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Tysinni's Description:

Name: Tysinni aka Ty (Prefers not to use her given name and instead uses the name her best friend gave her when she was a teenager.)

Race: Half Elf

Class: Thief

Eyes: Light Gray

Hair: Copper Colored

Skin: Light

Age: Twenty-Five (Because she is Half-Elf she looks closer to a teenager than a human of her age would look.)

Will almost always be found wearing her leathers unless she's in disguise.  

Tysinni's Biography:

The following is only to be used in an OOC fashion unless Ty has said it to your character ICly.

Tysinni, contrary to what she might have told people, hails from Sage. She is half elf after all. Our story begins sometime around twenty-six years ago.

Once upon a time, there was a very proud Elf by the name of Throzairvin who lived in the land of Sage in a world called Hollow. This elf was so proud of his own heritage and blood line that he found any other species far beneath his notice, especially the Drow. Throzairvin was a well known and respected scholar; elves from all over came to study with him. There came to be, that year, a large celebration in honor of his birthing day. Without getting into too many lurid details, after a few too many drinks, this proud and noble elf gave into his own lust and slept with a woman who wasn’t an elf. He assumes that she was human but afterwards, he was more concerned with forgetting it had ever happened than what kind of non-elf she was. And so it was, that many months later, there appeared on his doorstep, a foundling child. His child. A girl with such distinct markings that he knew her to be of his blood.

Throzairvin, though highly embarrassed by his half-blood child, did what any overly proud elf would do and took the child into his home. To be raised somewhat in secret, because really, he couldn’t have something like that getting out. What would people say about him?

Tysinni’s first memories of her young self are mostly of being treated with a benign neglect. She had people to take care of her and teach her things that a child of Throzairvin’s line should learn. The child never even saw her father until she was around seven years old. His look of disgust at her not-wholly-elven features was enough to shame her into remaining hidden. Not much changed until she was ten, which is about the time her father wanted to ally himself with another proud elvish house. But what elf maiden would take him when he had proof of his baseness living in his own home? Sudden inspiration strikes! Throzairvin will send his burden to a friend of his in Cenril. To be apprenticed to the Master Illusionist. The man was retired, but surely he wouldn’t object to one small pupil.

And so, our heroine was sent off to live with an old man, to learn the magic of Illusion. Magic wasn’t something she was especially knowledgeable about. Her father had deemed her lesser and therefore not good enough to use it. Had Ty’s father known what kind of town Cenril was when he sent her off? She’ll probably never know. At the young age of ten, she finds herself the apprentice to a dry, crusty, old curmudgeon who was not especially fond of children. Fontayne was both eccentric and secretive in the extreme. He did indeed start teaching her magic, his magic, but because of his retirement, he preferred to spend much time alone. Tysinni was left to her own devices for long periods of time. With a newfound freedom at her fingertips, she set off to explore the town of Cenril.

Over the next few years, the child’s days fell into a pattern. One she was not displeased with. A few times a week, she learned magic from her Master and the rest of the time, she ran around the streets with her new friends. The street urchins of Cenril. Having never before spent time with others her own age, she gloried in being one of the pack. A slightly older boy named Drustan, who was the leader of those young ruffians, took her under his wing. Drustan had been a child of the streets since before he could remember. They made an unlikely pair, him in his roughshod clothing and her in her apprentice uniform. The boy taught her everything he knew about thieving and pick pocketing, scams and grifting. It wasn’t too long until she was just as wild as the other children. And just as mercenary. On one adventure, their luck went south and she was left holding the bag, as it were. Ty took the fall for the caper and was hauled off by the guards to face Master Fontayne. The old wizard was so livid at her breech of ‘ethics’ he immediately stripped her of her position as his apprentice and kicked her out. Before she was banished from his presence forever, he placed an Indictment on her magic, vowing that she would never be allowed to use anything she was taught by him. Any time after the Indictment was placed and she tried to use her magic, it makes her magic go wonky, when it works at all. Which led to some very interesting times before she gave up trying to use it. And so at the age of thirteen she was now one of her friends, living on the streets.

Far from being the horrible sentence her old master (and the father who didn’t care enough to find her afterwards) had hoped, the next ten years were spent in relative happiness. Of course, being a street rat wasn’t all fun and games, but her new ‘family’ cared for her in a way that no one had before. During that time with her street family, she developed into the person she is, for the most part, today. She learned to be her own person. Her style of dress and attitude, her criminal abilities and distinct personality blossomed into the lovable, slightly insane thief, which you might know today.

At some point during her decade of happiness, she and Drustan (in a very sappy romance novel type way) fall in love. There is a very brief reign as ‘king and queen of the street urchins’ before their ‘pack’ decides to take off for adventure and see Rynvale. It takes them weeks to slowly steal enough gold to purchase passages for them all on a ship. On the day that the ship is to depart, Tysinni is leaving the bakery after using stolen funds to purchase some rations for their trip, when she is detained by city guards. They have her locked up and unable to escape just long enough for her to miss the ship. The thieves had made plans for such an eventuality and she was able to stowaway on the next ship departing. Upon arriving at her destination, she learns that the ship her family was on went down at sea. There were no survivors found.

That tragedy was a little over two years ago. Since then, Ty moved back to Cenril and started earning a reputation as a rather masterful thief. As her reputation grew, she started making more and more coin. But nothing she has done makes up for the hole in her heart. Skip to present day, the thief still considers herself homeless, but after a brief trip to Kelay, she has finally started to make ‘friends’. Not that any of them truly trust her. Nor does she trust them, but that is how she prefers it.

To Be Continued….

Ty’s Likes:


- Easy coin and/or marks (victims)

- Drunkards (easier to rob/loot)

- Daggers and Knives (Fifth Rule of Impolite Living: “Never ever, go anywhere without at least two daggers/knives hidden on your person. That way, when you’re captured there is one for them to find and one to keep, helping with your escape.”)

- Stealth and sneakiness

- Lying, cheating and stealing

- Her hat (and the rest of her leathers)

- Annoying Ranok (what, it's true! --Ranok 04:02, 5 February 2012 (UTC))

Ty’s Dislikes:

- Dresses/Fancy clothing (on herself of course, she prefers marks that are well dressed for obvious reasons)

- Drinking alcohol

- Most animals (w/ few exceptions)

- Riding on said animals (or any sort of transport that’s not her own two feet)

- Confrontations that she’s not completely assured of winning