Flaming Claw

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Owner Vgfh

Leader Dregath

Requirements Two of either, 70 Hp, the ability to heal, the ability to role-play.

Information While the main role in the mainland of Hollow is to observe, record, and teach, the Flaming Claw is a large military organisation that has been around for a little over two centuries. It's most recent engagements however have been in the western lands where there is a largescale war occuring between the forces of the Claw, and another military force of unknown origin. While managing to hold the forces at bay, there has been some concern recently about the Claws ability to hold indefinately.

The most recent chapter of this tale has involved Vgfh, the Claws founder, and only ascended member, being sent by the Higher Gods to investigate claims that the forces are an extradimensional invasion force sent by the higher beings of another realm to lay claim to Hollow.