RP:Responses To The Assassination Attempt On Mayor Valrae Baines

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Part of the The God of Undeath Arc

Summary: This page serves as a collection spot for all responses, public and semi-public, regarding the attack on Valrae. More will likely be added over time as they are released.


From the Fishermen's Almanac:

Town News Assault On Cenril -- Mayor Attacked!!
The attack on Cenril’s Mayor, Valrae Baines, played out in the cover of night and left the once proud jewel of the city a smoldering mess, but the Guard committee investigating the attack believes a more chilling story has yet to be told -- about Vailkrin and the people whose actions put Cenrili democracy at risk.

With personal accounts and gruesome aftermath left behind, it’s become clear that this assasination attempt came from the Dark Lands. Sources are reporting that it was Quintessa Blackwell, Countess of the Dark Forest, that orchestrated the near murder of Mayor Valrae Baines.

While it’s not known how the Mayor plans to respond, there has been public outcry demanding accountability for Vailkrin. This is a sentiment that seems to reach across the divide that separates the North and South sides of the port republic. The result of the coming weeks of public hearings may change hearts and minds in a politically polarized Cenril.

Cenril’s Gates Close
For the first time in decades, Cenril’s gates closed. They’ve since been reopened, however travel into the city has been slowed near halt as the Cenrili Guard have now heightened safety requirements for entering both at the gate and the port. We’ve provided a list of banned items for noncitizens entering Cenril:

  • Alcohol that exceeds what can be considered a personal amount (If not properly marked for resell eg. Barrels, crated bottles etc.)
  • Rations that exceed what can be considered a personal amount (If not properly marked for resell eg. Barrels, crated bottles etc.)
  • Fireworks
  • Two or more personal weapons (This includes staff, staves, daggers, knives, swords, etc.)
  • Corkscrews (with blade)
  • Cremated remains
  • Bones of any kind
  • Runes of any kind

Warrior's Guild

The following missive has been disseminated through the active staff of the Warriors guild, sparing nothing insofar as expense to do so as swiftly as possible.


I know that our recent endeavours have left you weary.
Sadly, I write with news that our work is far from over.
As some of you may already know, one of ours recently attempted to assassinate the mayor of Cenril, Valrae Baines.
An act which they have no doubt perpetrated as part of their ongoing dalliance with the corpse lord known as Caluss.

An act which is far from the first of it's kind- as she, amongst others, played a part in tainting the holy trees and destablizing magic across the realm.
Whilst Lionel had made efforts to see the Quintessa Blackwell rehabilated- it has become abundantly clear that this is no longer a possibility.
Unfortunately, Quintessa is not acting alone- as their companion and fellow Warrior Karasu Tsuji is knowingly abetting them.
As of this moment, Quintessa Blackwell & Karasu Tsuji are considered persons of interest.
Efforts are being made to apprehend them, so that they may stand triial- but caution should be taken.
Do not engage if you're not prepared- and do not recklessly endanger yourself taking them in alive - they will not hesitate to kill you.

Materials associated with Quintess, Karasu, and associates of house Blackwell will be quarantined. We'll be searching for dangerous objects in need of purging, as well as any items that should be investigated.

~Kasyr Azakhaer

Necromancer's Guild

An official guild letter, with wax seal, and Khitt(i)'s unmistakeable shadow-ink handwriting that is unable to be forged thanks to that particular type of ink, has been sent not only to guild members, but Valrae, Kasyr, Lanlan, and members of the press in all regions of Lithrydel and Rynvale Island, so that everyone, everywhere will be made aware of what's said below. If your guild/clan is the secretive type, or you're the leader Larket or Alithrya, you find out via the press release.

Good day to all members of the Necromancer's Guild, fellow guild leaders, region leaders, clan leaders, members of the press, and anyone else that finds themselves reading this correspondence during this difficult time.

With the recent attack and outright act of war against Mayor Valrae Baines and Cenril itself by Quintessa Blackwell, as well as the alliance between Quintessa and the horrid being known as Alithyk Caluss who continues even now to destroy life as we know it, retroactive immediately any and all paperwork filed within this guild that is either officially or seemingly unofficially by Quintessa Blackwell, Saorsa Cladach, or anyone that has aligned themselves with or falls under the domain of House Blackwell is null and void. Anything bearing Quintessa Blackwell's signature will be brought immediately to the Thanatos Domini for inspection.

In addition to this, Miss Blackwell is hereby suspended from teaching and while she will retain her rank as Provectus Malus for now, any and all responsibilities that pertain to her will be directed to Thanatos Domini Khitt(i) Herzegler, until such time as Alithyk Caluss has been eliminated and Quintessa has been properly apprehended and a trial to determine punishment has been had, by not just the Necromancer's Guild, but likely from other guild and region leaders as well.

Anyone else found aiding and abetting Quintessa Blackwell, House Blackwell, or Alithyk Caluss will also be taken in for questioning and, if necessary, punishment will be administered for those individuals that fall under the Necromancer's Guild's jurisdiction, and their testimonies sent towards the proper authorities for further scrutiny.

Until peace can be attained once more, continue to remain steadfast, keep an eye out for anything, and report what you see or hear related to this matter to the authorities.

Your Thanatos Domini,
Khitt(i) Herzegler


The residents of Kelay-Sage have gone too long at the mercy of the gods. Their pleas fall upon deaf ears at even the slightest hint of an imminent threat. Very recently I called the citizens of Kelay-Sage together for a meeting at the town hall. There they debated the topic of giving Kelay a formal government with one leader as the face. This meeting went on all day but by the end it was agreed upon that I, Magikrios Lyastri D'Chath, will be the Guardian of Sage Forest. Meri will be supporting me in this role.

I never thought that my first order of business would be writing this notice to the citizens of Kelay-Sage and the rest of Lithrydel.

Quintessa Blackwell,

Due to the recent allegations against you, this notice will serve as a demand that you not enter or come upon the territory known as Kelay-Sage whether it be by land, air, or water effective immediately and until further notice. Should you fail to abide by this demand, you will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution as a "defiant trespasser". Do not test me.

The Guardians of Sage,
Magikrios and Meri Lyastri D'Chath

Saorsa Cladach

From the desk of Saorsa Cladach:

The times we live in are troubled as always, but troubles in the Dark Lands are made even more dangerous by the lies of Larketian collaborator Valrae Baines- A crisis actor spotted during the Fake News witch burnings who worked alongside the Crown to subjugate magic-users who did not agree with their agenda.

Now a new witch hunt is being conducted, again at the behest of self-hating witch-hunter Valrae Baines, the new Mayor who stole her position in Cenril and continues to undermine democracy by roping in her other totalitarian collaborators, Khitti Herzegler and Kasyr Azakhear- disgraced and deposed king and murderer. Look no further than Mayor Valrae’s association with him, still wanted for the unjustified deaths of 1000s of Cenril’s citizens barely over a year ago, to see the hypocrisy of her campaign against Lady Quintessa.

Those of us who are true patriots recognize these lies for what they are. We know that Quintessa is good for the Dark Lands, that Vailkrin’s current stability and peace are the results of her hard work and dedication to protecting this once-great Queendom. Crime is down. The economy is up. And Quintessa’s allies continue to stand by her side, loyal as ever in the face of this vile hypocrisy.

There is no plot to assassinate Valrae Baines.
There is no shadow war in Vailkrin.
There is no God of Undeath.

(Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of Saorsa Cladach and in no way reflect the official position of the County of the Dark Forest, Quintessa Blackwell, or her Counsel.)


💀Statement from Fort Freedom💀

The Larketian People are well aware of the truth of the suffering they have endured at the hands of malevolent witches and the states that have, directly or indirectly, allied themselves with them. Any attempt to diminish or undermine the facts of recent Lithrydelian history cannot and will not be entertained.

The disasters and attacks in Frostmaw, Sage, Cenril, and Xalious are a direct result of the weak and morally bankrupt leadership of those areas reaping what they have sowed, while the Kingdom of Larket has flourished and rebuilt itself under The Jauzon Crown.

The terrorist Valrae Baines Older was sentenced to death and executed in accordance with Larketian Law. The person or thing currently impersonating her as the mayor of Cenril is considered an affront to Larket’s Justice and an enemy of The Kingdom. They are certainly the manufacturer of the undead crisis there and have blatantly used the chaos that they created to seize power in the city. Any assassination attempt or other act against the corrupt administration in Cenril should be receiving universal praise and has the support of Larketian Crown.

May The God of Death continue to protect Larket and all others that come to accept His Blessing.


From the Prestidigitation Post:


In light of the recent assassination attempt on Mayor Valrae Baines, Archmage Lanlan has issued an edict: That no denizen of Vailkrin, no vampire, and no form of undead will be welcome in Xalious Village or its surrounding territories without presenting documentation that describe their House Affiliation, sire (where applicable), and/or resurector (where applicable). Denizens of Xalious and Cenril will remain unimpeded, and a census will be conducted during which Xalious citizens will be given identification forms that they should keep on them at all times.

In order to enforce this, Archmage Lanlan has reportedly collaborated with various lawmages from Cenril to make the edict magically enforced. As of today, it will be impossible for any vampire to enter a building or structure on the lands of Xalious without express invitation from an inhabitant.

Not only this, but Arcane Guard patrols are now posted at various checkpoints throughout the land. All visitors will be subject to magical scrying on their person and cargo. Additionally, in an effort to cleanse Xalious of any espionage attempts, such as the ones they’ve fallen victim to in the past, unused rooms will have their contents documented and warded. Any lingering magical effects will be dispelled.

When prompted about how these changes will affect daily life in Xalious, Archmage Lanlan had this to say.

From Archmage Lanlan, leader of Xalious, The Burrows, and surrounding Territories:

“The most important thing to me is that we stay safe. All of us. As you may know, Val–Mayor Baines, is a close friend of mine. What you probably don’t know, is that I was there that night, and lucky that I was. I was able to frighten off her assailants and ensure her safety. No, I didn’t get a good look at their faces.

Of course, I am taking all of this very seriously. We at the Mage’s Guild, and especially myself, have been at the forefront of protecting the realm from the putrid god-thing. We cleansed his corruption to the beloved vestige of our patron. We cleansed Cenril of the dire curse and ill wind.

Since then It’s gone to the shadows of the chaos to recuperate, we think. Though we’ve attained these victories, it seems we’ve lost one of our brightest students. We don’t rule out coercion or mind control, or some kind of possession; nor do we take the threat posed lightly.

To that end, if anyone has any information concerning the whereabouts of Quintessa Blackwell, I urge you to come forward. Do not try to apprehend her.

To the people of Xalious, I urge that you remain calm! Despite the horrors, we are thriving once again. In preparation for the Arh’nuk faire (which is just around the corner), I’ve invited various practitioners from various communities and organizations to celebrate the gift of magic with us! It should be an opportunity for trade, learning, fraternity, and festivity!”