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Deceased 10/31/08 - Suicide caused by magically induced madness


Name: Keter D`Artes
Age: 223
Born in: Unexplored area of the Underdark
Race: Drow
Class: Ranger
Eyes: Red
Hair: White
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 175 lbs (79.4 kg)
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Neutral Evil


Keter stands tall for his race, with burning iniquitous claret eyes and long sinuous hair framing the smooth ebon flesh of his face. A large vertical scar mars the perfection of his face, a wound received proudly in battle. His intense training to overcome his role as a male in Drow culture has directly contributed to his strong muscular frame, allowing him to match the women in his race as an equal.


  • Keter D`Artes is a Drow Ranger raised in the Underdark, whom secretly protested the Matriarchy. He eventually joined a group of rebels who in turned trained Keter in the ways of stealth and battle. He fled the Underdark after an episode that led to Keter killing his own Matron Mother.
  • Upon reaching the surface his temperament was changed significantly through the influence of a Pixie named Buterfly, whom he eventually married. Her druidic nature along with playful demeanor was the catalyst which led Keter to choose the path of a Ranger. They lived happily in the Kingdom of Enchantment near the Trembling Tree for a number of years; the happiest years of Keter's existence. He is a member of, and now the leader of the Drow family House D'Artes. He is respectful of most Drow and still loves the rich subterranean culture, but is quick to step up against those who would attempt to drag him back into male servitude.
  • He took a long absence from the surface while working with his order L'Quarth d'Avariel in the Underdark against the Matriarchs. Upon his return he found his home destroyed, the Kingdom of Enchantment in ruins and his wife missing, leaving behind no trace of her whereabouts. Without her calming influence, and due to the dark energies of his newly acquired weapon, Keter's psyche descended into a tenebrous state, his intentions growing darker with each passing day. Though the dark energies fill his being, he still holds a deep connection to the Kingdom of Enchantment, and will fight to defend it at any given opportunity.
  • After Trist'oth`s Matriarchy was rended weaker by the invasion of the Dark Immortals and subsequent invasion by the forces of the Archmosian Empire, Keter saw the perfect opportunity to strike the final blow and seize patriarchal control over Trist'oth. The Matron's increasing complacence and apparent absence of Astrala made Trist'oth ripe for a takeover as he eventually led House D'Artes to become the First House of Trist'oth by combating all those who stood up to fight for the 'old ways'.


  • Thea

- The pixie Druidess and now Queen of Enchantment, is the sister of his former wife, though very different in personality. Keter is quite enamored with her, but has yet to fully pursue the enchanting fae. Unsure of how his advances would be taken, he awaits the proper opportunity to gain her favor.

  • Magical control over the elements

- Keter desires with all his heart to control the elements in the ways of the druid, but his nature stands steadfast in the way of this pursuit. He has settled, for the time being, with using weapons which have been enchanted with the powers of the elements to aide in his goal, though he remains wholly jealous of those with the power to manipulate nature by mere force of will.

  • Continued control by House D'Artes over the Underdark.

- Keter holds a deep hatred for those who perpetuate this type of rule, after claiming the Underdark, he maintains a constant fight against any Drow Matriarchs who wish to take his place.


Keter possesses a number of unique items/features including:

  • Ee't-Nilah Blade

- An ominous willed blade which casts an aura of darkness when unsheathed, obfuscating Keter's Shadow Dweomer to a nearly obscuring, black haze. This blade has been rumored to rend incisions through the fabric of space itself when so commanded. In times of rage this item can take control of Keter's will and cause him to perform actions he would otherwise not do, some would consider this a cursed item, as he cannot give it away of his own accord. The very possession of this blade causes a marked alteration in Keter's thoughts and demeanor.

  • Enchanted Elemental-Twin-Dirks

- This set of matched daggers, cast of the purest Mithril, was forged deep within the bowels of the Underdark. Through an elaborate ritual of esoteric formulae, the dual blades where ensorcelled by the Druidess, Queen Thea of Enchantment, with the multitude of nature's power. In the Ranger's adept hands these blades are capable of a motley arsenal of startling offensives.

  • a battle scar

- A vertical scar across Keter's eye. Received during battle in the Underdark while in conquest of House Shar'ok.

  • Shadow Dweomer

- A strange dark aura which surrounds Keter at all times, a nocturn beacon casting darkness outward, as a lantern casts light. This bizarre blear about his visage remains an ever-present sign of his now malevolent nature.

  • D'Artes House Insignia

- A magical insignia which bears the name and crest of his Drow family.

  • Eversmoking Churchwarden-pipe

- A finely crafted pipe created by a deep dwarven pipe-smith, and enchanted by a wizard friend of Keter's to never extinguish or run out of tobacco.

  • L`Quarth-d`Avariel Signet

- A signet ring of Keter's order, bearing a rising sun within an upright equilateral triangle - symbolizing the many Drow who have been forced to retreat from the Underdark to the surface, in efforts to escape male slavery.


  • Ee't-Nilah Blade

- Used for short range combat, as well as other special attacks known only by Keter and those he trains with.

  • Elemental-Composite Bow

- A powerful ranged weapon, mastered by Keter during his training as a Ranger. Capable of firing elementally charged arrows with near limitless potential in adept hands.

  • Enchanted Elemental-Twin-Dirks

- Charged by the Druidess Thea with the full spectrum of Nature's elemental force, these blades are similar in capabilities to the Elemental Composite Bow, but used in short to medium range combat.


Keter has held membership in a number of clans, though he has now rejoined the ranks of The Flaming Claw.

Keter's involvement in past clans include:


Keter collects strange and unique "non-custom" items; most of these items were in a shop and then removed, or distributed in limited quantities for a special event, some of them may be found or are dropped by mobs. To date the strange/rare items he possesses are as follows:

  • jack-o'-lantern
  • Amber stone
  • pink fluffy-bunny
  • black-orange-trimmed hood
  • black-orange-trimmed robes
  • black-orange-trimmed sleeve
  • orange-black-trimmed hood
  • orange-black-trimmed robes
  • orange-black-trimmed sleeve
  • dragon egg
  • intact skull
  • humanoid skull
  • Adrenalin Rush
  • Clockwork Snake
  • Exquisite Marionette-Set
  • Black Visor
  • Black full-face helmet
  • Heavily armoured sleeve
  • Symbol of Chekari
  • Cloak of Protection
  • Blessed Guardian Cloak
  • Black armoured sleeve
  • Black armoured pants
  • Black armoured vest

Keter is looking for any Prek armor he doesn't have, as well as an additional black-orange-trimmed sleeve and orange-black-trimmed sleeve. Other rare items which he doesn't possess are also of interest to him. To be "rare" it can't be easily purchased in a shop.