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Sailor. Fencer. Derelict.

Bounty Case file

Name: Hanan

AKA: Hellcat, Cap'n

Class: Pirate (Thief)

Occupation: Ship Captain (Former)

Race: Vampire (Sired Human)

Status: Missing, possibly dead. Bounty for execution or capture.

Crimes: Piracy, Murder, Assault, Public Intoxication, Indecency, cowardice

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Physical Description

  • Hair: Dark, wavy
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin: Tan/Olive
  • Known Scars:
    • Thin slash over left eyebrow
  • Known Tattoos:
    • The "Black Mark," Left Shoulder/Chest, possibly visible at collar
      • About the size of a fist. Black, lopsided, and terribly applied tattoo of a black dot that's gone a bit blurry at the edges.
      • Administered by bounty brokerage representatives, by client request
      • Enchanted: those with the appropriate map can locate subject
    • Rapier, Back of Neck
      • Given by former associate. Subject reportedly does not talk about it.
    • Band, Dark Blue, Left Ring Finger
      • Acquired at some point post-bounty. Subject claims she does not remember getting it. Woke up in rented room with a studio receipt, a hangover, and the tattoo. Does not regret it.
    • Other notes:
      • Short
      • Tends to smirk rather than smile, lopsided
      • Generally: nautical attire
      • Ties hair back at base of neck
    • Addendum: on last reported sighting subject appears to have gone through an amputation below the left knee. May be using a prosthetic or crutch. This organization does not endorse limb removal as a capture strategy and any contractor who does so will not be legally protected per present contract agreement. Client informed of and expressed personal satisfaction re: amputation.

Known Associates

  • Subject has evaded bounty for years at this point. Many associates seem to have vacated the area. Relationship with any remaining unclear at this point. Reluctant to create new connections.
  • Lived in Port Rynvale, frequented the Row area. Occasionally in Vailkrin to visit bar there.
  • Asking around Rynvale reveals that subject was reportedly married to an "Ace" when Black Spot was first administered. Appears to be no contact since departure from Rynvale Island.
  • Enhanced interrogation was not conclusive as to vampiric bloodline. May have sired former partner. Denied knowing a person named "Ace" or having been with anyone in her entire life. Subject says she is "married to the sea" and that "the sea is a lousy husband." Sired by a "Lavicus," who is "dead as hell."
  • Update: Mindflayers
    • Subject has resurfaced, and was until recently imprisoned by mindflayers in the Underdark. This explains why the mark did not appear on maps, as it is less effective underground. Was held for unclear amount of time, possibly years. Currently unclear how subject escaped. Client informed. Bounty raised and advertised per client request.



  • Loud, brash, sometimes described as "obnoxious" and "belligerent"
  • Tends to get into fights easily. Suggest using this in capture/execution.
  • Profane language
  • Heavy drinker
  • Weakness for attractive people
  • Standard vampiric weaknesses
  • Uses a rapier, proficient with other bladed weapons, proficient with fists


  • Reclusive and untrusting. Head on a swivel
  • Heavy substance use
  • Appears to have evaded capture through hiding off sea routes
  • Must occasionally return to port to feed and resupply. Suggest keeping track of this.
  • Actively avoids Lithrydel and Rynvale Island Update: subject was held by mindflayers in Underdark of Lithrydel, may still be on continent due to current lack of vessel. Suggest tracking passenger ship manifests.
  • Proved capable of fighting off multiple bounty attempters when in port. Increasingly less capable. May be underfeeding. Appears tired, worn down. Continue efforts.