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Creating your first character can be a bit daunting at first so this article will go through it set up step. First we will cover the more technical aspect (Filling in the form) and then the more advanced issues (Who will you be in our world?!) Can be found in our further reasing section as well as general informartion for when you first enter our world.

First Read the Rules of behaviour

You will be expected to abide by these rules upon entering the game, and thus should make yourself familiar with them before playing.

The Registration Form

First, you will be asked to fill in some details about yourself.

All information about you is confidential

Your Details

  • Real Name - We need to know who you are for legal reasons etc.
  • E-mail - You need an active e-mail acount to register. If you lose your password it will be sent to this e-mail. Your address will only be used for this purpose and to communicate important messages about Hollow. On average, important messages are sent once per year.
  • Referred By - This information helps us know where to advertise and gain even more wonderful players!

Your Character Details

This is the most exciting part of the character process -- but you should think about what you answer to each question carefully. After all, you will want to make a long-lasting character! Think hard and get it right the first time!

  • Character Name - This is very important! Pick a name that is decent, easy to remember and easy to spell. This will definitely aid you in making friends. Please remember that silly names such as Iamaman or pre-existing characters such as Aaragorn are not allowed in Hollow. Please read the rules and regulations of Hollow for further details. Be original and creative in your name choice. There are numerous medieval name generators online, including an anglo-saxon name generator and an English name generator.
  • Password - It is very important to have a good password and to remember it! (Write it down if you must). Do not tell anyone your password. This is the very best way to make sure you do not take the blame for somebody using your Hollow account. At all times, you are responsible for the actions of your character. It is easy and advisable to use the change password option often to keep your character secure. (Details such as your password will be sent to your registered e-mail)
  • Gender - In Hollow, you are equal regardless of gender. Choosing a gender is purely a role-play choice. Certain genders for certain races will obviously be role-played differently. A good example is that in Drow society the females tend to be the leader. This is mostly a cosmetic choice for you to make. It is usually easiest to role-play your own gender.
  • Race - Hollow has several races for you to choose from. All of which are covered in the Races of Hollow section. The race you choose for your character has a very large impact on your character's role-play and starting statistics. For example, some races are, for the most part, predisposed to certain alignments. For example, elves are good, vampires are evil. You should pick a race that is similar to how you want your character to be, this makes it more convincing. If you want to be different, there is no harm in that either. Starting statistics are also affected by race for example giants and ogres have more strength. Your race will also determine where your character respawns when they die. Think very hard about your race and make the best choice for you. (Note: Some races are more popular than others. There are many vampire and lycans in Hollow, for instance. Playing a different race may be more interesting for new players and old players alike.)
  • Class - Hollow has several classes for you to choose. All are covered in the Classes of Hollow section. The class you choose is similar to the race you choose. It will determine role-play and your character statistics. Thirdly, it also determines what skills your character may learn. You should attempt to pick a class that will affect your role-playing style. Being different is fine too! However many people will take you more seriously if you role-play your class and race properly. Your starting statistics are also affected by your class choice. For example, warriors start with more health points than mages, but mages have more intelligence.

Please note some races cannot be certain classes and vice versa. Please read the relevant pages for more information.

  • Eyes Skin & Hair - These are fairly cosmetic choices. Certain choices fit certain races and classes. (For example drow commonly have white hair). Choose what you want and what looks best for the character you have thought of.

And you're up and away...

Once you click Register you will be taken to a new page. At the top of the page all your character's details are there for you to check. You should read this page in its entirety. This information is relevant and useful.

After that, you may click Enter at the top of your page. Type the relevant information into the boxes (your character name and password.) By entering, you agree to the General Policies as well as the Rules of behaviour, please read them.

Your brand new character will start in a new area which you may only access once. Read all the instructions on these pages and you will be much better equipped to adventure in our world. Once you have been through all of these pages and read them all, you will arrive in Kelay Tavern. This tavern is near the center of Hollow and is a place for meeting socializing and role-playing. Talk to people and get to know them. Or, read the boards here for new information and news. You should now be more than ready to set out and make a name for yourself adventuring in:

The World Called Hollow

Further Reading

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