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Name: Luthis Brevodore
Age: 22
Born in: Cenril
Race: Human
Class: Priest
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Light
Hair: Black
Height: 72 in.
Weight 155 lbs
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: True Neutral
Diety: Q'na (God of Time and Space)


Not exactly the most attractive man, yet not an unattractive man, Luthis' build is lean. His skinniness gives him the illusion of being taller than he really is at times, particularly if he is in a fit of rage. His steel gray eyes are an obvious remnant of his rough childhood, and his black hair is cut in the typical priestly bowl cut.


Father: James Brevodore
Mother: Jaquelin Anette Brevodore

Luthis Brevodore was born to poor parents in the city of Cenril, and lived a deprived childhood. While not always on the right side of the law, his actions to stay alive never hurt anyone terribly. Stealing crumbs and little goods for the other poor children was not out of the question, but calling the young Luthis a criminal is also mistaken. Never the first to eat, or drink from the wash bin, he always had others at the front of his mind. However, there were few that went so far to call him a "good kid". As he grew older, it became apparent to himself that he had no future beyond continuing down the path of perpetual poverty. At the ripe age of seventeen, he took on a vow of chastity and joined the small number of priests in training to break out of this cycle.

During his years of study, he grew passionate about the teachings of Q'na, and the applications of those teachings in everyday life. People and places could change, wounds could heal, and change is the only certainty were the core ideas Luthis learned. They appealed to him- a growing man with a shrinking future. The inspiration to succeed derived from these teachings. Here, he wasn't the poor buy from Cenril. Here he could help; he and fellow priests made minor theological breakthroughs unimportant to the layman, but important to a boy who just a few years ago was eating trash and drinking rainwater out of the gutter.

After five years of studying and devoting his time to Q'na, he left Cenril in order to preach the teachings, quietly, to others. As he passed through smaller villages, he was often chased out for making the local populace uncomfortable with their own non-religious affiliation. Indeed, he learned his lesson when he first went into a peace-loving village and asked for a plot of land for a Temple of Q'na. Within a couple of minutes, he was chased out of town by pitchfork and torch-wielding pacifists. Not wanting to be threatened with violence, he continues to train his magical and physical talents. He is comfortable with the idea of never being the most powerful magician or the strongest warrior, so long as he is just strong enough to fend for himself.

He continues his journey seeking to spread the teachings of Q'na on a personal level. Never forceful with religion, and always respectful, he always looks for friendship and adventure wherever possible.


  • Help cultivate a population devout to Q'na
  • Maintain balance through words and actions as a True Neutral
  • Help where there is need


Strives to be amicable to strangers and always willing to listen. Is moderately open about his past, given enough trust in return. Doesn't push his religious ties too much, only when offering guidance. Betrayal or other breaches of trust, along with hateful and condescending words, are the best way to drive Luthis into one of his remarkable rages. Very angry, he rarely leaves anyone unscathed in his firestorm of words. Were it not for these rages, a product of his tough childhood, one could almost consider him to have saintly characteristics.

When given a job or task he wants to do, Luthis strives to do it to the best he can do. In fact, he rarely forgives himself of his failures and instead tends to be a bit too harsh on himself if he comes up short. He easily recognizes if people ask too much of him, but will try to still remain dependable.


Unknown to but a few, but Luthis has a mean streak that is narrow but very deep. It's hard to get that far on his bad side, but once insulted or condescended to enough, he will treat that person as a sworn enemy of him. Revenge will not be out of the question, nor utterly destroying everything about that person in every aspect: Religious, Social, Economic, Political and who knows how else. He is very quick to forgive; yet very slow to forget.

This streak of meanness, some would say evilness, seems to counterbalance his very respectful and open nature. Thus, with very little middle ground he is polarized with a good and bad side, balancing him overall as a True Neutral.



These are the adventures, past and present, silly and sincere, that Luthis has participated in.


Assault on the Duergar Dark Tower

Goals: Participate in battle as a healer, and save lives in combat. Stay alive.
Time Frame: This is a one-time adventure.

Prologue: August 10th, 2009

Lisha says to Luthis, "You have done well, and your skills will be greatly welcomed to our cause. Just do be more mindfull and make sure that a wound has been healed completely before moving on."

Luthis nods, biting his lip in a bit of disappointment and silently cursing his faltering under sudden pressure. "I always seek self-improvement, and will take heed of your advice. Should you ever need to tell me anything else, please feel free to. Though, I am a bit curious as to the kind of work we're going to be doing. I still haven't the slightest idea of when you need my help."

Lisha takes several steps back out toward the desolate wasteland, her feet crunching over dessicated soil as she comes to a stop some ten feet away from the man. The dryad motions to a small inky blot that rises above the horizon, "That is the aptly named "Fort Hell", it serves as the basis of resistance to these Duergar monsters. I have been exiled for my choice but i will not stand back and let the Duergar destroy all which i hold dear, I shall fight. Tomorrow, we ride from fort hell for the Duergar fortress and we shall show them no mercy for the crimes they have wrought. There is no way to avoid casualties, yet perhaps the healers can make it so a few more men may see their families once more."

Luthis looks at the horizon when motioned to, and squints to see it in the distance. "Such a noble cause..." he says as he looks back at Lisha, " I will gladly join. Not for glory, mind you. But because it is easier to mend a man's arm than his wife's heart. That can only come in time, Q'na be blessed."

Meeting the Timerunner

Goals: Meet the Timerunner Raver, and understand the religious implications in relation to Q'na.
Time Frame: This is a one-time adventure.

August 9th, 2009

As Luthis began to heal Hayden, he suddenly has the urge to question Luthis due to recent events that had occurred. "Luthis, tell me now, what is the name of the god you worship?"

Luthis uses his hands to make a holy symbol as he says, "Q'na, the God of Time and Space. Why do you ask?"

Hayden's eyes brighten. "What do you think about time-travel?"

Luthis gives Hayden a curious glance. He clearly sees that Hayden has an ulterior reason to be asking such questions, but cannot fathom why. "I have passive knowledge of the subject. As far as I know, the power to truly travel to the past would be given to those blessed by Q'na himself."

Hayden says, "I'm not a religious man, but I believe I met such a man last evening. He allowed me to see my past, to revel in old victories and mourn past losses. His name was Raver. He called himself a Timerunner. He brought me to a beach where time freezes. Raver entered the past, and I was able to see through his eyes and hear through his ears. I could not interact with the past whatsoever, however, Raver could."


Excuses: Explaining Normal Actions As A Priest

Goals: When faced with a funny or awkward question in a normal situation due to Luthis being a priest, answer wittily.
Time Frame: This is a continuous adventure.

August 7th, 2009

Hayden smirks, "Connect with Q'na, huh? It looked to me that you were killing a drunkard with fishing equipment. I didn't know priests were the violent type."

Luthis chuckles, and says with a wink, "Alas, the fool was given precious time by Q'na to sober up and learn his lesson. However, I felt that rather than waste the precious time of Q'na, I'd help expedite the process."