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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

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The Rising Noble

  • Name: Ayameko Ithilwen Silivrenniel Rose Glorindol
  • Alias: The Moonlit child of the Iris
  • Official Status: Leader of House Glorindol the Fourth Noble High Elven House of Rynvale. Director of Shipping and Trade.
  • Age: She is still considered a young adult in Elven Years. Her age on a glance seems ageless. Easily looks to be 20's-30's.
  • Birth Date:
  • Gender: Female.
  • Race: High Elf
  • Height: 5'3
  • Weight: smudged records
  • Hair Color: Long, curly, white-blonde hair that falls down to her knees.
  • Eye Color: Pale Pastel Blue that have an early morn mist like quality to them.
  • Skin Color: Moonlight Pale Skin
  • Class: High Elven Noble with some training as a Bard.
  • Occupations: Lady Glorindol, Leader of the Fourth House & Director of Shipping and Trade.
  • Clan: None
  • Guild(s): None
  • Alignment: Idealistic Good
  • Home: Rynvale Island Port Rynvale specifically.
  • Relationship Status: Single.

House Leader
The First: House Illaren Arien - Governor of Port Rynvale
The Second: House Falirae Nirrarien - High Magistra of Port Rynvale
The Third: House Larethian Pallas - Commander of the Rynvalian Regiment
The Fourth: House Glorindol Ayameko - Director of Shipping and Trade
The Fifth: House Nonalla Allanon - Manager of Port Rynvale Lumber Industry
The Sixth: House Ilkan Durian- Admiral of the Rynvalian Fleet
The Seventh: House Phenthae Eloen- Commander of the Rynvale Rangers

Physical Description

  • Ayameko is young in elven standards. She would still be considered a new adult so therefor still quite young but accountable for her actions. Her appearance reflects this.
  • Her skin is smooth and flawless with a youthful glow that, especially at night, lends to an ethereal appearance. It's almost as if her skin was made from the moonlight it was reminiscent of.
  • Her eyes are a pale pastel blue that retain a mist quality similar to that of the early morning mists.
  • Her hair is long and curly and falls past her knees in length. It maintains a silky satin quality to it.
  • Those that see her often see her as an ageless beauty though to humans she looks as if she could be early twenties or at her most weary, early to mid thirties.

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Ayameko's Biography

Ayameko was freed from slavery thanks to the lovely Sophie. This Lycan elfess has gained a place in the young High Elfess' heart. Ayameko is a young looking woman. She does her best to always portray herself with poise and grace. Though at times she seems somewhat skittish during certain situations. She has recently taken up the mantle of leadership of her house on behalf of her parents.

Old Bio

Ayameko is a young looking woman. Her manner sometimes suggest that she had formerly been the daughter of a High Elven Lord that had been in high power. At least this is what her former slaver has said. During the Uprising of Vuryal and the exile of the High Elven Court she had been captured and sold into slavery. A slaver by the name of Cormac bought her and she has been made to yield to his will. She is now completely a slave. She holds allegiance to one person and one person alone... her Master and does as he bids without question.

Common Companions

Shortly after Ayameko had been freed from Slavery she had taken up work in Cenril serving as a barmaid. On one of her breaks she had ventured out for some air and away from the Sailor brawls. She had been conversing with a woman when a horse came up to her and butted it's head against her. She has hardly been seen without this horse at her side since then, save for when she is inside buildings that he can not go into. This gentle horse was there for her in the time it took for her to gather the courage to return to her family and to the world of the Nobles.

Noteworthy Items

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Out of Character Contact Info

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