Ice Genasi

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Ice Genasi Profile

Race Name: Ice genasi
Homeland: Frostmaw, Xalious Mountain Range, northern climates.
Average Height: Dependent upon primary race.
Average Weight: Dependent upon primary race.
Preferred Classes: Mage, Druid, Priest, Monk, Bard, Spellblade.
Classes this race can be: Typically leans toward classes with ties to magic of arcane or natural sources.
Alignment:  Any.
Aggression Level: Low.
Intelligence Level: Medium to High.
Magic Rating: Very High.
Strength Rating: Low to Medium.
Weak Against: Fire magicks, lightning magicks, physical attack prowess.
Strong Against: Ice magicks, water magicks, Cold.
Related Races: Elementals, demi-beings.
Allied Races: None in particular.
Enemy Races: None in particular.


Genasi are extremely rare beings born or possessing qualities of an Elemental, while not being a true Elemental. Their appearance varies depending upon which race they take after, as well as which element they are attuned to and how. Ice genasi in particular are, obviously, of a frigid nature, said to sport ice-cold skin, bright blue eyes, frosted white or blue-white hair and flesh, as well as a voice that carries hints of Winter's song. Ice genasi are thought to be of a slightly build, seeming as frail and insubstantial as snowdust, a trait that coincides with their flitting, curious natures, although some do possess the sturdier construct of thick ice and the natural stubbornness that comes with an unmoving glacier.

Naturally, they carry an immunity to the influence of environmental cold, as well as a heightened resistance to cold of a magical source. Travel across snow and ice is done with little effort, most often able to walk atop the frost without leaving a mark, or drifting across the ice without loss of movement. This quality may be the source behind stories of elusive snow ghosts, wraiths, and similar, seen dancing across the snowdrifts in a blizzard.


Not nearly as cold-hearted or emotionless as would be assumed of an arctic being, ice genasi seem to tend toward the inquisitive side in those rare times they're seen in general public, usually vastly curious about societies outside their typical habitats high atop distant mountains. Highly passionate in their desires to expand and learn, these particular Genasi often develop a reputation for becoming pranksters out of a love for observing ranges of emotion in others, delighting in being mistaken for a variety of northern spirits of mischief.

Ice Genasi Society

Referred to as Children of the Glacier, Singers of Frost, and similar such titles, these groups of elementals and demi-elementals are rare and extremely difficult to locate due to their tendency to roam constantly, seek shelter within immense blizzards, and call only the most remote arctic mountains home. Highly nomadic, they survive purely off the land and require little to no personal belongings (material value being found in the more mortal raced of their kin).

Little is known about the exacts of elemental societies, as the creatures tend to closely (and violently) guard their own, thus making their genasi offspring and information pertaining to them rarer still.

Ice Genasi & Religion

Ice genasi aren't thought to follow any specific god or goddess, but rather worship Winter itself in its many guises. Priests of this hybrid race follow this same worship, although it isn't unheard of for them to also devote pray to the arctic demi-gods of northern tribes, feeling the beings are embodiments of Winter, just as the tribes will view the genasi as avatars of their tribal gods (e.g. Frostmaw's Snow Maiden).

Ice Genasi History

Next to no certain records exist on this race--as they'd most likely be found near Frostmaw, a land whose history is mostly recorded orally--requiring much guesswork, estimation, and gathering of vague information throughout Hollow history.

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