Diamond Dust

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Diamond Dust - (Magic/Missile weapon +10 bonus)
Creator: Alvina Landon, Royal Blacksmith of Frostmaw.
Last Known Owner: Khitti von Schreier

A black ice recurve bow, made with a high grade string (strong enough for a vampire to pull without breaking it when tapping into their heightened agility). It has since been adorned with runes by the Tranquility's former first mate, Onyx, who enchanted it to allow Khitti (now human) to use it, as well as Brand, Lionel, and Onyx themself to use it in a time of crisis. When arrows are fired from it, they explode on impact into shards of ice, further wounding any impaled by the projectiles.


Commissioned by Queen Hildegarde the Silver for Khitti's efforts during the war against the frost giants, the bow as lovingly crafted by the Silver Bard and gifted to Khitti during the events of the Warrior's Guild's Sauriangate Arc. It has served Khitti well in the time since then, either acting as her main focus weapon when stealth and long range is required or as backup when her magic has run out.