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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

This Page has been marked as a Character Profile.


After being MIA for a year or so, I went ahead and formally tendered my resignation as an Admin. It was my pleasure and privilege to work with and for you all for as long as I did. I don't know when or if I will return to the World of Hollow, or what my status would be if I do, but I wish you all many enjoyable days here. Anyone who wishes to keep in touch with me is more than welcome to do so, and I will keep my Hollow.Cyllarus gmail account open as well (I never did bother to make one for Cyllth). --Cyllth (talk) 18:44, 15 January 2013 (UTC)


There are 4 ways in which he might most commonly be encountered.

  1. A brief flicker of green light in the background. This is Cyllth's remote sensing spell that he uses for eavesdropping and trying to learn about this new world he's woken up in. In this form he can not interact with the local environment physically, although he has demonstrated at least a mild spellcasting ability through it. Also note that, as of this writing, only 4 people even suspect that the green light indicates anything out of the ordinary than a stray light reflection. If your character puts a lot of effort into tracking it down, when looked at from the front it looks like a film about an inch square, with a soapy/oily looking surface that occasionally has rainbow reflections. It will cast a small shadow from light hitting it from the front, but from any other angle it does not exist, and light passes right through.
  2. A full-body projection. This is Cyllth's normal way of interacting with people in person. In this form, he appears as a an enormous dragon completely made of transparent glass or crystal. He is mostly invisible, but his body distorts light so that objects behind him seem to bend or warp somewhat. Think of it like a mix between the distortions caused by looking through a glass of clear water and the SFX of the Predator's camouflage. Also, his eyes are a visible pair of glowing green lights. In this form he has the equivalent powers of a very strong mage. His projection is not intangible, and can be damaged, but injuries are not permanent, and will vanish when the projection itself is dispelled and resummoned.
  3. Uninhabited skeleton. This is his real body. It is as large as his projection, as I am operating under the assumption from D&D that dragons keep growing as they age, and he liched right before he was ready to die of old age, so he is at or near the maximum size possible for his breed (whatever that is). However, at the moment Cyllth's awareness is not animated his body, and is elsewhere (usually lurking around in Projection-form, so watch out behind you). He has layered his body with many many spells over the millennia, with the result that his body is, for all intents and purposes, intangible when he is not in it. It can not be touched physically or magically by any means that Cyllth has been able to think of over his very long lifetime. He has no desire to come back from a long trip somewhere to find his bones shattered and scattered.
  4. Animated dracolich skeleton. This is Mind and Body united. In this form, Cyllth has access to all of his powers, and if he is in his cavern in this form I consider it acceptable to godmode slightly. Also note that I have no plans for him to ever take his body outside his cavern, although it is possible it may be necessary for an RP, but he will try just about any alternative to doing so, because leaving his cavern means leaving his prepared and entrenched defenses.


Because I am playing him as essentially a myth or a legend from ages long ago woken into the present, I won't post his history or background here. However, I invite people to post stories or tales of their own RPs with him here, to maybe simulate gossip or talk of the 'mysterious Oracle'. Or not, your choice. ;) This is an experiment, it is.

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Original Character Creation and Design

OOC: Okay folks, this move has been in the works for almost a year now. I have swapped admin characters from Cyllarus to Cyllth. Cyllarus had finished his RP goals long ago, and if I hadn't been an admin I would have changed characters a long time ago.

The character concept is for a Very ancient dracolich (dragon who has become a lich), so old there's practically nothing left of his body but bones. He's just woken up after years, decades, perhaps even centuries of slumber, until there's even barely even memories or stories left of him.

My thought was that he would operate as an Oracle, but I haven't worked out a good way to do that yet.

Now, I have caught some flak from people upset that I'm jumping straight to dracolich. So, feel free to post your opinions, pro- or con- on the Talk page here. I won't hold their opinions against anyone so long as they are non-inflammatory.

Char notes (draft):

  • his original color may be unknown to anyone, except maybe him. He's so old that even the vague legends and stories don't say for sure, or are conflicting.