RP:A Contract Between Cabalities

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Part of the The God of Undeath Arc

This is a Rogue's Guild RP.

Summary: A contract for information is made between Mahri and Kasyr, to aid in Kasyr's quest for support from the vampire houses.

Hanging Corpse Tavern, Vailkrin

Mahri only meant to stop into the Hanging Corpse for a moment or two, to check in with Steadman and the progress in the cellar. The last time she had seen Quintessa, the changeling did not seem to be doing well so her preperations were merely a precaution - given a certain rampaging history. Since all seemed to be going well, it seemed appropriate to also have a drink with the cyclopian bar-keep. Dear old Steady held a rather soft spot in the lycan's heart at the moment, despite his usually dower countenance. That is, he put up with the wolf's management when she managed to come around.

Kasyr is not far away, but then, he's on the hunt. A hunt different from the one which had coloured his morning crimson, and seen the lingering traces of the prior days conflict fade with anothers life. No, his current goal brings him to a different sort of Corpse, sweeping in through the taverns' doors with nary a moment wasted to look over those present. His sole consolation coming in the simple knowledge that his intended quarry was present, and there did not seem to be any outside interference, for once. With something akin to relief, the swordsman begins to make his way towards the bar, seemingly indifferent to his own hellish state- whether it was the disheveled state of what had once been an elegant vest, or the haggard expression that still dominated his features. He'd find his spot at the bar, not far from Mahri- and offer both her and Steady a "Hey" desolate of any sort of warmth.

Mahri glances up as soon as the door openes, her nostrils flaring delicately to take in the scent of whomever might be passing that threshold. Those silver eyes of hers widen in mild surprise when it's Kasyr walking in but then they narrow as his appearance is somewhat concerning along with that old familiar 'cold' scent of the vampire. "Hey," she returns while Steadman only offers a slight nod of acknowledgement. Steady-boy refills Mahri's glass while offering Kasyr a bottle of bloodwine. "You look like shyte, friend." Mahri's not good at compliments.

Kasyr provides Mahri with a somewhat weary roll of his eyes, before offering up the near automatic response of, "You should see the other guy." To be fair, Shi'd likely recovered as rapidly as he had, probably off some adoring fan willing to play the part of dinner and a show. And of the pair- His jaw clenches for a second, an involuntary motion that still helps to prevent him from saying anything inopportune. It's only when he swallows back the memories of their exchange, and the words that came with it, that he starts again, "Just another day in Vailkrin, Madamoiselle. It's been a while, non?" Moments of mortal fallibility, if he was remembering correctly.

Mahri studied Kasyr a moment before taking a swallow from her glass of whiskey, notes that involuntary clench of jaw and quirks a brow. She, however, isn't one to pry - mostly because not answering the questions might result in getting answers anyway. "That it has. What brings you by?" Did she believe this was just a passing visit to an old familiar place? Eh, maybe, but she doubted it. Kasyr seemed to show up at times when things were going to get interesting and those he ran into seemed to become part of that interesting event.

Kasyr considers the idea of small talk, but the look she gives him, and the bluntness of her own statements has him simply shaking his head at the thought. "Business. Though, I'd like to say it's a plaisir, for who it involves at least." At least this wasn't pulling teeth. "Been looking to get back into politics- make sure the city doesn't get drawn into Divinely-originated drama. Figured I'd reach out to friends et acquaintances, given this isn't the sort of thing you do without support." There's a weariness there as he talks, an unguarded sense of weariness, "Noblesse Oblige, et all that."

Mahri 's not much for the small talk these days - sorry Kas. "Back into politics, hmm?" So much she could do with that - "What sort of support are you looking for and gainst whom?" The wolf doesn't get herself involved in that sort of thing, but having friends in high places is certainly not a bad idea - especially if those friends owed favors. It's not that she doesn't notice the weariness - she does- Mahri just chooses not to draw attention to it. For the most part simply because it's not something she'd like done nor would she have handled it well. Assuming every one was the same in that regard, Mahri chose not to comment on it. "I'm afraid I'm a bit short on funds to be able to offer that sort of support."

Kasyr issues a sigh of, it sounds almost like relief when Mahri dives into the thick of things, "Honetement. My biggest opposition es likely going to come from Nasar, et their little mercenary house colleagues. Mostly, I'm looking to find out -what- the various houses need, so that an accord can be reached." There's a pause there, as he briefly considers adding an amendment, but thinks better of it for the moment, "That said, It's not just the vampire houses that need attending to. Spooky isn't here. Hasn't been for years. Finding a representative for the undead quarters is a pressing need. ..As is finding someone for those who don't quite fit the former two populaces." That shared hope for a better future, which had been slowly scuttled in acts of spite and maneuvering, until he was left with no other opton but to continue forward alone, "I'm not asking for finances. I can sort that out myself. I'm just trying to make sure we don't have to deal with yet another Civil war, or bout of Cultist induced chaos."

Mahri is in agreement - it is best to avoid a civil war or other disturbances. While that may be good for business, it wouldn't be for her's. "Alright, so you need information and contacts, or do you need a protection detail, enforcers? What exactly are we talking about here, Kas?" Mahri had almost forgotten about the glass of whiskey in front of her. Reaching for it she polishes off the last inch or so of amber liquor only for Steadman to refill it.

Kasyr actually cackles for a moment, an unexpected outburst of humour as Mahri levels her offer, "Oh. You meant for employees?" She -does- mean other people, right? The amusement still lingers in his gaze, even as he shakes his head, "Information et contacts was mostly what I wanted to know. Et where your own people stood in all of this. If there were any noteworthy ties to a given house that I might need to be mindful of, or could arrange a negotiation with." Don't say Blackwell. His fingers drum against the table, "Et, well, if you hear about anything- odd. I'm expecting -something- cultist related, at some point." Because his suspicions were often on target, and the additional bit of pressure he was aiming to leverage was no doubt going to expedite whatever plans were in store.

Mahri 's lips quirk when Kasyr laughs. It was actually not a bad sound to hear from the vampire and she's not sure she's ever been the cause of it. "My people are neutral if you want them to be. I've no political ties here, Kas. But we can keep an ear out for you an report anything more out of the ordinary than usual." She'd known him for a long time, if any loyalties were to be leveraged against her, it would be Kas with the advantage here. "Just out of curiosity - who are you worried about most?"

Kasyr runs a hand through his hair, a brief sense of relief at -something- going right. "Honetement." He doesn't look anywhere particular here, his gaze flickering in a direction as though trying to make eye-contact with someone staring in at him, "A certain wildcard, who can't quite see the forest for it's trees. Et who -should- be convalescing, rather then nosing in." He shakes his head there, his attention flicking back to Mahri, "But beyond cultists? I'm concerned about Nasar. They seem to hold a particular disdain for me." There's a shrug, and the swordsman gently raps his knuckles against the counter, a precursor to him rising back to his feet, "Neutrality's a safe place to be. Though if you ever need a place for your people here, I'd certainly welcome it."

Mahri nods, a gentle incline of her head, making note of the name. Although she's curious who the wildcard could be - perhaps even has a couple ideas of her own, "Much appreciated, Kas. As well, if you need anything more from my people, let me know." She pauses, then, just before Kas is fully standing she offers, "We go a long way back, you and I. We didn't always get along or even agree on a great many things and while I can't speak for my people, you have my support and this one is on the house."

Kasyr nods at the mention of going back, though the idea brings a more recent association that hardens his features slightly. Still, this dealing was infinitely more palatable- and so, he contrives to offer her a smile, "Hopefully, we'll get opportunities to continue disagreeing over drinks, madamoiselle." Then he's moving out the door, a haphazard wave offered along with the exit, "Au revoir."

Mahri raises her glass in silent toast, "Until next time." Then he's gone and Mahri is left to contemplate her next move