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History of The LeskoVac Household

The LeskoVac's have lived within the city of Cenril for many long years, their name one that has often been referenced with immense wealth. Generation after generation the LeskoVac's have passed down shop after shop, their tactics of business merciless and cunning. Constantly undercutting their competition, demoralizing the option of buying from them through sabotage or some other means, the LeskoVac's were never one others wanted to go into business against. They always worked to bring their favorite politician into their potential position of power, sadly it didn't always work out but their vast fortune was always used to bring people they wanted into office, whether through bribery or some other less..Civilized means.

For generation after generation the LeskoVac's maintained their hold upon what they could of Cenril until the Preklek war hit and many of them were slaughtered, their fortune to be left with the surviving few. Some fought within the war, others hid away with their wealth, it all depended upon the various members within the house but what is known is that what was once an amassed forty to fifty members has dwindled down to only single digits. With such few numbers, the LeskoVac's took their wealth and went into hiding, with what they could, most to frightened of all the enemies their family had made over the years to face the world without their numbers and strength.

Over the last four to five years the LeskoVac's have seemed silent, unknown, mysteriously vanished from the city of Cenril, all but one. The man known as Muraski LeskoVac seemed to be the only remaining member within the city limits, though the other parts of his family that still exist are continuously contacted. Their household is well known for two things, one a family magic passed down through the generations yet none know how or what exactly it does and second, a family creed, a promise that family is family, that nothing will ever cross another LeskoVac. With these two things, the LeskoVac's seem to be somehow taking back their place within the world, though whether it'll remain or not is yet to be decided.

Public Knowledge About The LeskoVac Household

The history is what's mostly known about the LeskoVac's yet how or what exactly they did to establish such a solid foothold within Cenril is very much still left shrouded in mystery. Their methods and capabilities still unknown, how they managed to transfer information, documents, messages, and other such materials without ever a loss or doubt, without ever worrying about a competitor or even having a competitor steal such things is still unknown. Their methods having to have worked based upon their continued existance within the world and their firm foothold before they were nearly wiped clean from the world. So much to say that the amount of information actually known publicly about their family, is that there happens to be a distinct lack of any actual information at all.

Political Information About The LeskoVac Household

The LeskoVac's have always been involved heavily within the politics of Cenril, constantly funding certain politicians, running for offices, and attempting to control how the city of Cenril will work. Though, this was in times past where the city was run by the Merchants and now, the LeskoVac's seem to have a distinct lack within politics, their political standpoint something along the lines of rebuilding their own foundation before worrying about improving upon the rest of the city.

The Lineage of The LeskoVac Household

For those who are a part of The LeskoVac Houshold, who have been within it, they know and understand exactly how their family operates, they are a part of something, different. The LeskoVac family is not passed on by blood alone but by a single mark that accepts you within their household. Several family knives, passed down through the years, are used to etch the mark into the person's skin. The creator's magic is immediately leaked into the recipients body, to where it writes who gave the person the mark, who is the father, the mother, the spouse, the children, all of these are written upon the person's insignia within the household. The magic is a collaboration of all those who have come before, each having left a trace of themselves in their 'children' and those children to have placed their own within theirs. The magic continues to pass itself down over the generations, much like genes within a family. The family seal allows you access to the magic of the house, the ability to write documents and read documents that only allow those of the Household to see them. On top of that, they can also use it upon doors, chests, and other similar objects to create such things nearly impossible to open normally within the aide of the family seal. The final thing the seal protects is that upon the thought to betray the family, the seal's power removes itself from the owner's body yet leaves it's mark behind. The seal can only be reactivated should the user prove their worth to one who can do such a mark.

Players in The LeskoVac Household

Under Muraski LeskoVac's Lineage

Name: Muraski LeskoVac

Race: Vampire (Human)

Description: A simple man, with an elegant appearance. He lacks an eye, the scar that came from the wound which removed the other optic hardly ever covered. His garb is that of a man who is dressed in tuxedo, dress shirt, pants, shoes, tie, leather gloves, and fedora. On top of this, he has gone through great efforts to mask the fact he's a vampire. He has a locket that produces a heart beat, a mass amount of cologne to mask the scent of death, and wears gloves to cover the clammy skin.

Name: Tysinni LeskoVac

Race: Half Elf

Name: Raziel LeskoVac

Race: Lycanthrope (Elf)

Under Akenita LeskoVac's Lineage

Name: Akenita LeskoVac

Race: High Elf

Description: The sea faring sister of Muraski LeskoVac, the woman in charge of the transfer of the LeskoVac household goods from one city to another, along the coast. A very pirate-y style look to her, a ship in which she leads, captains, and controls with an iron fist along the coast. Currently she has holed up in the LeskoVac Household, under Muraski's control, while the man seems to be missing. Her daughter is currently Captaining the ship in her absence.

Name: Lyastria LeskoVac

Race: High Elf

Description: A younger version of the above mentioned LeskoVac, currently sailing admist the seas delivering goods under the LeskoVac banner to various parties. Her attitude is similar to her mother's, a strong force that doesn't allow any to get away with anything upon her ship for as long as it remains within her control. A pirate-y attire, red hair, and a fiery attitude, she's very much so similar to her mother. (Both of two above are npcs to further my storyline with Muraski and those who regularly role play with me.)

NPC's of The LeskoVac Household

Name: Bresk

Race: Minotaur

Job: Head of security

Name: Kroke

Race: Orc

Job: Head Cook

(Several other minotaur guards and a troll cashier, though none of them are noteworthy unless you actually need to rp with them.)

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