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What is RP?

At its core, role-playing is an improvised form of acting. While role-playing, the "role-player" creates a character and behaves in the manner of that character. In Hollow, this involves becoming a character in a fantasy setting.

Why RP?

Many players enjoy creating friendships and enemies as their character, while submerging themselves in the role-playing environment. These characters can be anything from the honorable human knight, to the cunning drow assassin, or the power-hungry necromancer. Role-playing allows the role-player - for a short time at least - to escape the hum drum, tedium and stress of everyday life to take part in a new world as somebody or something else where the rules of reality may not apply. For many people, this is a fun pastime which they enjoy most when the pressures of real life can be put aside to act entirely In Character for an hour or two. Also, there are many key elements to be considered with role-play. All these elements add up to Realism which should add to further enjoyment of role-play and help aid the escape from the stress of real life.

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