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Part of the Two If By Sea Arc

Crisien was crouched over her journal, squinting at smudged, broken script. She had an inkling about what it meant - she had done for a while, actually - but the metaphorical pieces were finally falling into place. A small, crackling fireball hovered gently above her head to give her just the right amount of light she needed. "Oh," she breathed, muddy-brown gaze suddenly alight with excitement, "Oh, oh, oh!"

Loraen had heard interesting information pertaining to Crisien and a potential bounty of treasure, but those rumors always seemed to fly about the dragon, so each heard was taken with a grain of salt. However, that never stopped Loraen from seeking out Crisien to question the authenticity of the whispers. "What are you looking at?" The vampire questioned, her entrance into the headquarters masked by Crisien's enthusiastic 'ohs'.

Crisien glanced across at Loraen as she approached, broad smile testament to her excitement. "A lead," she breathed, getting to her feet. A few, silent moments of contemplation followed thereafter, wherein the cogs of her brain were turning rapidly. "Loraen," she said, scrutinising the other, "Can you steer a ship?"

Loraen found herself grinning in light of Crisien's answer, and she leaned forward to glance at the supposed lead as well. However, the question concerning her ability to steer a ship warranted a look of bewilderment. "Uh, sure. Why?"

Crisien held the little, leather-bound book aloft for a moment. "Because I'm pretty sure that th' scribblin's I've been lookin' at are coordinates, an' I'm even surer that those coordinates are in th' middle of th' sea off Cenril." A beat. "An', trust me, this is probably the biggest haul I've -ever- heard of. So," muddy brown gaze sought Loraen's, "...you in?"

Loraen stared at the supposed coordinates with little interest until the size of the potential treasure was mentioned. Immediately, Loraen's eyes lifted to Crisien while a smirk played on her mouth, "Well, if you need someone to steer a ship for you, I guess I don't have a choice, do I?"

Crisien grabbed the satchel that'd been strung over the back of her chair and hitched it across her shoulders, before throwing her jacket around her and heading for the door. "No time like th' present," she announced, beaming at Loraen as she quick-marched past her.

Loraen hurried after Crisien after realizing the women planned to leave. "Wait, where in the hell are you going?"

Crisien stormed her way through the tunnels. It was probably, technically a walk, but it was bordering a run. "The tavern in Kelay. We need more'n just the two of us to get a ship to the middle of the sea, an' there are always folk lazin' about there."

Loraen || "So how many are you looking at hiring?" Loraen questioned Crisien as they neared Kelay, "Better question: what's the size of the ship your looking at setting off on?" While Loraen could successfully move boats through waters, none had ever been larger than a single masted ice boat, but that secret would remain hers.

Crisien lifted a shoulder in response to Loraen's question. "As many as we can find, and... I have an idea of a ship. Seen one that belongs to... er, well. An acquaintance. He won't mind if we borrow it." Read: he absolutely, categorically -will- mind when it is stolen and no-doubt decimated by the unruly waters. Fortunately, Crisien kept that gem of information to herself. When they arrived at the tavern, she paused outside briefly to survey Loraen a moment. "Trust no one, 'cept me. People get, er... possessive around treasure. I'll have your back, you have mine." And, with that, she stepped inside and cleared her throat.

Dyzz grinned and nodded, nuzzling Jiya. Goblin culture gave its self to openness, though in a usually messier, less pleasant way. Dyzz was as open, blunt, guileless and tactless a creature as could be... she didn't hardly understand the basics of human society even now, after so many years, and she cared little for standards. She was a chaotic creature, living on a whim, leading her life as she pleased, and loving freely and openly. She all but purred... wait, no, she really was purring when Jiya pet her head! How did she do that, one might wonder.

Crisien stormed into the tavern with a flourish. Those wild, muddy-brown eyes were ablaze with excitement - one she reserved only for the thrill of hunting treasure. "Right," she announced, loudly, "I'm lookin' for a crew t'take t'sea. It's wild, dangerous, and you're quite likely to die, but I promise there'll be all sorts of treasures at the other end." A beat, whereupon she cast a glance across the patrons, "Any takers?"

Dyzz blinked when Crisien came in, and had a hand in the air immediately. "DYZZ'LL DO IT!" She screamed, probably right in Jiya's poor ears.

Jiya : Ears flattened in immediate response to Dyzz, and it was all Jiya could do to not thrust the woman away from her. Restraint could only do so much, however, and Jiya gently but firmly put a hand out to keep herself and Dyzz separated as she took first one, then two steps in retreat. She was wincing, hard, and turned her face away from both Crisien and Dyzz.

Dyzz looked back to Jiya, frowning. "Dyzz sorry..." She said much more softly.

Jiya said, "Mmnnnn, quite...all right, darling." Jiya twitched, a little.

Loraen entered the tavern alongside Crisien, her arms crossed and a disinterested look settled on her face- that is, until Dyzz exploded with interest, because in the way of the troblin's outburst, the vampire looked thoroughly taken aback.

Dyzz would give Jiya a hopeful smile, before turning back to Crisien. "Dyzz knows Dyzz way around water, and love find treasure!" She didn't care so much about the treasure... just the finding of it. She didn't know how to spend coin, anyway.

Crisien, too, was a little taken aback by Dyzz's enthusiasm. "Er," she stammered, head canted lightly, "Excellent. An' you?" she asked, turning to Jiya, "Y'comin', then?" After a moment, she touched Loraen's elbow lightly and leant in to whisper a few, short words before she headed out of the tavern. "To Cenril beach," she called across her shoulder, hoping that people'd follow. Crisien whispered to Loraen, "Keep an eye on that, er... enthusiastic one. Don't want her fallin' overboard, because I am -not- jumpin' in after any man or beast."

Crisien quick-marched her way from Kelay, chancing several, sparing glances at the crowd gathering behind her. As she walked, she announced, confidently, "I know of a ship, an' Loraen here can sail it for us. Goin' t'need help with all the... ship-ly things," it was probably obvious, by this point, that Crisien wasn't a proficient sailor herself. Once they arrived, she located the ship they were going to use... only, it didn't -exactly- belong to her. She wasn't worried about the wrath of Tristram when he realised she'd stolen yet another of his possessions, but she did have a very fitting, prudent fear of it being guarded. Fortunately, she'd learnt, long ago, that striding confidently into situations and pretending to know (or own) things often worked well enough. So, that's what she did; she strolled up to it and waved a hand across it, beaming at her... crew. "This is m'ship," she lied. It wasn't the biggest of vessels, but it was impressive nonetheless - Tristram chartered it, she believed, and he had a tendency to flash the cash. "So, er. All aboard..."

Aptera is curled up out of immediate sight. In a make-shift hammock of fishing net and twine, the mermaid listens carefully as foreign sounds invade the surrounding waters. Slipping out from her bedding into the surrounding water, …her ear prick at the soft mummer of voices beyond the water… her scales ripple and gleam in the subtle vibrations sent into the water by footsteps on the loose sand. Aptera’s spherical optics adjust carefully, allowing her vision a greater distance as debris floats around her in the harbour.

Loraen was happy to remain quiet during the quick trek from Kelay to Cenril, but occasionally, she leaned toward Crisien and part with a few murmured words regarding the mission, or the boat, or even their haphazard crew. Once the small ragtag group approached the docks and, consequently, the vessel in question, Loraen merely stared at it. This is what she was expected to sail? Unfortunately for Crisien, and Tristram, this beauty of a boat would be nothing but splinters by the time they were finished with it. "What a shame," she murmured under her breath as she followed Crisien aboard.

Dyzz had experience as a sailor, as fate would have it. "Aye aye, cap'n!" The little troblin had infinite energy, and would be climbing up the side of the side of the ship effortlessly, before beginning to work rigging and see to the various needs of a ship preparing to depart, mostly involving rope. She was good with rope, and though her tiny form might get tossed around at times, she had herculean strength, and could haul an anchor by herself if she so wished. It helped she didn't worry much for ropeburn, when overexcited and pulling on ropes connected to... unknown things. But that was how one learned, no? Seashells flashed in her hair, and once she was satisfied that she'd done a smidgen of the work, she'd start walking around on the rails, then running, letting her hair flow free, the glowing seashells of deep Taylebeck flashing in her hair. Salty ocean spray, unknown destinations, suspicious, strange comrades, it was all so exciting! She hopped and skipped, and whooped, barely able to contain her excitement and energy, dancing on top of the railing. Murphy oocly nod nods.

Murphy is slightly busy talking to a few cenril city watchmen about particular goods he recently unloaded, which just so happened to have goods that, for some very peculiar reason, have been reported stolen in Rynvale! Of course such a curious coincidence must be a mishap, aye? For a simple ship captain is naught but a taxi for goods going to and from the numerous ports dotting the coasts. And because of such a misunderstanding, the man who is by no means a "pirate", ahem, tries to inform these fine men of the situation. " I've told ya a million times gents, that cargo wasn' on my manifest! I've no blimey idea how it ended up there, and you shouldn' be lockin' down my ship because of it!" The city watch's captain, a pudgy man, with swarthy skin, whose stomach pokes out below a shirt that seems a tad bit too small for his sweaty bulk, grins at the captain, as he replies. " I ain't one fer carin' about your stories, Murphy. " To which, naturally of course, the seafarer correctly adds. " Ahem, Captain, please." Before allowing the boarish looking man to continue on. The captain of the watch gives Murphy a look, before saying. " Righ', looks like you ain' a "Cap'n" no more, aye, boyo? Not until you pay the fee, 500 gold, and another werd from ye, and I'll tack on another 100!" Seeing his has been backed into a corner, Murphy flashes a charming smile, and replies. " Ah, well. Alright then." Turning to face the few of his crew that are not currently piss drunk at the pub, or buried deep in the bosom of one of the "ladies" located in the shadier parts of town, the captain says. " Alright boys! Wrap it up! Ships docked, and we've got to find ourselves some work to pay these fine..." He pauses, and tosses his thumb over his shoulder as he says. " Gents, so we can get the Gambit back. So, anyone with a good idea gets the first round on me!" Of course, Murphy knows when not to cross the crimelords of this city. The "watch" was owned by various kingpins, who often exploit their power to squeeze gold out of honest, and slightly but very charming and not so honest, folk all the time. This battle was one he would not win, so finding work to pay the fee is the only answer. " Unless you lot know someone in need of a Captain!" He calls out, smirking at the thought.

Darion/Grum was a rather large thing as most ogres were, his appeareance was that of a blood thirsty killer sporting large leather pants studded on the knees a leather belt with what seemed to be peices of boned made into a skull were the only thing the ogre wore apart from the gauntlets he wore on both of his arms. The gauntlets would be impossible for anyone with human strength and much to large to fit anyone else were also studded to the elbow with small metal studs. He was loyal to his captain and after over seeing the repairs of the ship or watching the "crew" work rather he looked to his friend murphy and noticed the rather sloppy man he was speaking to and began walking toward the two stopping only a foot or so behind murphy. "We no take ship out? Grum wants sail." Grums toned lowered a bit as his statement ended. Loraen looked at Darion. Kang vanished before your eyes, perhaps never to be seen again.

Crisien was oblivious to Aptera's presence, presumably aboard their intended destination. She also missed Loraen's under-the-breath comment, considering the fact she, too, was clambering aboard the vessel. Trying to make it look as though she knew what she was doing, she paced up and down the deck and cast several, furtive glances down the hull. Dyzz was observed going about the shiply things and a small nod of approval would be shot in the troblin's direction, should she meet Cris' gaze. Emilia, a friend and compatriot of the dragon, followed her aboard and would receive a smile and an unspoken instruction to help Loraen. Meanwhile, Murphy stole Cris' attention and, for a moment, she considered the situation - they needed someone who knew the seas, and... well, it seemed he needed some gold. "Oi," she trilled down at the captain, "I don't need a captain, but I might well need a navigator. Y'think you're up to it?" Dorian was levelled with those muddy-brown eyes too, and she squinted... an ogre. Hm. Hopefully, he wasn't too pally with Tristram and was blissfully oblivious as to the ship's true owners. "There's treasure in it f'ya, at the end of the road."

Aptera furrows her brow, pushing herself to the surface of the water, eyes flashing with electric intensity. Quickly, claw-like fingernails dug into the side of a floating barrel and used it to conceal her tail. A few more various objects to give the barrel some weight in the water and her trap seemed set. The mer-woman contorted her face in what must have been silent vocal practices before a shrill yet soothingly beautiful call for help burst from her vocal chords. “Is someone there?” Her voice, soft and innocent, but strikingly stirring should carry out to the crew. “Someone! Help!” With a bit more urgency, she feigned to struggle against the barrel’s weight and awaited her prey.

Loraen broke from Crisien's side the moment she was aboard the ship, and immediately began to familiarize herself with the more important aspects of the vessel. (Until she get's back, Crisien has rights to NPC her)

Dyzz heard the sounds of someone in distress! She looked out over the waters, seeing the woman in the barrel. "Ooh! She pretty." A moments hesitation. Then, she was running, and leaping, and diving. She swam the ocean waters gracefully, closing in on the woman in the barrel, red hair trailing behind her, as seashells flashed in the water. "Dun worry! Dyzz coming!" When she finally closed in, she'd reach for the barrel, to try and drag the woman out and to safety.

Murphy watches as his men, save from Grum, shrug their shoulders and toss each other looks. Gritty and seasoned men of the seas, half this lot were convicts of a less bloodthirsty nature, and of a more "I just happened to pick up this lost item!" lot. And for all the quick lies they can spew forth, not a one of them has an idea. but it seems Selene herself smiles upon the captain, as a fair voice calls out from a nearby ship, mentioning those ever so lovely words. Treasure and Gold. Faster than a pickpocket's hands does that charming smile come to bare once more, as he replies. " Oh now you're just sweet talkin' me lass!" Looking to the few men he has present, he says. " I can naviga-" He is cut off as the screams of a woman capture his attention. But, before he can even react the troll..goblin...thing leaps from the ship and swims faster than a dolphin after a fish towards the scene. " Well, that ain't somethin' you see everyday, is it Grum?" Smirking at his greenskin firstmate, the pirate adds. " Seems under control." Probably some fair maiden that can't swim, or one of them ladies from up the street who came looking for a sailor who owed her a few coins and got herself tossed over. Either way, the... woman thing, swimming after her seems to have it, and so, Murphy returns his attention for now, to the one who called out earlier. " My firstmate comes along, and if you need anymore crew, I've some experienced hands I can bring."

Darion/Grum turns as Murphy does "Grum no think he see that again." The large ogre chuckles with a deep rumble that nearly viberates the area around him. Hearing the woman Murphy spoke to Grum stood up and smiled a wide grin showing a mouth full of wicked teeth. "Grum only follow cap'n. Cap'n go grum go."

Crisien blinked a few times at Aptera's shrieks, before she failed miserably at stifling a groan as Dyzz jumped in to save the creature. "Don't dawdle," she announced, "We're settin' sail in literally a few seconds." A moment later, and that warning was extended to Murphy and his first-mate, "Same goes for you two, if y'comin' along. Come aboard, and hurry up about it." Patience wasn't Crisien's best quality - in fact, it was, frankly, one she didn't possess at all. "Off we go then, Loraen," she murmured, "Soon as they're all back aboard."

Aptera wiggles out of her hiding spot just as the troblin is in view, without a word, she dives back into the dark depths of the water completely out of sight or range. These people seemed set on something...and this mermaid would find out what.

Loraen nodded to Crisien and waited for the others to climb aboard.

Dyzz reaches the barrel, just in time to... look down, and see nothing. Huh? She blinked. That was weird. She looked in the barrel, sticking her head into the water of it, and seeing a hole in the bottom. "Hmm. Hoomans dun drown THAT good." She made a funny face, and would be making her way back to the ship, of which she could simply climb up the side. She spotted the ogre on her way, however, and couldn't help but smile. Dyzz -loved- ogres. This was turning into a promising trip. The drowning maiden was all but forgotten, in an instant.

Murphy watches the events in the water unfold with a bit more than mild curiosity, as a disappearing woman isn't something to be just ignored right off the bat, ya know? But it seems time isn't something he has to spare at the moment, and for the sake of the sake of things, mainly his ship and the pretty woman's gold, the swashbuckler turned navigator taps his ogre friend on his overly large shoulder and says. " You heard the lady! On the ship, chop chop!" And flashes his oldest friend a wink. A ship full of pretty women? How hard of a job could this be? And so on the ship goes the pirate.

Darion/Grum looked to Murphy as he tapped him on his large shoulder. "Roger cap'n" Grum followed Murphy onto the ship checking that he had the few things he may need. Gauntlets, Check, small pack of knick knacks, check. Grum notices a bundle of harpoons in a rather large quiver like holder and throws them on his back just before climbing aboard the ship. Grum may have been a simple minded thing but he understood that a ship full of woman and the open sea was the dream for anyone. "Grum thinks this best sail yet" he said in a low deep tone to murphy. The large ogre noticed the woman eyeing him, it was the same small framed green woman who jumped in the sea. "What she?" He asked Murphy again.

Crisien grinned as the ship took sail, though a hand was clasped quite tightly to a nearby rope. Falling over the edge didn't particularly to appeal to her. The first bit was, well... fairly easy; Crisien could understand how to read maps, given her profession, but she beckoned Murphy over nonetheless. "It's not far," she'd say as he approached, "But I want t'know if we're going t'meet anything... unsavoury." Dyzz was observed carefully, too - Cris wasn't that familiar with her, and she was a little... spritely. In response to Grum, the woman lifted a shoulder. "I have no idea..."

Loraen , after inspecting the ship for any visible signs of dangerous rigging or spots that could cause problems (namely for the troblin who seemed to be gung ho over any little thing- not that a potentially drowning woman was a little thing...), moved to take the wheel and began barking orders at those who had agreed to join The Compass on their adventure. Anchor hoisted and sails let out to catch the bay breezes, Loraen guided the ship away from Cenril's harbor without, surprisingly, a problem.

Dyzz found herself saluting stiffly, dripping wet with hair clinging to everything, as Loraen barked orders. The authoritative woman had command, though, and she'd agreed to be part of the crew... and that meant taking orders. She wasn't too good at taking orders, but sometimes, you just had to do what you had to do. Many fertive glances were given over towards Grum, and she'd take any chance she could to get close to him while working on rigging and other sailing matters, and poke at him, usually around the kneecaps, or ankles. She even gave him a good sniff, once.

Murphy is by the one with the maps in a moment, walking with experienced sealegs as the ship takes off, the pirate's ever present charming smile is offered up once more as he says. " You're experienced with the sea, yeah? Its filled with things you'd love to avoid, but normally you can't. But lucky for you I know routes that are easier to travel then most." Pointing to the map, and seeing the intended destination, he says. " Skirt along here, but be mindful that midway through you'll near a reef, but if your Cap'n there has any skill, she can steer us 'round and through easy enough." Motley crew was it? Looking around, from Crisien, to Loraen to the... green female thing, Murphy was wondering if any of them have ever handled a ship of their own before. And this ship, come to think of it, was flashy. Damn well near brand new, which means it must've rarely been taken out. Curious indeed, but questions usually don't lead to gold, now do they? So he put off any notion of curiosity, and went about helping the deckhands where he could. Even as a captain of his own ship, he grew up on the ocean. He knew every job there was to do, and with Grum here, he knew they could at least survive if things went awry. That is if Grum doesn't end up in some odd greenskin mating ritual with the odd looking thing that... just sniffed him? Looking around to see if anyone else caught that, Murphy shakes his head. By Selene's grace! Let him get through this, and back to his own ship!

Darion/Grum looked to the green haired woman a few times as she poked at his legs and sniffed at him. Following Murphy's lead Grum began movin the larger items on the deck around to give it a bit more balance. when he walked close enouh to murphy he leaned down to his ear "What i do about her? You know what i should do cap'n?" Grum looked to the woman again and drug the large anchor to the side of the ship and wrapped the rope as he had done hundreds of times before. Grum looked around the deck aain not noticing much left he could do with his large build without getting in the way and possibly breaking something so he sat near the mast watching the sky "Grum like sail..." He sounded content.