and adapt to this new world. She is a student in necromancy. She has friends. Her outlook on life is beginning to change for the better. Perhaps she can find normalcy in this new life.


Act 4: A New year, A New You

A New Year, A New You‎ Raevyn reinvents herself after a spar gone wrong. She and Celaeno make plans to infiltrate Larket.
Discovery of a Buried Book Raevyn and Celaeno stumble upon a flesh-bound tome that they believe belonged to Nasada. Baelok stays behind in larket to fend off the guards.
The Wars to Come‎ Despite feeling out of place, Raevyn attends a meeting held by Lionel and his band of warrior, regarding plans to stop Kahran.
A Ghost Of A Chance‎‎‎ After writing a letter with an idea that may help turn the War in the handsome warrior's favour, Raevyn is visited by Lionel, Khitti and Eshe. They make plans to go to Venturil and test the Scythe's capabilities.
A Haunted Daydream Raevyn and Celaeno are plagued by the undead while discussing the flesh-bound tome.
Lost in Translation Raevyn meets again with Bradyn, this time to see if he can decipher the flesh-bound tome.
Whispers in the Shadows Raevyn and Celaeno reunite, only for Raevyn to disappear into the shadows during what might have been a hallucination.
The Cost of Faith Bradyn and Raevyn meet with the King and Queen of Larket. Raevyn is appointed 'Advisor of Religion'.
Tea and Theology Raevyn meets with Queen Josleen to discuss a new Religion for Larket.
Sister Solarus Raevyn experiments with a new persona to sow the seeds of Vakmatharas.
Progression Bradyn promotes Raevyn to Sceleratus in the Necromancer's Guild.
Facing Your Demons Raevyn experiences some sort of haunting before coming face to face with Nasada's shadowy form.
The Letter Raevyn receives a letter from Celaeno that details her departure..

Celaeno's departure has left a hole in Raevyn's heart. With the growing influence of the Flesh-Bound Tome and this new sense of sorrow, Raevyn begins to fall into a dark path.


Act 5: Falling Into Darkness

Drinking in the Graveyard Raevyn decides to get stinking drunk for the first time and meets a helpful vampire named Daermon.
A Spot of Tea Under the Moonlight Raevyn meets a strange woman named Joan, who just happens to be a former slave to some sort of God.
The Girl in the Tomb Raevyn meets Drevyn, a man with knowledge regarding the demon in which she seeks to part ways with.
The Child Prophet: A Play Raevyn is invited to watch the play unfold. She appears as Sister Solarus, and preaches in between acts. Strange events unfold.
All Business Raevyn stops by the Corpse to see Drevyn. He reveals that he has procured help materials to assist with her studies. Here she meets Aryas of Frostmaw.
Per Aspera Ad Inferi Hounded by an unseen force, Raevyn finds sanctuary in the new Mrs. Mallard's Bakery. Here she finds Khitti, who offers to help aide the girl with newfound powers of light. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse as Raevyn is consumed by some sort of murky void.
A Ghost of Her Past Meri, passing through Kelay, happens upon the apparition of Raevyn, who is stuck between worlds.
That's So Raevyn! Khitti finds Raevyn in the Shadow Plane, which leads to the discovery of a strange flaming stone.
Escape from The Narrows Raevyn stops by Cenril for groceries and runs into a fugitive named Lennard who is in the midst of escaping The Narrows.

The book's infectious nature has been quelled within the girl. With one of what appears to be three stones found, Raevyn sets to work on finding the other two. __________________________________________________

Act 5: The Quest for Salvation

A Plane Between Planes‎ Raevyn meets Scandal, whose advice turns out to make the puzzle of the stones even more of a headache.
Necromancers in the Necropolis Raevyn reunites with Larewen and they set in motion a plan to recover the other two stones. Ernest is admitted into the Necromancer's Guild.

Celaeno's departure has left a hole in Raevyn's heart. With the growing influence of the Flesh-Bound Tome and this new sense of sorrow, Raevyn begins to fall into a dark path. __________________________________________________

Events Leading to Nasada's newest return to Hollow as a human.

The Demon's Downfall

It wasn't long after Nasada returned to Iris with Sidney and Aevo that his initial demise would come about. He had grown so tired of servitude. It just wasn't right. HE was the one that took slaves. HE was the one with power. Yet HE was bested by a band of ...humans? A furry mutt? Something had to be done to rectify this situation.

It was during a heist that the demon made his move. It had to seem accidental. An honest mistake. Sidney and Aevo were making a dash through the courtyard when they called upon Nasada to open a portal as an escape route. And open a portal he did; right back into the castle. They were surrounded with no way out. If it hadn't been for Aevo's lycanthropic shift, they would probably have been dead men. As much as the demon proclaimed it wasn't his doing, that something had gone wrong; They knew. They weren't that daft.

It was decided that Nasada could no longer be trusted. They would have to do something about this matter. And thus, they devised a plan.

Nasada was summoned from the amulet in which he was bound; Informed by the duo that he was free and that their contract was officially over. It did not take very long for the demon to react. Rage is always so predictable. Blackened flames circled his flesh, a shadowy wave cast upon the pair. What he did not see, however, was the gathering of trained clergymen waiting in the back of the large, holy chamber. When the wave hit an invisible wall, the demon's gaze became surprised, a glimmer hinting at a level of fear that had not been shown in a very long time. Another attempt- Stifled by a holy barrier.

Aevo grinned maniacally. 'It was time ol' Red got his'. The sect of holy men began to chant simultaneously. The crimson flesh upon the beast began to ripple and quiver; Stability beginning to falter. From the rear a Cleric emerged, a large amethyst soulstone grasped tightly between his palms. His words, while in unison, grew above the rest; Angry, forceful, and determined.

Nasada soon began to smolder, and then smolder turned to flame. Holy fire. His flesh began to drip and melt, a vociferous roar sent echoing throughout the chamber in protest. As the cleric drew closer, his chanting grew much, much louder. The soulstone in his hands began to pulse, an energy of aether now being pulled from Nasada's open orifices as he burned in agony. More of the demon's flesh bubbled and melted, evaporating into the air before it ever hit the ground. This was it. This was his time to die.

His soul was ripped from flesh, the perfect form clawing at the air with a look of panic upon its face as it tried to break free of the stone's grasp. It was no use, he was quickly trapped. Yet, it was not completely over. Although Nasada's mortal body was no longer in the picture, his soul had to be handled carefully. They did not wish to see it set free, as this would mean that the demon could return to hell and once more be reborn. So, they had to place it somewhere that it would not be disturbed.

High atop of a mountain, Sidney, Aevo and the rest of the Seventh Circle gathered. It was decided that the soulstone was far too dangerous to be guarded in any sort of chamber or vault, and so it would be submerged into the molten magma deep inside the crater of the mountain. They were assured by the clergymen that this was the only way the soulstone would be safe from any that would use it for nefarious purposes. Sidney held the soulstone over the mouth of the great mountain, his fingers letting it slip into the chasm as Aevo gave an approving nod. They watched it alight and slowly sink into the magma below, a deafening silence cast upon all gathered. Once it had been fully enveloped, Sidney and Aevo turned their backs, never to speak about the ordeal again. It was finally over.

For now.

Death of the Innocent

Two and a half years later.

All was tranquil in the lands. The Seventh Circle had long since moved on in their ventures, no longer to worry about the demon's return. They were quite certain that Nasada was sealed away for at least the rest of their lives. However, one small detail in their planning seemed to have been overlooked- What if the mountain were to rupture?

And upon this day, it did rupture.

It was a relaxed summer's day, not a cloud in sight. The birds chirped happily as they basked in the rays of the sun's loving light. It was a warm day, perhaps even the warmest in weeks. It began with a small tremor. The birds happy little songs suddenly ceased. Soon the mountain began to rumble and quake; And while it wasn't earth shattering, it was just enough to cause the local wildlife to panic and scatter about. As if it had something caught in it's throat, the mountain began to choke and sputter, sending up plumes of ashen smoke toward the heavens above. Another grumble. A cough. Finally, with a thundering crack, it let loose a fiery ball of molten phlegm toward the eastern side. This seemed to settle the beast. The gargantuan mound of earth fell silent, and soon the day returned its calm and peaceful demeanor.

Raevyn was a young girl around the age of twenty. She had straight black hair, piercing emerald eyes and a healthy tan decorating her soft skin. She was a bubbly girl, always happy and cheerful, a set in stone positive outlook on life. Her manner of dress was always one of color. Bright, electric, sure to stand out in a crowd; Her favorites being mostly various hues of green and yellow. Her mornings usually were spent training under a tutor in the arts of magic, her afternoons busy with chores and study. Once a week she would be tasked with venturing to the nearby city for goods in which to trade or help the town flourish.

She was on her way home from the city, a day's walk at least, having purchased a fair amount of supplies that were requested by a few of the local townsfolk. She had been whistling a chipper tune when sharp glimmer from the woods caught her eye. Intrigued, the young woman jaunted into the forest to where about the shiny object lay. There it sat, not more than thirty yards into the wood, a strange stone nesteled inside a miniature impact crater. Surrounding were few minor wild fires scattered about due to the recent volcanic activity, contained only thanks to the moist, damp environment. At first she hesitated to venture near, but again it seemed to shimmer and shine, seemingly with its own source of light. A quick tap upon its surface told the girl it was cool enough to lift, and so she did. It was no bigger than a human fist, a strange amethyst color, its surface smooth like glass. Whenever it glimmered she could see deep within some sort of blue haze. Still the fairly novice magii, she did not detect anything sinister with the stone, and carried it to the roadside. It was so mesmerizing. So beautiful. She wondered if she could perhaps gain some gold for its sale!

For a few hours she carried her newfound possession, hardly unable to take her eyes off of it, when she came upon a horse and carriage that had been stopped along the side of the road. She bid the driver a good afternoon, a smile afforded to the passengers, all of whom she could not quite make out. Before she fully got past the carriage, the door opened and a balding, dumpy man poked his head out and asked her to wait a moment. The man introduced himself as a traveling merchant, and it seemed that the stone had caught his eye. He tried to play the young woman, offering her mere pennies for the object. Of course, she declined. He tried to reason with her that the stone was not more than simple crystal and he would offer the highest price of ten gold for it, a deal she would not get elsewhere, he said. Once more she politely declined, deciding then to just keep it, if its value was so minimal. She just found it so beautiful! The merchant smiled and bid the woman a fair venture home, soon to be on his way with the group of passengers he kept company with.

The bright summer day was beginning to fade into dusk. Her venture was nearly over, maybe only an hour or two longer and she would be home, eating a hot meal. Springing out from the woods to her right were two men both wearing bandanas over the lower half of their faces. One was definitely older, maybe by at least ten years. Both men wore attire that seemed a little too expensive for ordinary thieves. Immediately the elder male demanded that she hand over the stone she had slipped into her satchel. How did they even know? Not giving her a chance to deny their request, the two men grappled the woman and dragged into the woods so as to not be seen by any travellers happening through. As one of the bandits reached into her bag, she screamed loudly; The noise only to then be muffled by the hand of the other. She clamped down with her teeth upon one of his fingers, her hands wrapping around the soulstone just as the younger male had freed it from the satchel.

Once again, screams of protest rang out into the wooded surroundings, but little good it would do. The oldest of the thieves tugged her backward by the shoulders, the other snatching the soulstone from her feeble grip. Angry, scared, not knowing how to best address the situation, Raevyn let her emotions guide her actions. The left hand lifted slowly, orange flame sparking upon her palm. Yet, before any sort of official spell could be cast, a powerful blow struck the woman's skull. And then another. The world began to spin, blood staining her vision. The younger bandit once more lifted the soulstone and brought it down upon her head with such force that it shattered upon impact! A brilliant aether haze exploded, stunning both of the dastardly men, a whirlwind of tormented screams sounding out. It was over and gone in an instant. When the two men opened their eyes, they could see the woman now lying prone upon the dusty pathway, the wound upon her head deep and fatal. She was bleeding at an alarming rate. Fearing what might happen should they be caught, the pair darted off into the forest, leaving the woman to die alone.

A Voyage Through the Abyss

Something strange happened during her almost fatal slumber. Raevyn experienced the most terrible of nightmares, things that would drive any normal person to the brink of insanity. She would find herself in a large layered pit with no sort of sky to be found. From her vantage point she could see far down into the pit, letting loose a gasp as she took in the gruesome and disturbing sights that had been waiting for her. Men, women and children being disemboweled while they shrieked in agony upon one layer. Hapless souls forced to wade in boiling pitch upon another. She witnessed a group of children eating their own mother while she both cried and laughed hysterically. Clamping her eyes shut, Raevyn began to tell herself that none of it was real. It couldn't be... could it? Although she mostly lead an altruistic life, her pathway to the afterlife was one that seemed to be plagued by torment and suffering. What had she done that was so terrible as to bestow upon her these visions of a hellish nature?

When her lids lifted, she was suddenly upon some sort of barely lit bridge, echoes of wailing seeming to reach up a vast pit of darkness all around. Every step forward caused her heart to pound harder in her chest, a deep sense of dread clawing at the woman's mind as she strived to reach the other side. Without warning the bridge gave away, her screams muffled as she plummeted down into the seething abyss. Almost as if it were a dream, in the blink of an eye, Raevyn found herself standing waist deep within a blackened pool. It was icy cold. Thick like molasses. Its scent was putrid, more on the side of rotten- She retched. All around was darkness, so deep that she may as well have been blind. Whispers and childish laughter faintly began to play with her fractured mind, frantic swings of her head trying to pinpoint where it was all coming from. At times she could feel the cool sensations of breathing upon the back of her neck, but nothing seemed to be there when she finally reached around. Once again to catch her by surprise, numerous limbs reached up from the thicky murky pool in which she waded. They latched on and forcefully tugged, her balance thrown off; And backward she would fall, helpless and unable to scream. The blackened ooze began to slowly envelop her face as she sunk below the surface. Just as Raevyn was about to cry out for help, her mouth filled with the disgusting liquid and she began to drown.

Long lashes fluttered open. The once emerald hue was now replaced with the most dead pale shade of blue. Large round pupils pinpointed, the light above an instant system shock to the visionary sense. A deep sputtering gasp filled the fallen woman's lungs, her throat swallowing hard before she began to cough and sputter; The time she spent without breath unknown. The once sun kissed flesh was pale and full of goosebumps- a reaction to the cool rain fell from the dull gray sky above. Slowly she sat up, the left of her hands clutching the side of her head where she had been struck. Most of the blood had washed away with the weather, and surprisingly the wound seemed to have not been as bad as she thought. In fact, it felt closed, perhaps even... scarred? That simply should not be possible, she thought. Wanting nothing more than to warm herself and be in the comfort of family, she clambered to her feet and began the long journey home.

The Path of Exile

Three days. That's how long she had been away, they said. Three days. Had she really dreamt so long? And the scar. When she was able to view the damage in the mirror, she almost cried. It started an inch above the brow and extended well into the hairline. Given the size, the wound would have needed immediate care! The amount of blood loss should have been substantial. How was she even alive? Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was something... else. Even more abnormal was the fact that both her irises and skin tone remained quite pale, never seeming to regain their once vibrant color. She could have sworn she were undead, had it not been for the fact that her heart still beat steadily.

As days passed, Raevyn's personality seemed to shift as well. She did not seem to be her chipper, exuberant self. She became very withdrawn. Quiet. A social outcast. Her once beautiful array of robes and dress were discarded in favor of the most uninspired shades of charcoal and pitch. Even her passion for learning new spells had begun to decay- Well, new spells that she felt were mundane and boring. It took Raevyn about a week, but finally she built up the courage to ask her mentor about a school of magic most forbidden... Necromancy.

As one might imagine, it did not go over well. He refused, politely making the attempt to inform the young magii in training that such dark magicks were prohibited, and most importantly, dangerous. Still she pressed him. He refused further, explaining that she were too young to even comprehend the consequences, that she would become lost. Corrupted. Yet still, she persisted. When he gave his final word on the matter, something inside the young girl snapped. A bolt of angry flame was cast at the more experienced magii, only to be reflected into the floor. Again she made attempt to attack; bested each time by more experienced, defensive tactics. Defeated, she was soon expelled from her schooling.

Over the next few weeks Raevyn's demeanor furthered into obscurity. She would hardly speak to anyone; And those that she did happen to speak to, would receive harsh and dreary tones. She began to have regular nightmares, waking up every night in a cold dead sweat. Her eating habits diminished, and slowly she faded away from her once large group of friends. Instead of hanging about the town square, the disturbed woman would now be found loitering in the graveyard. This was noticed most by a strange balding man dressed in black. After some few weeks of watching, the man in black would finally approach, making her an offer she would not refuse- Lessons in necromancy.

It started simple enough. Minor potions and curses. She was picking up at an alarming pace. Where it may take the average student weeks of practice, it would take her mere days; Sometimes hours, depending on the complexity of the spell. When it came time for her to first raise a corpse she nearly lost her mind with giddiness. She really wanted to see a dead body up close.. and then to have the chance to control it! However, it would take practice, and to practice they would be using small animal carcasses. How disappointing. On the other side of the coin, bringing the dead back to life no matter how big or small, was still an adventure worth having.

Maybe she concentrated too hard. Maybe she just wasn't focused. Whatever it was, the first few attempts did not go as planned. At least twice the dead critters burst into flame. Eventually she would hit success with one of the rat carcasses springing back from its eternal slumber- Although a little sluggish and without any sort of mind of its own. And then, as with the rest, it burst into flame. This sort of trial and error would go on for weeks, the pair meeting in secrecy within one of the mausoleums located in the fairly large graveyard on the outskirts of town. To avoid being found out, they always dressed in heavy hooded robes, and referred to each other by nickname. He was to be known as Archus, and she donned the moniker Nasada; A strange name that she could remember being whispered deep in her nightmares. As hard as they tried to remain in the shadows, someone would eventually shine a nosy light of exposure upon their deeds.

It was not terribly long ago, in the earliest settings of fall, that their reveal would be well known amongst the local townsfolk. One afternoon as Archus and Nasada were practicing the dark arts, two young boys stumbled upon their little secret meeting place. They first watched with wonder, hoping to see some sort of interesting and amusing magical trickery they had become so accustomed to when they annual faire rolled through their neck of the woods. However, when Nasada was able to resurrect a very mangled rabbit, the two boys began to flee, leaving master and student unaware that they had been discovered. The boys told their parents, and like wildfire, the rumours spread throughout the small community. An emergency town meeting was called later that evening. It was during that meeting that Nasada and Archus' fates had been sealed.

For three days Nasada waited in the cemetery for Archus to show, but, he never came. She was angry. Perhaps downright furious. She was sad. Since the day that she nearly died, she felt that he was the only person to understand what she was going through. How could he abandon her? For the remainder of the evening after the horizon finally swallowed the sun, she cried hard into her pillow and deep into her sleep.

The next morning, the young woman was awakened abruptly, pulled from the warmth of her covers by a pair of burly men. Slipping a burlap sack over head, they began to lead her to an unknown destination. She thrashed and screamed, demanding an explanation as to why she was being so forcefully dragged from her home. The journey was not one of a great distance. Suddenly Nasada was forced upon her knees, the sack which obscured her vision soon removed. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she noted that she was in the middle of the town square with every single member of the community gathered as far as she could see. Not far from her, she could see Archus, gagged and bound to a large wooden stake. His face was swollen, his bare chest marred and cut up- obvious signs that he had been tortured. A few members of the town council stood gathered around the nearly unconscious men, each holding a blazing torch. She screamed as they lit the pyre that surrounded Archus, a forceful expulsion of vomit to surface as she watched his skin bubble and ooze.

A scroll was held by one of the council members, soon to be unrolled and read from as Nasada's former mentor burned to death. She barely heard the words spoken, a seething hatred beginning to form for those that she once called friend and family. Even her own mother and father would not even grace her with their gaze, instead to hold one another an weep with sorrow. Seeing as Nasada was still quite young, they did not choose to usher upon her the same fate as Archus. Instead, as an act of mercy, she was to be marked and cast out of the town. A large masked man approached from her left, holding a cherry red branding iron. From behind, another of the townsfolk pulled down the front of her blouse just enough to expose the top of her breasts. The canvas in which to place the iron. Hissing and sizzling were downed out by Nasada's own screams, the pain was much more than she could take. A triangle with a single line expanding from each side was the brand that had been left behind. The Mark of the Heretic they called it. When the rest of the scroll had been read to the young woman, she was soon exiled from the town with nothing more than the clothes upon her back.

Nasada wandered the roads for weeks, surviving only on scraps that passersby would offer or wild berries that she would happen upon. It was upon one evening, a very terrible storm caused the wayward woman to seek shelter; Ice cold rain and hail falling so hard that she might not have survived without some sort of protection. Deep into the forest she ran, coming upon a large cave. Regardless if some unfriendly beast made this place home, she darted inside, just far enough to escape the weather. Tired, she lay down and curled into the fetal position, taking an opportunity to sleep until the storm passed. Some time into the night she could hear her name being whispered, her tired lids snapping open; Startled and uneasy. Again the whispering echoed out, seeming to be coming from deep into the cavern. Every ideal of caution was soon discarded as the woman barely rose to her feet, stumbling into the enveloping black. it was not a very long journey, perhaps half an hour's walk, when she finally saw some sort of light in the distance. Her slow steps became hurried and frantic, several times tripping over her own feet as she sought to reach the source.

A warm blast of air hit the woman's face when she finally reached the end of her trek, the origin of the light seeming to be the pale moon light above. Nasada found herself in a new forest of twisted trees. Trees that seemed to be expressing some sort of... agony? Large shrouds of webbing encased many of these strange trees, signifying that perhaps some sort of giant spider's lair might be near. Just north of the cavern, just above the treeline, she could see what looked to be a tower of sorts. Terrified of sticking around to be the snack of some ghoulish beast, Nasada dashed off through the wooded area to what she hoped would be sanctuary. The tower was unlit, and looked quite abandoned. The large wooden door made a thunderous boom as she pushed it open in a frantic manner, another loud boom echoing out once it was closed. Definitely abandoned, she noted as her eyes adjusted to the darkness; Thick layers of dust and cobweb decorated empty crates of rotted wood and leftover furniture. She had no idea where exactly she was, but for now, this would be her home.

Historical Timeline
(As far as the player can recall.)

History of the Evil Within

■ Nasada escapes from the Drow's reign after a few centuries of slavery.
■ Is found by a vampiric man named Slash, invited into the clan The Demonic Marauders.
■ Meets great warriors and citizens of Hollow, such as Alexander, Xaka, Slit, and many, many more.
■ Reunites with his sister, Roelstra
■ Falls for a woman named Drusilla, becomes a sibling to Dante.
■ Spends the next little while meeting people, such as his dearest friend Butterfly, the pair practicing their mage skills often. Begins to learn how to wield a sword by a good friend.
■ While trying to defend Slash in the Kelay tavern, he loses his soul to Solaris.
■ Becomes an emotionless shell, unable to taste, touch, smell or feel; constantly begging the Dread Lords for his soul to be freed.
■ A few months later, confronted by an angel that gives him the task of delivering the Seal of Darkness to Solaris.
■ Covets the Seal and it binds itself to his chest. Nasada's new emotion is of darkness and hatred.
■ Begins to alienate and manipulate friends and family, starts the clan The Coven.
■ Kills his brother Twix in the Kelay Tavern with the power of the seal.
■ Confronted by many heros, one in particular named Demonian challenges him to a duel to the death.
■ Nasada is slain and banished to Hell; Dante taking reign of the Coven.
■ For the next two years, Nasada is tortured and bound in hell.
■ Learns from Azazil about powerful blood magics.
■ Comes to learn about his demonic origins through twisted acts of the Dread Lords; Begins to sprout bat-like wings.
■ Resurrected by Dante for unknown reasons and discovers that the Dread Lords have been removed from power on mortal soil.
■ Enraged, he begins to use his newfound gifts of the Dread Lords to slay the people and devour their souls. Starts to manipulate citizens, using others to spread the seed of evil as he begins his quest to gather all of the Seals.
■ Forms the clan, The Damned alongside his brother in arms, Lasher.
■ Learns that his love, Drusilla was killed, and left behind was their daughter, Estella. Discovers that Estella was matured by ancient magics and eventually gave birth to a child known as Lyra.
■ Renounces his magii abilities and begins his travel down the path of Necromancy.
■ Begins to use his new army to plague the lands, quickly earning himself a name.
■ Battles Dante high above the tavern in stormy skies. Ends in stalemate.
■ Hunted by do-gooders, Nasada initiates a plan to be 'publicly slain' so that he may retreat to the depths of Hell.
■ Starts to search for his lost soul.
■ Upon resurrection, comes to learn that the lands have changed. Wings begin to grow blackened feathers.
■ Revives The Damned and once more begins to sow the seeds of evil in the name of the Dread Lords.
■ The Seal of Darkness begins to overcome him, enhancing his necromancing abilities.
■ Becomes mad, claiming himself a Demi-God; soon to begin his quest to find a way into the heavens, so that he may slay Sven.
■ Meets a woman named Aleriah, whom he takes as a bride.
■ She helps him reign across the land, together leading The Damned to many victories.
■ Battles many great warriors to the death, adding their souls to the Seal.
■ Mental instability leads him to return to hell once more to find his soul.
■ Returns to the mortal realm; learns that Aleriah and The Damned fought valiantly with Elazul and Khasad.
■ Again, begins his search for a way into the heavens.
■ Passes out rings to unsuspecting citizens. Those that put on the rings become bound to him and are forced to do his bidding. Those that removed the rings perished and their souls became his.
■ Voice evolves to the sound of many; a collaboration of the souls he has devoured over the years.
■ Battles Rhynn to the death, ending his murderous reign.
■ Dante once more returns, this time bearing a gift for Nasada; the demon's soul.
■ The left of his two wings begins to turn a brilliant shade of ivory.
■ Now with his soul restored, he begins to fool the people into thinking that he has reformed from his evil nature. Becomes trusted again by Alexander and many old key heroes.
■ The seal once more takes hold and has Nasada betray his friends and family, again using his devious tactics to spread chaos across the land.
■ Begins to develop psionic abilities due to the Seal of Darkness' growing powers.
■ Seeks to gather all thirteen Seals as one, so that he may release an ancient evil.
■ Torn by the noisy souls within, his madness furthers, and his own soul begins to lust for freedom.
■ Creates a potion that would petrify his flesh, turning himself into stone. An attempt to silence the voices within.
■ One year later, the demon and the Seal of Darkness call out to a young lycanthrope named Aevo, tormenting him relentlessly.
■ Together, Aevo and Tenebrae accidentally set Nasada free.
■ Engages in battle with Tenebrae.
■ Nasada inhabits Aevo's form and drives the lycan mad, forcing him to battle Tenebrae to the death.
■ Upon Aevo's loss, Nasada banishes the lycan from the mortal plane.
■ Once more begins his quest to gather the Seals and amass power for which he may use against Sven.
■ Begins to exhibit stronger psionic abilities, using them to torment civilians as he further falls into insanity.
■ In a public display of power, he battles the Draconian, Rygar. Upon the end of the duel, Nasada turns from the Draconian and breaks all of his bones, then strips his flesh with telekinetic force. Alexander, being present, can only watch with a look of horror upon his face.
■ In eternal struggle with the Seal of Darkness and his "pure" Soul, Nasada tears the Seal from his chest and gives it to Tenebrae.
■ Knowing full well that even with the Seal gone, he could not return to a normal life, as he was quite hunted by the keepers of light. Instead, plots to wage war with the denizens of Hollow.
■ Set forth his plan for war against the many people of Hollow. With a terrible army of undead combatants and ghastly nightmarish entities, Nasada storms the plains of Milous, met with resistance by many great warriors. Eventually he would give order for Donovoan to slay him in the end. This, however, was another ploy concocted by the demon. His form 'melts' into the earth and the demon is thought eternally dead.
■ Began to travel rifts in search of new worlds to feast upon, eventually finding a world known as Iris.
■ Sets goal of conquering this new world.
■ Confronted by a Human Assassin named Sidney, and his clan, the Seventh Circle. A lengthy battle erupts and in the end, Nasada loses. He is enslaved to the human.
■ Discovers that Aevo had found his way out of the void and was a good companion of Sidney.
■ Spends the next two years as a mere puppet to the mutt and his human friend.
■ After a heist gone wrong, Nasada assists Sidney and Aevo into evading the law by transporting them to Hollow.
■ Reuinites with his sister and many old companions.
■ Finds some semblance of romance with the oldest of his friends, Faythe.
■ Plots to betray Sidney and regain his freedom.
■ Makes a pact with a drow woman named Kren to seduce Sidney and steal the amulet that binds the demon. Side plot: Kill Kren. To hell with Drow!
■ Before plans could come to fruition, he is requested to take Sidney and Aevo back to Iris.
■ Remains an indentured servant.
■ Upon request, is given a pass to return to Hollow for no more than two months.
■ Is forced to return to Sidney and the mutt for some time longer.
■ During another heist, Nasada attempts to betray Sidney and Aevo; And in retaliation they set forth the plan to perpetuate his demise.

■ Letting the demon free, Sidney, Aevo, and the Seventh Circle do battle with Nasada. A council of priests and clerics are tasked with casting the ritual to destory the flesh. Fearing sending the creature back to the hellfires from which it drew power, Nasada's soul was sealed into a soulstone and cast into a fiery chasm.

History of the Innocent

■ Two years later there is an eruption from the chasm. It sends the soulstone out and into the world, where it is discovered by a young mage named Raevyn.
■ Still infantile in her magii training, Raevyn does not sense the evil within. Believes the stone to be of material value. After failing to sell it to a travelling merchant, the young mage is ambushed by a pair of bandits, demanding the stone. A scuffle ensues and just as she's about to use a defensive spell, one of the bandits forcefully bludgeons Raevyn in the head with the soulstone. The soulstone shatters and the bandits flee. Raevyn is left for dead.
■ Three days later the woman awakens and returns home, seemingly changed by the ordeal. She is quiet. Timid. Her passion for learning is non-existent. Soon she begins to dress in shades, rather than colors.
■ She develops a fascination with death. Asks for lessons in darker arts. Her mentor refuses on the basis that she is too young. It would corrupt her. She becomes violent and attacks her mentor, swiftly to be bested and cast out of her training.
■ Raevyn draws into isolation. He mind fractures and twists, plagued by visions and nightmares. Eventually she begins to exhibit peculiar behaviour, which is noticed by an outcast necromancer. He begins to teach her the dark arts.
■ Fearing persecution, the pair meet in secrecy on the outskirts of town. She dons the moniker Nasada; A name that came to her in a feverish dream.
■ One evening a pair of youth find master and student practicing their necromancy. They inform their parents who then inform the town during a council meeting. It is decided that this is an act of unforgivable evil and an arrest is made.
■ After a long trial and several rounds of torture, her mentor is executed by burning at the stake. Raevyn is deemed too young to be put to death and is thus shunned and exiled from the town.
■ Lost with no one to run to, Raevyn wanders the roads for weeks. One stormy night, she seeks shelter in a large, time weathered cavern. A voice calls to her, compelling the woman to venture further into the blackened abyss. She emerges out through the other side and into the world of Hollow, not knowing what journeys lie before her.
■ A reunion of sorts, Raevyn meets Larewen who takes the young woman to quell her hunger. There she meets Zondo, Xersom, and a strange entity known as Gheneroc.
■ Raevyn meets Gheneroc in person and commits to learn arcane abilities from the Dragon.
■ After some time on her own, Raevyn meets Artia, who offers her a place to stay. It is here she meets Pilar, Xzaviour and her closest friend Mikaia.
■ With a little guidance from Artia, Raevyn sets off for Xalious to browse the famous Mage's Library. It is here she first meets a young mage named Diryon.
■ Raevyn meets Emilia for the first time.
■ Frustrated and angry with Gheneroc, Raevyn experiences her first psionic incident.
■ Raevyn and Diryon grow closer as friends, the young necromancer finally opening up to the man about her past.
■ In a strange incident, Raevyn awakens in the city of Gualon, with no knowledge of how she got there. She meets Meri and Lita who are happy to show her around. Later that night, Raevyn runs into Xersom, who terrifies her and bestows a strange blade upon the young woman.
■ Finally returning to the Mage Tower, Raevyn spills her guts about everything that happened as soon as she sees Diryon. The pair make plans to find answers in Vailkrin.
■ Raevyn loses her cool on Emilia after learning that Xersom was the woman's husband.
■ During an election in Xalious, Raevyn finds herself entangled in a strange plot to resurrect an ancient evil. Nasada makes his presence known and assists the necromancers performing the ritual. Raevyn is knocked unconscious soon after.
■ After having been saved, Raevyn sends her friend Mikaia on a wild goose chase due to a strange dream. During this time, Raevyn fears for her own safety and makes plans to try and go back home. Without word, she disappears for a year and a half.
■ Suffering from illness and malnourishment, Raevyn finally heads west to Xalious. Along the way she meets a helpful elven traveler named Celaeno.
■ A letter is delivered to the young woman at the Mage Tower. It contained a key and an invitation to Artia's ranch in Larket. upon visitation, she comes to learn of the Curse going around, as well as Artia's transformation.
■ Originally having found Raevyn at Artia's ranch, a strange undead creature (named 'Rawr') now follows the woman wherever she goes. Although, it keeps a large distance and seems to stick to the shadows.
■ Waking up on the outskirts of Chartsend, Raevyn finds herself thrust into the middle of a war. There she spies a few new faces, and leaves with an artifact from a fallen Wraith.
■ While in Chartsend, she buys a horse and journeys home. Escaping a pair of wraiths, she finds the Dwarven city of Craughmoyle.
■ Becomes caught in a second attack by Kahran's forces, this time in Larket. Nasada stirs within the girl when the dark one makes himself known to a witch named Valrae.
■ Bastion delivers a strange, blank lifelike mask to Raevyn. Sender unknown. Raevyn also meets Celaeno again, and the pair discuss potential adventure!
■ While out in the forest near Vailkrin, Raevyn crosses paths with Larewen. They share a kiss that brings Nasada to the surface for a short amount of time. He tasks Larewen and the undead Baelok with helping the girl find his possessions so that they may perform a ritual to bring the demon back.
■ Exploring Cenril, Raevyn meets Khitti. She is invited into the Necromancer's guild and offered a future job.
■ Helps a down on her luck vagrant named Satora.
■ Pilar asks Raevyn to help her investigate strange things happening in the forest near Vailkrin.
■ Raevyn meets Lita out in Chartsend. Here she learns about the Island of Rynvale a little more.
■ While in the Mage Tower with Celaeno, they meet a strange undead man named Ernest- A former showman with knowledge of curses.
■ Meets with Bradyn Mahara to ask permission to enter the Black Library.
■ Is attacked while trying to save Bastion from an angry mob in Larket. Is branded a witch and can never return to the town.
■ That evening, finds Celaeno at the Necromancer Guild HQ. The pair cement their friendship. 'Rawr' puts on the mask that Bastion had given Raevyn and is transformed into a more intelligent and battle-hardened death knight named Baelok.
■ The next day she is tracked down in the Xalious Village by a woman named Ngirturong, who wishes to know about the curse falling over Larket.
■ Sometime into the evening, she heads out to Vailkrin to try communing with the dead where she is found by Celaeno. In a strange turn of events, it is the spirit of Celaeno's sister that is drawn by the ritual and Raevyn learns a little of her friend's past.
■Celaeno and Raevyn discuss Celaeno's past the next day.
■Trying to visit Artia in Larket with disguise, stumbled upon the execution of Valrae.
■Celaeno and Raevyn are taken on as students by the Undead Guardian, Baelok. Raevyn spills her guts to Celaeno about 'Nasada'.
■Raevyn enrolls in the College of Bardic Arts.
■Raevyn meets an Avian named Hinder during her first day at College. Baelok and the dean, Raven have a little heart to heart.
■While leaving the college, Raevyn and Baelok withness Headmistress Raven giving a political speech to the people of Schezerade.
■Later in the evening, Raevyn witnesses her first gladiator match in Cenril.
■Raevyn attends the Yule Tide Ball with Celaeno. Queen Hildegarde compliments her dress!
■Another fevered dream interrupts Raevyn's sleep. She and Celaeno visit the Black Library in search of answers.
■A confrontation with Baelok sets in motion a series of changes.
■During a spar with Celaeno, Nasada makes an attempt to kill the half-elf. This causes Carina to manifest and enact revenge upon Raevyn.
■Raevyn and Celaeno make plans to infiltrate Larket, but only after going out and buying new wardrobes! This is the beginning of Raevyn's re-imaging.
■The next day, Raevyn and Celaeno infiltrate Larket using potions of disguise. They find Nasada's tome and barely escape with their lives. baelok stays behind to fight the guards.
■After figuring out a way to help, Raevyn writes a letter to Lionel. He, Eshe and Khitti visit Raevyn in Xalious to discuss their plan.
■Raevyn meets Celaeno in Xalious to discuss her prior meeting with Lionel. When they turn to the topic of the book, they are visited by numerous undead.
■The tome is taken to Bradyn for examination. He reveals three of the languages used and gives Raevyn study material to help her cause.
■Raevyn disappears for months, researching Nasada's tome. It slows begins to warp her mind.
■Celaeno discovers Raevyn after a few months of silence. During their conversation, Raevyn sees familiar faces that are not there and disappears into the shadows of the Black library right before Cela's eyes.
■As if nothing had ever transpired the evening prior, Raevyn attends a meeting with Bradyn in Larket. She is appointed 'Advisor of Religion' by the King and Queen.
■Raevyn meets with Queen Josleen to discuss a new Religion and craft a tale of its beginning.
■The persona Sister Solarus is born and put to test by spreading word of the new Religion.
■Bradyn promotes Raevyn to Sceleratus in the Necromancer's Guild.
■Raevyn experiences some sort of waking vision; A nightmare of Celaeno's death before coming face to face with the Shadow of Nasada.
■Raevyn receives a letter from Celaeno detailing the half-elf's need to depart the lands. Raevyn begins to fall into darkness
■Out in the vast Graveyard of Vailkrin, Raevyn gets drunk for the first time. She meets a vampire named Daermon.
■A strange woman named Joan stumbles upon Raevyn. They share some tea and talk about Gods!
■While working in a tomb, Raevyn is happened upon by a wealthy vampire named Drevyn. He offers to help the girl in her translations.
■Josleen and Alvina put on a play related to the new religion. Raevyn appears as Sister Solarus. During Josleen's song, the crowd becomes violently ill.
■After a day of preaching, Raevyn stops by the Hanging Corpse. She speaks with Drevyn and meets a vampire named Aryas.
■Raevyn finds Khitti in Kelay, discovering the woman is now training as a Paladin, having forsaken her gifts of Darkness. The happy reunion is cut short when a shadowy void snatches Raevyn from her seat.
■Meri stumbles upon the apparition of Raevyn, who has become stuck between worlds.
■Khitti crosses into the Shadow Plane to help Raevyn. In the Lake of Echoed Screams, a strange flaming stone is discovered. Khitti gives Raevyn the choice of either giving up the stone, or the book. She chooses to keep the book.
■The Flesh-Bound Tome, after having been exposed to the Shadow Plane, now reveals hidden text and imagery upon the archaic pages. The ink, a violet hue, fills in some of the missing text and diagrams. What does it mean?
■Raevyn goes into hiding for a few months to study the new text.. At some point promoted to Magister Letum of the Necromancer's Guild
■After so long in isolation, Raevyn heads to Cenril for provisions. She runs into a strange man named Lennard and his companions, as they escape a place known as The Narrows.
■Raevyn meets the dragon, Scandal. Learns about a plane trapped between planes.
■Raevyn meets Ernest again. Admits him into the Necromancer's Guild.
■Larewen resurfaces. The pair discuss their options to separate Nasada and Raevyn. Larewen reveals a secret!




About Me
★ I started in 1999 with this character, making this my 20th year.
★ Typically looking for RP.
★ I'm rusty. My ability to write well has diminished. I can be boring?
★ OOC is usually off.
★ I avoid OOC drama. Let's keep things to story telling, yeah?
★ Open to walk up RP.


Where Raevyn Can Be Found
Black Library in Vailkrin.
Graveyard in Vailkrin.
Various Libraries around Lithrydel.
Mage Tower.
Larket under the guise of Sister Solarus.

Possible RP Opportunities
★ High Ranking Necromancer Guild member. Applications and promotions!
★ Seeks training in other magic schools.
★ Representative of Vamatharas.
★ On a quest to decipher Nasada's Flesh-Bound Tome. Possibilities of adventure and explorations into the Shadow Plane.