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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.

The Jester

Name: Ynhaldei.
Occupation: Circus Master of the Travelling Misfortune 
Race: Desert Elf.
Age: Stopped counting but is about 450+
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Colour: Faded White.
Eye Colour: Bloodshot Red - Blind
Skin Colour: Sun-brunt Dark.
Class: Spatiomancer. 
Alignment: Chaotic.
Origin: The Nameless Desert.
Home: Currently residing in the Southern Sage Forest but is usually found loitering at Cenril.


Her birth is a mystery even to herself, she never knew her parents or any family. She simply assumed that she was thrown into the desert to die. Living in one of the numerous settlements inside the Nameless Desert, she was forced to survive living among the inhabitants of the settlements or the monsters that fill the desert landscape. The settlements are a safe haven for outlaws and bandits as the desert is too treacherous to cross, no law enforcer would dare hunt them especially that numerous creatures hide within the sand, quietly waiting for any prey.

Numerous times she was thrown out of the settlement either for entertainment or as punishment for stealing what's necessary. Soon enough she lost her sanity and vision along the way, forcing her to learn other ways to navigate. Using her sharp elven ears and long life span, she began practicing Echolocation for a couple of decades, sharpening them even further throughout her lifetime, including her daily trips to the beaches of Cenril as the wide open space, lack of solid surfaces and powerful sound of moving water distorts sound immensely, allowing her to train her Echolocation even further.

Before she left the Nameless Desert and joined a circus band, she was able to claim a Desert Wyrm and is currently using it as a mount and pet. She also rescued an old hermit out in the desert that turned out to be a powerful mage. As compensation for his rescue, he taught the elf how to use magic but ended up dying before finishing her studies and now she has been going around trying to find a new Master.

Aside from being a Spatiomancer, she also have numerous talents picked up over the years through experience and certain odd jobs she performed within the circus before she became its Circus Master. To name a few:

  • An excellent chef - Is also aware which ingredients are poisonous through first hand experience.
  • Immunity to some poisons - The Desert is a dangerous place and has been poisoned numerous times by either food or monsters and soon developed some sort of immunity.
  • Immunity to electrocution - One of the monsters in the desert uses electric discharge to stun and paralyze prey.
  • Knife Throwing
  • Acrobatics
  • Polearms Training - Used in numerous occasions but mostly for a stage act that included combat.
  • Swordsmanship Training - Same as above but not as useful when it comes to real combat.
  • Novice Magic - knows all novice class magic for nearly every branch.

As of this moment, Ynhaldei has left Hollow to continue her search for a Master and one day will return once she has finished her training.