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To start with, this isn't going to tell you exactly how to role-play. This comes with experience as you mold your character into what they are to be. The true art of roleplaying is that your character ISN'T you. Your character is just that. It's like a character in a book. You form their likes and dislikes. You form their loves and their hates. And whenever you play, for that time you become that character. This FAQ is simply to show everyone the finer points of Roleplaying and some basic guidelines to help you along.

So why should I roleplay?

That's the million dollar question, isn't it? From time to time the admin will host plots or events. Normally admin are quite impressed by good Roleplaying. This isn't the only reason, though. Hollow IS at it's heart...a role-playing game. It isn't a hack & slash (see below). Many players enjoy being able to be their characters, if only for a time, because it's a nice distraction from the stresses of everday life. It also adds a whole new element to the game. All players can train and become strong. However, it takes a little extra effort to be a good role-player while doing so. This enriches the "story" that is Hollow and makes the game more enjoyable for all involved.

How can I roleplay emotions?

It's very easy. Through use of the / command, you can make your character appear to do things. Such as:

    /bows lightly.

Would appear to everyone else in the room as:

    Enacra bows lightly.

This is called an "emote". Many people also use *'s to express these things in shouts or tells, though a picky Roleplayer would see this as bad form unless you could actually shout in that way. Example. I can cheer when I'm shouting, so shouting *cheers* isn't bad form. I can't tackle or hug someone in a shout, though. They're somewhere else, and to *tackle* or *hug* someone in a shout isn't actually it's considered bad form by most Roleplayers. Going on; emotes are a VERY useful tool for Roleplaying. They are how you Roleplay a duel, and they can be used for any action not supported by the game's mechanics. They can be used to show others anything from a character's facial expression to running through the fields; fleeing from an enemy.

I don't type very well. Is this a problem?

No! I do think that proper English makes Roleplaying better, but as long as you make an effort to be coherent, most people will be more than pleased. Obviously internet slang such as "LOL" or "l8r" and such shouldn't be used In-character though, as that is definitely OOC.

Okay. So what are the lines for OOC and IC?

It's pretty simple. Anything 'said' or 'shouted' or emoted is assumed to be in-character. Out of character things shouldn't be used there. Most people consider 'tells' OOC, as it's sort of like a private-message across the gameworld. Some people may choose to speak ICly in tells, and this is fine. That part is definitely up to you. If you need to say something OOC; use tells or the OOC command.

How do I role-play my character?

This is completely up to you. As long as you don't let OOC affect your character ICly; it is perfectly fine. You also shouldn't "powergame" which is to emote in a way that makes your character seem god-like.

    Correct: Enacra draws back his fist and throws a wild punch at Kaizer.
    Incorrect: Enacra punches Kaizer, breaking his jaw.

It is considered a no-no to Roleplay another character's actions through your emotes. This is still considered powergaming. If you're dueling; it's best to say that you punch at them, or thrust at them, or swing your blade at them - rather than saying that you hit them with your blade. There are a few exceptions, such as if you have spoken with the player of the other character before-hand, such as if you both had planned this as a "plot" or "event".

What is a "hack & slash"?

A hack and slash is a "RPG" or "MUSH" or "MUD" in which no one roleplays, and the game is entirely about beefing up your character and "winning" or being the best.

A few last points

Discussing game mechanics in-character is also a no-no, if you're blunt about it. Example:

    Correct: Enacra shouted, "You'd better be careful or you might end up with a bolt of fire up your arse, human."
    Incorrect: Enacra shouted, "I just learned firebolt."

As such you also shouldn't say IC if you just upped dexterity or your hp, etc. This can just as easily be done through tells or an H-Mail, or if you're creative, it can still be done IC.

    Correct: Enacra shouted, "I'm feeling a bit stronger, now."
    Incorrect: Enacra shouted, "I just upped strength."

Other FAQ's

I am lost, where should I begin? Consult the tutorial here. The Tutorial will be added in the future

I am out of food and drink and starving, what should I do? Ask another player to bring you some food and drink, most players are willing to help.

Fighting is impossible because I am so weak, what should I do? Make sure you have learned your basic skill or spell your guild supplies you with, they are free. (fire bolt, missile assault, and berserk)

I want someone to make me an individual item, who do I ask? Send a H-Mail to Customs.

I want to start my own clan, how do I do this? You will need at least 15 players willing to join your Clan, and meet several requirements. Speak to a member of the Player Committee for details.

I want a house, how do I buy one? Talk to someone on the World Committee, they should be able to help. General prices are posted, but it varies depending on the location and size. (Houses are to be paid for with Hollow credit, houses are Premium services.)

How do I become higher than citizen in status? You take written tests that measure your knowledge of programming and of Hollow. Tests will be given to anyone that wants to take them at designated times within the game. Any query you make about this question to an admin will be ignored.

Why is this Admin ignoring me?!? Well, they most likely aren't ignoring you on purpose. Most Admin will come online and program or do other things that require their concentration. Much of the time, the chat log becomes so great that they clear their screen without looking at it. If you need an answer to a question, always H-Mail the recipient to ensure an answer.

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