RP:A Business Agreement

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Part of the Rynvale New Dawn Arc

Part of the Larket's Renovation Arc

Summary: Arien requests permission of the rulers of the Duchy to utilize the air ship and its docks for the transportation of bulk shipments of wood to Larket. A temporary Peace Treaty between Vhys and Port Rynvale is established.

Characters: Arien, Morvious

LOCATION: The Duchy of Vhys; Town Hall Grounds

Standing before you is a great building with several towers and a great glass dome gleaming in the centre. The area in front of it is a large open space flanked on either side by parallel wings of the building. This area is rather busy with the town residents walking to and from the building or sitting on park benches where they appear to be discussing philosophy. There are a number odd looking Fermin who appear to have been bathed and are wearing silk and velvet clothing that are joining in the discussions although several are tending to a number of flower beds. This appears to be an administration centre of sorts with the local government being housed in the building but the citizens appear to use this as forum of discussion and several of the pale elves are providing entertainment via sombre poetry readings, painting portraits and singing. All of these activities are however happening in the view of a guards armed with short swords, wearing light armour and the livery of Vhys.

Arien made the turn into the administrative square of the rather surreal town with the merest suggestion of hesitation in her steps. Never had she seen quite a thing. The transition from the familiar rolling hills and barren plateaus of the Rynvalian wild lands had tapered into this place that held a mystique that she could not quite place. Graceful elven bodies that were so like her own, and yet not, passed to and fro before her, many sparing a curious look for the elf who was clearly not one of their own. Arien’s spine straightened in response- she cowed before none, and had all but received an invitation. Ryeanna’s letter, an offer to meet and discuss alliance was clutched in slender fingers as emerald gaze picked out what looked to be some form of administrative building ahead. Perhaps, the Lich Queen would be found within. Arien hated that their first encounter would find her placed so squarely within Ryeanna’s debt, but there was nothing for it, if she was not to risk the ire of an impatient customer. Jacklin would not take kindly to waiting indefinitely after gold had changed hands, and the airship provided the most convenient answer to current problem.

Morvious leans on one of the lantern posts his behemoth sized clockwork arm rests just above his crown gripping the pole for balance. He seemed rather placid until a Noble high elf came into the visage. A crooked grin broached his face as if he had been waiting in that spot all day. Come to find out it was Arien, the precocious little diplomat. The forsaken elf had no choice but to interact with the familiar face, especially in these part. It had been a while since he had seen any interaction with old friends. " Lady Arien?" he sputtered with a slight amount shocked. " How's it going? What brings you to my neck of the woods?" Now eager to converse.

Arien turned towards the greeting cried out in this unfamiliar place. Who could know her here? Fiery brow knit in the pale face as her gaze swept the bustling bodies in the crowd. There stood among them, one of the Forsaken who seemed intent on conversing with her. And what was it about that voice that was so familiar? She knew, for a fact, that she had had no contact with any of Ryeanna’s people since the Duchy had declared independence. Leggy stride brought her slowly within the proximity of the startling pale elf. “ Greetings, stranger..well met. But..Do I know you?”

Morvious titters as he still one hundred percent use to his new appearance, " Excuse me Lady Arien, My mind slips every now and again. I am Morvious Van Kalia, Consort to the Cult of Pleasure. My appearance has been modified."

Arien could not help the start that ran across her expression. “ Morvious! You were successful then, in your quest to find your youth-though I had not thought you to be an entirely different race in that state.” She murmured, a soft chuckle escaping. “ But I cannot deny being more than pleased to find that there is a friendly face, and one known to me personally within the Duchy. I take it, the consort would have the Lady’s ear? I have an urgent need which can only, I fear, be satisfied by co-operation between our two territories.” She spared the bustling square another look. “Is there some other place where we might have a discussion more privately?”

Morvious said to Arien, "Certainly, We can go into the town hall it is vacant at the moment. * motions with his flesh covered arm*"

Arien dips her head in thanks and walks ahead of him into the heart of the administrative complex.

Location: Elimdor Town Hall

This room is very large and open plan. In the centre is a large circular desk made from oak but inlaid with finely polished ebony that contrasts against the cold white marble floor. Several paintings hang from the wall but the main decoration appears to come from stained glass windows shower portions of the room in beams of red, green and purple light. A number of spiral staircases lead up towards other floors, as light streams in from a dome atop the roof. There are a large number of guards here and well dressed civil servants who appear to be going about their business. Standing in front of the door is a large statue of three individuals. The first is a tall elf female with a smug smile, the second a male elf who appears sombre, on closer inspection the male has a hand missing and a significant amount of his hip region indicating this may be intended to be an undead elf. The third and final individual is a Fermin clutching a spear. Underneath the statue is a plaque that reads “From Unity Strength from Strength Peace”.

Morvious finds a vacant table for the two to sit down and discuss policies and what not. "You said you have a document may I see it?"

Arien glanced down at the slip of parchment that she held in her hand, she had almost forgotten the document. “ Ahh.. this, I was able to use it as a pass to get past the guards, though I must confess the ideas specified therein are not what drove my actions in coming here today. Still, perhaps after we have dealt with one matter, we can address the other.” The elf unfolded the letter carefully and slid it across the highly polished surface. “ I believe the Duchess wished for our persons to meet, to discuss the possibility of an alliance and the establishment of peaceful relations between our territories.” The elf smiled ruefully. “ I did reply to her offering, but it would appear that she has been unable to find the time to confirm final arrangements for our meeting.” Arien drifted away from the table and toward the window, she did so hate to stand hovering, awaiting judgment. “I have been forced to come of my own volition, as it were, because a pressing need has made it necessary to do so, even before our alliance has been properly confirmed.” She glanced his way. “ Rynvale has need, if possible, of the use of your air ship to transport a significant quantity of purchased lumber to your ally Larket. Our remaining options for delivery, are unacceptable given Jacklin’s requirements and timelines.”

Morvious said to Arien, "Hmmm, This is surely Queen Ryeanna's Writing. Well I personally have no problem, however I can not be the official signer for as I said, I am merely a consort and Advisor. I can however write a doctrine for a temporary peace treaty. The Lich Queen, should grant me that much."

Morvious said to Arien, "Lady Arien, I am more then willing to help this get off the ground, however Larket is a totally different story. I have no power their. Let me know if I can help but mind you my abilities are limited at this time."

Arien said to Morvious I will gladly accept such a temporary peace treaty, and will meet with the Duchess in person when she has returned to town to pursue our relations in deeper detail. What say you therefore, given at least an agreement to harmonious relations, to our use of the dock and ship? The quantity of lumber to be moved will require a significant workforce presence. Not only to get it here over the plateaus, but to load the ship any number of times, for twill not be enough to make one such voyage. I did not wish Ryeanna to fear invasion or some other ill intent, should a veritable army of High Born be seen to descend upon her home. You need not worry for Larket. Jacklin cares not how the lumber arrives, only that it do so in a timely manner. If permission is granted by Vhys to use the dock on their end, I shall merely inform the queen where and when delivery will be made on hers. I expect no demur on her part.

Morvious said to Arien, "Permission granted. Draw up a doctrine and I'll sign it. Just know that Queen Ryeanna may terminate it. I do give you access just know that if something goes bad or things look shady I will revoke your access."

Arien had already begun to make her way back across the room to stand once more in the presence of the elf. How very strange to realize that in was the soul of the titan housed in this new temple. She sketched the male half a bow. “ You have known me Morvious as both friend and foe, and know me well enough to know that my word is my bond. You have it now, that provided the Duchy of Vhys takes no hostile action against the land and interests of Port Rynvale, we shall be content to live in peace as your neighbors. The details beyond this, will I hash out in person with your queen.” She reached for the parchment, her evidence that Ryeanna -had- indeed made the offer of alliance, she would not be leaving without it. “As to the matter of the airship and its dock, you may rest assured that I will treat these assets as if they were my own. We will begin the process of bringing the lumber up the mountain tomorrow. If all goes well we should be in a position to begin loading and shipping the stock by the end of the week.” A smile of relief, tinted with gratitude tugged at pale lips. “I thank you for taking the responsibility of speaking in her stead, our hands will have been quite tied otherwise. Jack will be pleased enough with the news, I am sure.” A soft sigh escaped. “ Now..enough of business. Will you show me your beautiful town..I have heard tales of an academy?”

Morvious said to Arien, "I would love to however I have other business I must attend to. * hands her a small wax coated seal* This shall be fine to use if anyone should give you problems."

Arien said to Morvious “Ahh, how unfortunate, I was looking forward to renewing our acquaintance. Reason for another visit then, soon enough. Till the..the gods go with you Morvious, and I shall begin the long journey home again.” Slender hand extended to take her letter and proffered seal, securing both items on her person once more as she made to turn towards the door.

Morvious said to you, "Good day Lady Arien."