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Note on retirement

Kuzial is retired, as I no longer play Hollow. I don't really care what happens to House Stavret, though I would rather it remain where it is with Kuzial still as the NPC Patron (One I'd rather people not play.) But again, I don't really care. If something happens which requires House Stavret to be destroyed, so be it. Just don't kill Kuzial, and know that one day I may refind motivation and come back and play, and any wrongdoings towards the house shall be repaid in kind.


The Ballad of Kuzial

(To the tune of Danny Boy)

Oh drow Kuzial, the blades, the blades are calling

from house to Sage, and 'round the cavern walls

The peace has gone, and NPCs are dying

'Tis you, 'tis you must hunt and they must hide

But sod ye off when summer's in the meadow

or when the valley's hushed and white with snow

For none want you, in sunshine or in shadow

Oh drow Kuzial, the world, it fears you so

And if you come, and all the flowers are dying

If I am dead, as dead I well may be

I pray you'll find the place where I am lying

For a vampire's wrath you shall there see

And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me

And all my grave will warm and sweeter be

And then you'll kneel, with shovel to uncover me

Oh drow Kuzial, what you have sown I shall then reap

Valentin (talk)

The Jolly Underdark

(To the tune of 'The Town of Ballybay')

In the jolly underdark, there was an elfboi dwellin'

I knew him very well an' the story's worth th'tellin

His father was a drow, an' he was a surly bastard

He'd spank him thrice a day an' deprive th'lad o' custard


With me ring a ding a da, me ring a ding a daddi-o

Me ring a ding a da, whack for the daddi-o

Oh, he had a right temper, it was burnin' like a fire

and he'd take it out for walks, jus' to demonstrate his ire

he'd argue in the hall, and he'd argue in the alleyway

he didn't give a damn, he jus' had to argue anyway


And he said he wouldn't play, unless he had 'is daggers on

but when he had 'em on, well he'd play as well as anyone

and he wouldn't go to bed, unless he had his chainmail on

but when he had it on, well he'd go as quick as anyone


And he had a scary look, it was terror's second cousin

He'd glare away the day, scarin' locals by the dozen

and he had bad habits too, always knifin' up the peasants

the neighbours would complain, 'cept they found him so unpleasant


Oh, he led a violent life, killing anythin' appealing

and he poisoned his old man well beyond the point o'healing

And when his father died, he was feelin very lonesome

So he hid his father's corpse an' trapped his spirit in a soulstone

Chorus x 2

Valentin (talk)