Arc:Hour of Wolves

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If you're interested in joining this arc, contact Hildegarde or Lionel for more info! 


The City of War and the Hard City have made a tense peace. It is a fragile peace, one that could be easily broken or forged to last a lifetime under the right conditions. Yet evil stirs behind the scenes, waiting to be seen. An ancient evil stretches forth in a vile attempt to tear the peace asunder: a war between the two cities would benefit it well. Or... at least, war within Lithrydel. Frostmaw is a bastion of good and justice. It has to be the first to fall in this here Hour of Wolves.

Chapter One: When The Dust Falls

  1. Initiations
  2. In Frostmaw's Employ
  3. Frozen Flame
  4. Frostmaw Welcomes Alvina As The New Royal Blacksmith
  5. Behind Closed Doors
  6. The Living Dead
  7. Like We're All Being Herded
  8. A Disquiet Follows My Soul
  9. Everyone Loves Tuna
  10. The Frostmawian Job
  11. Rules of Acquisition
  12. Ceremonies of Light and Dark
  13. Glimmers
  14. And The Foam On The Shore, Granite
  15. The Wire
  16. Loose Ends
  17. Not Working As Intended
  18. Suit Up
  19. Power For Mischief
  20. In Da Club
  21. The Linn-le Engineer That Could
  22. Of Gods and Giants
  23. A Delivery Made
  24. Side Effects May Vary
  25. Closing The Loop
  26. Returning To The Scene In Frostmaw
  27. Los Pepes
  28. Line Of Succession
  29. RIP The Larket Cartel

The Substances

The Red Dust

The 'red dust' is considered to be an 'upper'. It makes the user feel more energetic and almost gives a sense of invulnerability due to the massive surge in energy. A feeling of unique euphoria, the substance is quite addictive and its lingering good feeling certainly covers up the negative effects it has on the body and the rotting effect it has on the mind.

Ice Spice

'Ice Spice' is an unusual bastardization of the red dust. Infused with the black ice of Frostmaw, this has changed the red dust into a sort of dark blue version of the substance with very different effects. Ice spice has a near numbing effect, causing users to fall into an almost zombie like state of placidity and stillness. However, this stillness and zombie like state does not remain peaceful for very long as it soon causes users to lash out with extreme hostility at those around them. It leaves a gnawing need for more in those that do use it. There is something almost magical and sinister about the substance, so those who consider using it should think carefully before doing so... they may just be taking on more than they can handle.

NPCs in Play

  1. Lisbeth - Captain of the Queensguard and fiercely loyal to Hildegarde.
  2. Balgruuf - the failed usurper and permanent "guest" of Frostmaw Fort. Balgruuf is as shady as ever.
  3. Esche - A foreign, elven follower of Lionel's. Enigmatic and inquisitive, but a veteran of several Lithrydelian engagements.