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Name: Terzo
Age: 50 (Very young for an Avian) 
Born in: Krizar
Race: Avian 
Class: Mage 
Eyes: Green
Hair: Ebony 
Skin: Fair
Height: 6'1"  (73 Cm) 
Weight: 210 lbs (95 kg) 
Marital Status: Single 
Alignment: Lawful Neutral 
Languages Known: Common,
Political Status: N/A
Clan Status: Cateran Rebels 
Guild Status: Searching


Terzo is a fifty year old avian. And though being 50 in avian years, he resembles being close to 15 in human years. Slick greasy black hair, oily skin upon a six foot frame. With exception of the oily appearance, his skin is a light tan color. Typically seen wearing a white robe. This is not by design to show his favor to any use of magic, but rather a design by his player to show his purity when it comes to the use of magic.


Naive, Arrogant, Hot headed, Easy tempered, but most important of all, eager to learn. To those he calls friend he is loyal and no doubt ready to lay down his life for them should the need rise. To those he calls foes, while he will not kill you out right, he will put you through hell.

(Side note in relation to the alignment. Terzo doesn't care much about the laws of the land, and in fact could care less, hence one of the reasons he's a mage not a fighter. He is lawful by his morals which are his personal law that he will not break)

How ever, he is also learning He knows he is magical, and knows that in time he will be able to do more then a offer a hypnotic suggestion and do various glamor effects.


Terzo, just as any avian born in the military run city of Armantium, was born with a sword in one hand and a shield on the other. And from the day he was able to walk he was forced into training learning to wield the weapons. And while he learned and studied and grew to love the strategy of war there was always something missing in the application.

For a training exercise the military leaders of the “sword and steal” city of Armantiuum arranged a “capture the flag” type game with the magic based city of Durgoth to give each of their students a chance to spar with the opposing side. It was in that game that Terzo got his first taste of magic and it was him finding love at first bite. Bite of a frost spell that is.

Having used his wit he had managed to snag away a book away from one of Durgoth's warriors. And he soon began to study it and used what he could. Word soon spread around the ranks and Asvaldr Khar had caught word. Few weeks later Terzo was released from his duties dishonorably.

Not being able to cope with the disgrace of the dishonorable discharge, his family removed him from their home. It was upon flying around that the avian came to the ground world known as Hollow.

And as such begins the new chapter of his life.

Current Events

Currently looking to enroll into the Mage's Guild.

Picked up learning fire magic. Is able to cast low level fire spells.

Has recently joined into the Cateran Rebels guild in exchange for magic lessons.