RP:Building A Foundation

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Part of the Larket's Renovation Arc

Here stood a large circular building, wooden on the front side, but around the backside if one may look there stood a wall of glass, ornately hung curtains of crimson falling from the walls above. The entrance was a plain door of sorts, the initials 'N.G.' made out of glass stood as a windowpane for looking in, mostly decoration though. On the inside of the building which may have seemed small before, stood a rather large open room. About the walls where there was no glass were a few bookshelves, a bar, and various animal trophies hung about the wall, along with the weapons that respectively killed them. As for the center of the room, it would lower a few steps, for respective entrances into the center area, and seating would sit in-between the steps. This circular portion would serve as the sleeping spot for Nicholas, as well as the cooking spot judging from the fire-pit standing in the very center of it, a small ventilation spot above it in the ceiling. The whole place was kept in a tidy and orderly manner, meaning it was not used much, or the owner was a neat freak.

--Former Location of Nicholas' Den, Larket

Wilhelm glances around over at the untamed weeds and wilderness that surrounds the area of the construction with a sigh leaving his lips. He scratches his head for a brief moment before shaking his head thinking to himself that this job is going to be somewhat difficult to pull without the use of magic that he has recently learned from his time spent in the library of the infamous Mage's Tower. He grunts a bit as his body begins to transform into his human form standing slightly naked with only with a pair of dark blue shorts to keep the lycan clothed. He cracks his knuckles and stretches out his legs before glancing over at the lot with a grin on his face about to put his training that he has learned to the test. He breathes a bit heavily as he begins to focus magical energies into his right foot. His foot is risen into the air with his kneecap coming up to his chest and slams it hard into the ground creating a large earthquake that could be felt within the city shaking up the foliage creating small pillars of rock to be risen from the ground. He scratches his head a bit realizing he might have a situation on his hand if he can't get rid of the earthern spikes that he has created. He snaps his fingers as he remembers of a spell that might help him out in this dilema. He grins as he begins to chant while twirling his hands making certain positions and gestures. Each of the pillars has a brown making glow around them as sweat pours down on the lycan's face while each pillar of earth go back down into the ground. He chuckles as he gets a hoe from the piles of tools that was left in the area and begins to clean up the area swiftly. He continues on as piles of sweat slides off his body and soaking the ground while looking at the patch of ground that was cleared and ready to be used for building. He pats himself on the back thinking that it was a good well done job and wonder what is next the Queen of Larket might need from him.

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