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Information in blue is ICly for those who have learned it via RP. Contact Zahrani if you wish to RP with the Collective, or as one of its members.

Background: Felines can be seen throughout Lithrydel, but the port-city of Cenril has the highest concentration, and as a result, a unique relationship with them. When they're not solitary, felines live and work in colonies; often loosely-organized groups of varying sizes, organizational structures, and temperaments. The Isran Collective is one of the more visible and successful colonies to be established, composed of dozens of individuals.

Organizational Structure:

The official hierarchy of Isran is almost completely non-existent. Even the eldest feline woman, the Matriarch or "Grand-Mother" as she's colloquially called, has little legal power over the collective. Members come and go as they please, but philosophically, the cats of Isran tend to be oriented towards community spirit and solidarity. Every member contributes in whatever way they're able.

  • Households: tend to be non-nuclear and overlapping, in that the rearing of children is a collective responsibility. Every cub has a small village to help raise them, for better or worse.
  • Relationship structure: Many members, including Zahrani, are non-monogamous. They are willing to have more than one intimate relationship (with or without consent, depending on the moral compunctions of the cat in question), but to avoid excessive drama and confusion, many felines adopt the practice of limiting themselves to only one mate within the colony, and any additional intimate partners are found outside of the collective.
  • Occupations: Isran Collective felines use whatever skills and passions they have to bring resources and opportunities home with them. Work can be anything including: Hunting/Fishing outside the city, running a stall in the market, taking odd jobs for locals, or doing work inside of the reclaimed West Cenril hotel that the colony calls home.
  • Temperament: Isran felines are generally diplomatic with strangers, but previous experience with slavers (coupled with marginalization inside and outside of Cenril) means they exercise extreme caution, flying under the radar even in the city. If you see a feline walking the streets, there's a good chance they'll have a lookout somewhere out of sight. When someone within their colony commits an offense or crime, their first resort is a restorative approach to justice, rather than a punitive one. Only when the offending party refuses to listen will they be asked to leave. They also do not kill their own, except in self-defense. Periodically, the night comes alive in West Cenril with the sound of music and dancing: the Isran Collective has monthly lunar festivals that, incidentally, also encourage more business in the Night Market.

Members (established in RP)

Zahrani: Panther feline. A paladin of Cyris. Was born in the Isran Collective before her mother died of her wounds. Adopted/mentored by a human paladin at age 8; before that, she worked as a 'roof-runner,' doing errands for various Cenril citizens.


Roahin: "We do not shun or banish people just because they are struggling."

The matriarch, or "Grand-Mother." "Retired" Terramancer; Studied in Xalious before settling into her current role. Helps advise and coordinate Isran affairs, and proactively seeks out opportunities for other members to thrive and grow. Has black fur, flecked with silver, and shrewd amber-yellow eyes. Often seen wearing a common Cenril dress, and a crocheted shawl over her head and ears. Was present at Zahrani's birth, like with so many other members.

Bruiser: *in response to a Cenril reporter's appeal to free speech when discussing bigotry "Oh sure. Let them speak freely; it makes them a louder target."

Roahin's mate. Goes by the nickname given to him by the sailors and dockworkers that visit Cenril. A large burly male feline with gray fur. Has a dark gray braided mane and beard. Often found traveling with the Matriarch, helping her keep the peace and making sure she stays healthy. Does odd jobs around town.

Atakan: "Want to get people together? Set the table, and bring food."

Sphinx (hairless) feline. Has a cherry-blossom tattoo running from his neck to his left shoulder. Former dockworker; now works with his cousin Nirali at the Ginger Snapped Bakery. Specializes in sourdough. Has the fermentation down to a science.

Nirali: "Baking is my meditation. It keeps me centered and connected with people."

Sphinx (hairless) feline. Atakan's cousin/coworker. Makes a legendary quiche. Specializes in the savory baked goods provided at Ginger Snapped. During the breakfast rush, her toasted sesame bagels with cream cheese, and her spiced crepes with potato filling are both popular dishes.

Gamsiz: ''Name a vegetable or meat; I've probably got some way to make it last longer on a ship or in a pantry."

A seacat with a more elf-like appearance, except for his fuzzy ears and tail. Has tattoo sleeves. Buys produce from the market, ferments and seals it to help extend its shelf-life, and sells it in bulk to sailors and land-merchants looking to stock up on healthy rations. Described by some deckhands as a "spice magician" for his choice of pickling spices. Likes guys who are skilled with rope and rigging; if they have a nice beard, all the better.

Children NPCs:

  • Raahin: 11-year old tiger lass. Apprentice to Zahrani. Similar build to the paladin.
  • D'zaeed: Cheetah lad, early teens. Enjoys poetry, art, and free-running.
  • Almitra: Cheetah lass, 6-7 years old. D'zaeed's younger sister. Can be heard singing or humming idly when walking through the Market.
  • J'nira and J'dar: Puma felines, twin sister and brother, early teens. Have a knack for tinkering. They make coin by helping to fix mechanical equipment and busking. Talented dancers.
  • Amir: A snow-leopard lad. 11-years old. Recently moved to the Mage Tower to study magic. Has a knack for spells the center around ice and frost.

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