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Tucked back behind the new commons area remains this subdued area of meeting and strategic planning. The boardroom itself has changed little in terms of objects and appearance, though there is a feeling of increased importance within the room as various soldiers mill in and out in a steady flow. Scout briefings take place virtually every hour of the day without fail, interrupted by the occasional update of crucial information. Once voluntarily yielded by Larket's sympathy to the old rebellion against the immortals, this room centers the actions of the entire Larket military outfit, and of greater campaigns when necessary. Notes made by the commander himself are scribbled all over the map draped atop the elongated table, obviously for positioning purposes. Chairs sit strewn about the room with little rhyme or reason, the fast-paced meetings usually leaving troops little time or room to be seated. Unless you're one of those who need to be here at present, perhaps you'd best wriggle your way back to the commons area.

--Council Meeting Room, Larket


Jacklin lowered herself into the seat at the head of the table in the meeting room with Sapheul standing over her right shoulder. His hair greased back and flat-cap tucked neatly beneath his arm the guardian remained silent as Jacklin began the meeting with a clearing of her throat, “I welcome you all to this meeting. All of you have traveled a long distance to be here and I assure you that your time will not be wasted. If each of you will unfurl the bound papers in front of you then you’ll be greeted with the reason I called this meeting: Renovation.” Patiently the Queen waited as each member of her council untied the neat purple ribbon from their sheets. Ault was the first to speak as he gazed over the designs and plans scribbled across the sheets face, “I’m not the finest with buildings Lady Larket so you’ll need to explain this.” At the words of Ault, both Macon and Virdo shook their heads fervently.

Jacklin:: At the mutters and mummers spreading down the wings of the table Jacklin rose to her feet and began to circle the council members as she spoke, Sapheul stood in a statues hold with sleepy sight following his master around the others. Like a beast around its prey, she was. “No need to worry over this, Ault. Those plans I will explain exquisitely to all of you. On the first place you see the plans for Larket’s Horse Stables. At the moment we’ve been getting our horses from other locations and it’s costing a lot more to ship them in, right? I imagine if we hire proper breeders and get some decent studs that we can breed our own and perhaps even sell them at a later date.” Moving toward Vi she placed an index finger on the next sketch, “That is the Carpenters Lodge. It’ll be a center where we sell lumber from Eternal and other building material. Soon I intend to hire more manual laborers to help around Larket. Maybe even hire the best out to aid around Hollow.”

Jacklin lifted an eye to where Justahl sat, legs crossed and arms folded across his chest as wire-rimmed glasses were pushed back up along the bridge of his nose. “The third page looks to me a prominent undertaking, Lady Larket.” Islin and Elmut were the first to give their approval with equal gasps as hands maneuvered the plans closer to their faces. “Where will this go?” Freiah questioned aloud as Jacklin crossed the room and sank back into her chair, “It will be down the hall from this very room. Right now, this room we are seated in is in public to any who might wander in here from outside the gates. I wouldn’t want our information leaking into the ears of the wrong people and I doubt you’d want that either. I am proposing that another private chamber be built for meetings not only with the council, but with other town leaders. There will be no windows in the room, trained guards by the door, and a whiskey server.” Andurla issued a soft chuckle, Jacklin returning her mirth with a wink and small grin before proceeding, “My husband will be joining meetings these days so I thought it best to start fresh. Are there any opposition to these plans?”

Jacklin sat heavily back into her chair as the council members spoke amongst themselves. Sapheul took a step closer to his Queen with a quick word, “It isn’t as if they’ll disagree with an Executioner.” Regaining his stoic composure and position on the floor he waited again silently for use. Jacklin too partook in the waiting game, eyes darting around the table at her council. For several minutes the mixed words of the ten variants traveled back and fourth, Jacklin catching only various snippets of the true meaning behind each phrase. Doubts, fears, praises, and general musings were all laid flat across the table’s surface and finally Ault took the momentary silence to his advantage, “We approve of the buildings and general renovation, Lady Larket. There are a few stipulations we must inform you of, though. Firstly we wish that these new buildings be constructed out of Red Oak and nothing more. Elmut has spoken and he knows more than all of us about construction so Red Oak it will be. It’s strong and durable…Vi also pointed out its beauty. We want letters sent to us often to keep all of the council informed of the progress. After each building is finished we will return to Larket so that our own eyes can agree with the structure. Will you accept these terms?”

Jacklin nodded cordially to the council before her, “I agree to all of the terms you have placed before me. This afternoon I will travel to Rynvale as I do believe Arien has a lumberyard under her command now. Red Oak will be shipped to Larket and Kain, our Blacksmith, will begin gathering the various building material we need. If there is nothing else to discuss I must bid you all a fair evening. Thomas has your rooms filled with the requested items and no citizens will both you this evening. Sapheul will follow you to the Inn. Please to visit tomorrow before you leave, councilmen.” With the usual shaking of hands and merry words exchanged, Sapheul escorted the members from the Hall and toward the Red Ogre Inn for the night. Jacklin stood facing the door for a few moments, a deep sigh escaping as she turned back toward her office. An Executioner was never meant to be Queen.

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