Arc:The Robelous Scribe

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Mini-Arc Runner: Lanlan

The story where Lanlan and others discover an ancient magical entity trapped for eternity in an amber prison;

and the ways it manipulates events to orchestrate its release.


Years ago, Lanlan and Odhranos grappled with strange phenomenons almost always involving an overly intricate use of rune magic. (I don't have those rps wiki'd yet they're still in Hmail form)

Events To Date

The weird mysteries continue, similarly bound by the theme of rune magic.

| 1 - The Unpoached Egg

Kamakio, Karasu, and Lanlan discover the cause of a reported anomaly in the Sage Forest.

| 2 - Aarika, Lanlan, and the Giant Egg

Lanlan returns with Aarika and they're attacked by zombies

| 3 - A Leopard Can't Change Its Spots and a Giant Invisible Jaguar Can't Change Its Runes

Karasu, Lanlan, and Quintessa visit the Fog Forest in Rynvale to get to the bottom of a number of missing persons reports, and fight a big invisible jaguar. Quintessa beheads the jaguar when Karasu attempts to get information from the beast, Karasu faces a moral dilemma when asked to skin the jaguar, Lanlan fails to understand arbitrary things like "reason" and "emotions."

| 4 - Glyphs in the Mist

Lanlan and Gevurah return to Fog Forest to figure out why their magical jaguar pelt won't make them invisible, and find a mysterious cottage hidden for a long time within a pocket dimension under a tree. Lanlan becomes cursed and hurts Gevurah when she tries to help him.

| 5 - Drow Marital Problems

Daath sees  Gevurah in the aftermath of her and Lanlan's fight. Daath wants him dead, Gevurah wants him saved. So they compromise and decide to blow up his house.

| 6 - The Problem With Lanlan

Gevurah pays Dyraxdiin a surprise visit to enlist his help in ridding Lanlan of his curse.

| 7 - Last of The Robelous Tribe

Lanlan enlists the help of Karasu, Odhranos and Quintessa to enact the ritual that shatters the great amber egg, releasing the strange figures trapped within... and something else.