Arc:Law and Oreder

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Lycidas is creating a criminal group that roams across Hollow, stealing everything they can while he remains unseen, acting as a leader in the shadows. The man's goal is money and power. Rise against him and stop his corruption or join him and take stardom for yourself!

To get involved, contact Lycidas.

Chapter One: First Blood

Lycidas gathers a crew, creates contracts for wares, and sets up distribution efforts, for stolen metal.

  1. Surveying Masbane's Mining Camp
  2. The Things You Do for a Good Book
  3. Forging a Contract
  4. The Caravan Raid
  5. Lycidas Meets With The Leader of Thorns

Chapter Two: A New Opportunity

The recent devastation in Larket leaves it ripe for plunder, as the crew's target shifts drastically.

  1. A Symphony of Larceny and Murder
  2. Monitoring Larket's Guards
  3. Monitoring Larket's Guards, Myth Strikes Back!
  4. Lycidas Takes Advantage of a Lonely Heart
  5. The Caravan Bandits, Strike Again!

Chapter Three:The Hunt Begins

Law has begun it's search for a criminal, all prospects leading to someone in charge of the recent outbreak.

  1. Valen's Delivery
  2. A Brawl, An Assassination, and a Lack of Donation!
  3. Valen, Super Spy, Lycidas Snitch, Royal Dream

OOC Notes

I would love to get as many people in this rp as possible and just need individuals to contact me. This was an rp that was supposed to start with attempting to just steal metal and has evolved as the story of Hollow has! I am hoping to get hero types involved, law types involved, criminal types involved, clan types involved, etc. I'd love to get as many people who'd like to join in this as possible. So, hit me up with an Hmail if interested, because I can't help you join if I don't know you'd like in! -Lycidas.