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Timeline of The God of Undeath

Up to date as of May 21st, 2020

OOC: This information is for your ooc use only.

Chapter 1

  1. Gevurah tells Kasyr about Alithyk Caluss, the God of Undeath. Kasyr tells Gevurah about Gospel, a hellish ouroboros sword that Kasyr once wielded but can wield no more. Gospel is now on Arh'Nuk, the mage moon, eating magic. Idea: What if we summoned Gospel, found a way for Kasyr to wield it again, and used it to defeat Caluss, this found a way to banish the sword. Bam!
  2. Gevurah discovers that Vakmatharas made Caluss the God of Undeath. He regretted his creation and banished Caluss. Why didn't he destroy Caluss? Mystery!
  3. At the Halloween Ball, Caluss animates a corpse and uses the vessel to turn Kanna, Niix, and Mallory undead, without killing them first. Prior to the ball, Gevurah had read in the oracle bowl that something would happen at the ball. She goes and is surprised by the turning of the three women and immediately guesses it is Caluss. Lanlan is there too and he helps Gevurah escape with the corpse.
  4. Gevurah and Lanlan take the corpse to Gevurah’s private shrine in House D'Artes for further examination. In the shrine, Gevurah, High Priestess to Vakmatharas, performs a ritual, but Caluss nullifies her priestly powers and reverses the spell to snatch Gevurah and take her to another realm where he tries to turn her undead. She fights back and just barely escapes with her life. Terrified, she firebombs her shrine and magically quarantines it. (ooc: huge ic secret. don't assume you know this)
  5. Reginae returns to Alithrya after winning the Larket Hero of Freedom tournament to find an occupied Muzo. She seeks him out in her ever growing frustration. During the argument that ensues, a strange black smog fills the lab and they're forced to evacuation. Reginae storms back in, clears out the smog, and ends their relationship.
  6. Weeks after Reginae and Muzo's fall out, Yozenra (Reginae's Queens Guard) drags Regi to Muzo's lab to be examined. Regi's developed an unhealthy obsession with one of the snails in her collection. Muzo and Yozenra sedate the raging Queen and take a sneak peek at her dreams, which shows Arh'Nuk and shadowy naga figures bowing to worship it. When Muzo tries to examine the snail, it whispers wordless promises of power and glory if he helps it. Muzo lies about the Queen's ailment, giving Yozenra a placebo and shoving both women out of his lab.
  7. Reginae wakes after accidentally kidnapping Formulae, Muzo's sentient book and lab assistant. She watches the book replay scenes from her dreams with an added flair; a sword, silhouetted by Arh'Nuk, that spills out to form a giant water serpent. In the depiction, Muzo and Reginae greet the fearsome serpent with open arms and calm dispositions. Reginae resolves to solve the mystery alone and claim her promised prize, without Muzo, but not before Formulae fills her in on it's awareness of the 'interloper'.
  8. Gevurah discovers that Kasyr is no longer cursed with vampirism (ooc: huge ic secret. don't assume you know this) and tells him about how Caluss can undermine her high-order priest spells. Lanlan shows up, provokes Kasyr into a fight. It works! Kas attacks Lan. Gev attacks Kas. Kas barely escapes with his life. Lan barely survives. Kasyr-Gevurah alliance is over.
  9. Alithyk Caluss grants Quintessa the power to nullify Gevurah's magic to empower Quintessa to get revenge for Kasyr's near-fatal encounter with Gevurah. In exchange, Quintessa has 1 month to inject a sinister sap into the three Holy Trees of Hollow. (ooc: huge ic secret. don't assume you know this)
  10. Gospel (under pretense) provides Muzo with instructions on how to summon it to Lithrydel proper. Reginae intends to use the entity's power as her own. Muzo knows they are the ones being used but he's just too damn curious to let that stop him.
  11. Muzo and Reginae summon Gospel and release the leviathan in the ocean between Cenril and Rynvale Island.
  12. Lanlan and Quintessa enter comatose Kasyr's dreams. There, Lanlan meets Gospel and learns of the weapon's sibling and Gospel's recent summong.

Chapter 2

  1. Lanlan tells Gevurah he wants to find Gospel's sibling weapon and wield it against Caluss. Thinking him too weak, Gevurah forbids it.
  2. Gevurah surprises Quintessa at a match in the Redskull Trophy Ring and intends to kill her. However, Quintessa deploys her new secret ability to nullify any Vakmatharas-based spells, and nearly kills Gevurah. Lanlan intervenes before that can happen.
  3. Lanlan again presses Gevurah to change strategy: Gevurah should appeal to The Spider Goddess. Lanlan should take Gospel's sibling. Gevurah finally relents.
  4. Lanlan and Gevurah go out on a small boat into the ocean to try and trace Gospel's spiritual connection to Sacred. While spirit-walking, Gospel separates them and makes a deal with Lanlan. If Lanlan kills Kasyr, Gospel will give Lanlan the weapon he seeks: Sacred.
  5. Lanlan and Gevurah ambush Kasyr. During the course of a close fight, Lanlan reveals his plan to Kasyr and Kasyr warns the drow that Gospel is manipulating them. These swords manipulate and kill their wielders. Gevurah has an idea to give Sacred to Caluss to let the all-powerful demon sword manipulate and kill the wanna-be God of the Undead.