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All around you are huge stacks of felled trees and lumber and many men sawing through them to create the most needed resource when ship building planks of sturdy timber. As you might have expected numerous piles of yellow sawdust have formed around them and are occasionally blown around on the wind. The whole are has a strong smell of wood and is feverishly busy as the men continue their work proudly whistling as they do so. To your south is a medium sized wooden building and to your west is a small stone building attached to the shipyard.

--Lumber Yard, Rynvale

  • Jacklin is here with a swarthy-skinned elite guardian named Sapheul
  • Allanon is here.


Allanon stands in the center of the yard and looks around proudly at all those that work beneath him. They have made lots of progress this day and where getting close to their quote for last month.

Jacklin moves up along the path slowly, Saphuel trotting along right behind her heels, the elders eyes lit against the figure of the man she assumed knew something about the place, “You know who’s in charge around here?”

Allanon turned to the voice, “Yeah, that be me.” responded the high elf as he watched the woman. “What can the lumberyard do for ye today?” He looked the part of a lumberjack well enough. Broad strong shoulders and arms. Two axe crossed and held onto his back. A flannel shirt covering his body and leather pants on his legs.

Jacklin motioned for Sapheul to retreat from her side, the swarthy man meandering over toward the paths side to allow the pair to speak in private of business affairs. Jacklin moved a few steps close to the flannelled fellow while unfurling a few pieces of parchment dotted with various sketches and designs, “Then you’re the man I’ll be speaking to.” As she spoke the paper was handed toward Allanon to better viewing, “I’m in need of some lumber. There’s a few new buildings being constructed in the town of Larket and we’re needed a very specific lot. Think your might be up for the task?”

Allanon looked over the papers and nodded as if he knew what he was looking at. "Sorry maam, I only cut the wood, I dont build it. And so I dont know how much lumber you may need." Turning the paper upside down he looked at it again and laughed a little bit before returning it to her. "Tell me the dimmensions of the building and I can give you a quote on about how much gold you will need to pay me for the wood. I can judge pretty closely how much lumber one may need."

Jacklin chuckles, “Don’t worry, sir. I never expected you to build the thing, just to supply me with what I -need- to build it.” Taking the paper back she gave a sort of half-shrug at his inquiry. The human wasn’t a builder by any means so she gave the next best thing she could think of, “You ever been to the Kelay Tavern? About that size and width. I’m also building a fairly decent sized stable for our new horse breeding program and it’ll be a good undertaking. All in all I’m gonna need enough wood to build three Taverns. All the wood that goes along with it. But the wood I want is pricey, sturdy kind. Red Oak to be exact.”

Allanon thinks for a moment as he mulls over the wood she is in need of. That particular wood is kept at the back of the lumberyard for it is rarely asked for. Normally one doesnt ask for such a specific wood. Normally stopping at Oak. Flipping through his own papers he checked his current stock of the wood. “We have what you need in stock, though right now, not all of it. Enough for most of your needs. I shall send a crew out to harvest more when we are caught up on our other orders. I can give you what we have now for thirty-five thousand seven hundred gold. The rest of the wood will take about a month to gather and will cost you an additional three thousand.”

Jacklin nods as the man speaks of the lumber she would need, her shoulders relaxing just barely as he secures her need for lumber and offers the quote of price, “That’ll do well, sir. I’ll pay for the entire lot right now so as to not forget at a later date. Many things to mind in this head of mine and I’m bound to forget something.” A hand fishes for a moment within the plating on her chest before a small rust-colored sack is delivered from its hiding place. “Should be forty-thousand even in there,” she quips before tossing Allanon the bag. “A few extra if you wan hurry the other load along. Can your men deliver it to Larket?”

Allanon thought for a bit. “We dont normally deliver, we already have to cut the trees and bring it here. And we are so far behind now because of Rynvale's own reconstruction Im not sure when we would have time to do so. Think you could get the lumber delivered by another? My men and I are over worked as it is this month already. If not..I can try and get it to you within the week if we must do so.”

Jacklin shrugs, “Tell Lady Arien that I need the lumber delivered as soon as possible. I’m more than certain she’ll find a way to make it happen. We have a….understanding.” Pulling the hood back down around her face the human nods to Allanon, “Thank you for your time. I trust my order will be perfect,” though the hood was lowered it was clear there was something quite off about Jack. Sapheul was passed as she moved back along the southern path, “Come along, Saph,” came her partings words as she wound back down the hill toward Rynvale’s port.

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