RP:Finishing the Cemetery

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What was once a spire of darkened creation has been demolished into nothingness. All debris from the Obsidian Tower has been cleared away by the demolisher and left is a patch of land awaiting its turn to be used. In the true nature of Larket, the spot has already been appointed to house the new Larket Cemetery.

--Former Location of Obsidian Tower, Larket

Coming up to the Cemetary, hauling the ladder, he sets it down and takes his bottle O' rum. "Alright..." He said to himself as he opens the bottle and takes a few small swigs. Pacing around the brick building he was building, he felt pleased with the job he was doing so far. Thinking, it was just as good as any other really. Looking at the windows he was in the process of making, another glance was shifted to the Red Oak wood. "Hmm..." was given with a few moments pause to think. Nodding his head, he shifts his cowboy hat and heads off to the Craftsman Shop. Knowing exactly what he was going to get from this shop, Strex grabs a one hand saw and brings it to the counter. Dropping a few gold coins on the counter, Strex tips his cowboy hat to the man and walks out. On his venture back to the Cemetary, Strex takes the time to look more closely at the saw, inspecting the quality of the metal and how sharp it was. Satisfied with the purchase, he continues his walk to the Cemetary.

Arriving to the Cemetary, Strex goes for the Red Oak wood. He begins to saw off a part of the board, making enough peices to put in an outter frame, before applying the windows. He uses two boards, and make sure measurements were dead on with his trusty pencil. After the boards were cut, he uses the cement to act like wood, and stick the peices of wood onto the sides of the window. Once that was done, Strex make sure he cleaned off any extra cement and put it back into the bucket he was using. He soon finds himself pacing again, lost in deep thought, looking at the building in progress over for it's next step. Strex takes a seat, he needed one anyways. Pulling a peice of parchment from his pocket and his trusty pencil, Strex begins to write a letter to a freind of his in Rynvale. The message was asking for a load of large stones, that he would be using for the walkways. This was a favor he really needed done. All he could do, is wait for the reply, if any. Payment, was already taken care of, since the man he was contacting already owed Strex a favor or two. As he rolled up the parchment, and tied a blue ribbon around it, he whistles and looks to the sky. Within a few moments, a large Ice Falcon swoops down and lands on Strex's shoulder. "Here ya go." He said to his pet. Then, the bird was gone, carrying that letter.

Strex soon comes back to his feet and looks at the work in progress. Then, he looks at the two large windows just near the cart and horses. Taking a calming breath, Strex walked over and grabbed them both up. He then sets them down carfully against the brick wall he was building. Getting dirty with the cement again, Strex evenly spreads out just enough to hold the windows in. As he placed them in, he makes sure no cement was dripping off onto the ground on ether side. It was only after the windows were put in did he wonder. 'Does Lady Jacklin expect me to find other furnature for this place?' Shaking his head, he decided he would leave that to her, though he would help her move it in if asked. Strex takes another calming breath after looking over the building once again. He was glad that he took so much time looking it over as he built this place, so he knew where a mistake was or not. After satisfied with that, Strex needed some sleep finally. So, he walked back to the Sage Forest for, hopefully, the last night he will spend.....in a tree.

Once he awoke, he found a peice of parchment laying on his chest with a red ribbon. "That was fast." He said to himself. Leaping out of his tree, Strex takes a seat and unrolls the letter. Smiling, everything seemed to be going as planned so far. Running a hand through his hair, he grabs his cowboy hat and begins to walk off. The letter said it would be a good day or two until the stones were ready. Just enough time to get the roof made. He wandered through Kelay for a moment and gathered a few muscular men to help him. He even bought them each a bottle to drink for the favor. Walking over to the cemetary, Strex begins to think, wondering if he should use wood, or bricks for the roof. "Wood..." He told himself. Not only will it be easier, but alot better. He did not think the bricks would hold with nothing below supporting them, which kind of made sense. He told the four men to have a seat, and not to touch anything. He also told him that the only part he would need them for, was getting the roof....on the top of the building.

Running his way over to the Craftsman Shop and quickly purchases some nails and a hammer. He also purchased a couple cans of water-proof seal to spread on the wood he was going to use, mainly to prevent water damage when it rained. He had these things, in Rynvale. Strex was not about to venture all the way over there ether. As he walks his way back, he begins to nail together the Red Oak wood in a flat roof-top shape. He wanted to make it triangular, but did not know the proper way to do so. Never-the-less, the roof he had made was sturdy, heavy, and well made. It should have done just fine. Now, he wondered how they were going to get it all the way up there! This was going to be risky, and Strex was not going to pay for any medical bills should one of these four men fall. So, he took the risk all to himself. Placing the stolen ladder against the building, Strex would heave up one side of the roof, as the four men easily picked their side up. What was going to have to happen, is Strex had to climb the ladder while pulling up the roof, and the other four men, were needing to make sure that it would not tip, and push it up there. They were almost there! The roof was just about up there! Then...Disaster hit. Strex misplaced one of his feet on the ladder, and then with one push of the four men, he found himself being pushed off the top of the ladder. Thankfully, the roof was up there, but not centered. Strex had fallen on his back all the way down to the dirt. The wind momentarily knocked out of him, he sat up trying to catch that first breath. After a couple short moments, he gasped in that deep breath he needed before cursing the men up and down. Strex was not hurt too badly thankfully. A couple scratches and bruises would be the most damage. After sitting there for a moment, the other four men simply stared at him with their bottles that Strex bought for them. None of them helped him up, or said anything. Just, stared. After getting back to his feet, Strex positions the ladder back properly and climbs it. He then uses all his strength to center out the roof. Looking down to the others, he calmly asked the men to make a bucket of cement. He needed to stay calm, or his help would leave if they haven't already thought about doing so.

Two of the four men made Strex the desired cement. Strex then told them that they were no longer needed, and he soon began to cement the bottom of the roof, to the actual building. Once this was done, Strex would climb down the ladder and take care of the other three sides of the roof. He took a deep, painful breath once he finished his work on this building. "Finally..." He said as he looks over his masterpeice. Smiling for once, Strex whipes the sweat off his forhead and looks around. He still had bricks, and knew that Jacklin wanted another building, a smaller, storage one. So, he took another deep breath and began working on that. He used the same routine he did for the main building to make this smaller one. This took him the rest of the day, and the rest of his materials. All the bricks and Red Oak wood was used, and the roof of this building also got a spred of water-proof seal on it. When he was finished, the sun was just coming back up. So, he decided to go to sleep. Not in the forest though, but right in the cemetary. When he woke up, Strex would take the horses and the cart to Rynvale. The sailors gave him a nasty look when he arrived. "Listen, I'll pay you again when I get paid for making this building. You would not want Lady Jacklin to be angery with you....would you?" After mentioning that, the sailor looked fearful, instead of angery, and had no problem with letting Strex and the horses back on the ship. When they arrived in Rynvale, Strex made his way to his freind's shop. "Long time no see friend." He said to the man with a tilt of his cowboy hat. "Ahhh, Strex!" He said cheerfully. "I have your order in just this morning, it is in the back. Might I ask what you need with these stones though?" Strex smirks. "A Cemetary I am building in Larket." He replied. With a nod from Strex's friend. He waved him to the back of the store where the stones were. "Help me get these in the cart will ya?" Strex asked. Without hesitation, his friend happily helped Strex load the cart. "Hey, want to help me spread these out over in Larket?" Strex also asked. "Close the shop for an hour, take a break, get some air?" Strex's friend thought about it for a while. "I ain't going to have any customers anyways. Sure." He replied to Strex. As they both hopped on the cart, they made their way to the docks to go back to Larket. This gave Strex the chance to talk with his friend about the good times they shared before they both became busy.

When they arrived in Larket, Strex and his friend began to lay out the stone walkway for the cemetary. "Wow, you built all this?" His friend asked. With a simple nod, Strex replied "Yup." Strex and his friend took the time to wander through the cemetary and make sure everything was done. There was one thing he forgot. The lanterns to light the way. The two of them took a trip back to that strange store, with that young woman that Strex bought the windows from. He looked around the place before walking over to her and asking. "I need eight lanterns." With a curious brow, she smiled sweetly to Strex and his friend and waved him into the back room. "Here you are. We have ten in stock. Ten gold each." Looking in his sack, Strex had just enough to purchase the lanterns, when his friend threw down the gold before Strex can even do so. "You owe me now." Strex's friend said with a smirk. Smiling back, Strex nodded and said "I'll take'em all." As the two of them hauled the lanterns back, they hung them from the trees lining the stone pathway they set down moments ago. "This looks great..." Strex said, mainly to himself though his friend overheard. "Sure looks like a Cemetary to me." His friend replied. Looking at him, Strex shakes his hand firmly. "I have a letter to write to Lady Jacklin. Share a drink later?" He asked. With a smile, his friend nodded and made his way back to his shop. Strex then looked over the Cemetary, satisfied with his work. He only hoped Lady Jacklin would be as happy as he was. If there were anything that needed changes, Strex surely would take care of it. He also hoped she would not go to anyone besides him to make modifications to this place.

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