Arc:A Different Halloween

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Every year at Halloween, the barriers between the dead and the living weakens. Spontaneous undead events are more common, and this is well known to the magical communities: the Mage's Guild, Necromancer's Guild, and the various religious organizations. All of these groups spend time preparing for this each year, depending on their goals. Some to harness it, others to deal with the outbreaks.


The events leading up to the awakening of Cyllth, dracolich Oracle. I don't plan on making a huge dramatic entrance. Rather, his awakening will change the magical energy landscape, diverting a lot of the magical energy currents. This won't affect anyone's power levels or anything like that, but will tell those powerful and sensitive enough that something has happened. And hopefully kick off some RP as they try to find out what it was.

Basically what I'm envisioning right now is that all the various groups will be getting ready as usual for halloween, and then nothing will happen. All the loose necromantic energy that normally kicks off random undead activity each year got snagged by Cyllth's wake-up routine, and is being used to bring him back to full awareness.

If you or your group would like to participate in this, post any RPs and link them to this Arc and tag yourselves with it.