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General Information

Name: Hayden

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Alignment and Deity: Chaotic Neutral, not a religious man.

Hometown: Kelay, born and raised.

Age: 29

Height & Weight: 6'2", 220lbs


Hayden stands roughly 6'2" tall and weighs around 220lbs. He has a muscular build. Hayden has medium-length brown hair and piercing steely blue eyes. As far as facial hair is concerned, Hayden always has at least a bit of scruff. There are a few small scars on his face from previous battle, one particularly distinguishable on his right cheek. His physique is well-built, and he walks with a prideful swagger.


Hayden is a mercenary warrior. He at one time had training in the local military, but he defected from it because he believes the military screwed him over in quite a few aspects. In the military, although he was a great fighter, he was a nobody - a low ranking soldier. Hayden didn't like that too much.


Hayden's personality is obnoxious at best. He never turns down a battle unless it is in his best interest. In fact, he doesn't do anything unless it is in his best interest. Fame and glory is his main motivation for everything in addition to simple greed for gold. However, he would never betray a fellow comrade in battle: that would defile his name, not help it. In short, he never lets greed get in the way of fame and glory. He lets ideals rule other's perception of him, even if he doesn't quite care about them.


Hayden is an experienced warrior who has an enhanced ability to fight. He is quite exceptional with swords and other melee weapons, but falls short on his abilities for long range weapons such as bows and crossbows. His education level is not very advanced, although he has the ability to read. He speaks common.

Physical Abilities

Proficient in brawling and fistfights. He maneuvers with great coordination.

Mental Capacities

Not much education, however, he knows how to read along with other commonsense abilities, such as tying knots and fishing.

Weapon Proficiencies

Proficient in sword wielding, but not good at long range attack weapons such as bows and crossbows.

Magical Abilities

None whatsoever. Hayden hates magic because he doesn't understand it.


Hayden is not the most socially-apt person, and beer tends to make his judgment even worse.


Hayden, since he was younger, dreamed of being in battle one day, especially since his father, Connor, was a great warrior. When his dad wasn't looking, Hayden would play with his swords, attacking invisible creatures in his imagination. One day, a horde of cobalds attacked his house in an attempt to rob his family. Hayden, along with his father, were able to fight them off efficiently. Connor was very surprised at Hayden's coordination at fighting, and he decided to put his son through training. When Hayden learned everything his father had to teach him, Connor urged Hayden to join the Kelay military for further training. Hayden was in the military for a couple years before he decided to defect. He felt he wasn't be treated with the respect he deserved, although he fought valiantly and efficiently. The military screwed him over, denying his request to be promoted to an officer due to his inept social skills. Connor told Hayden that he deserved better due to his exceptional melee skills. Hayden left the military, dishonorably, and became a mercenary for hire, always looking for the next best adventure, and always taking opportunities to advance his reputation. While he was on such a journey, his parents were attacked and killed by goblins in the middle of the night. Their agenda was a harmless robbery. Connor heard a noise and attacked the intruders, but a true bolt from the crossbow of the goblins hit him in the neck, leaving him for dead. They killed his mother as she tried to hit another one over the head with a nearby chair. Hayden developed a natural hatred for goblins and became obsessed with killing them whenever he had the chance. He must avenge his family name and his honor!

Adventures in Hollow so far

Time Travel with Raver

August 8, 2009 - Hayden time-traveled with a self-proclaimed time-runner. He saw his past with the help of his new friend, Raver.

Raver said to Hayden, "This is the Shrine of which I spoke ,, it is about balance .."

Hayden said to Raver, "Balance..?"

Raver said to Hayden, "Deep within each man is good and the evil. Without balance we would either run amok or do nothing. Hayden, I know you are a man of actions. Do you swim?" Raver looks as he speaks to Hayden. Once again the stream comes to his silent call. The waters were just covering the surface of the shrine in which they are standing.

Hayden squinted at Raver. How could he possibly know of his past? "How do you kn.." Hayden sighed. "Yes, I swim."

Raver said to Hayden, "I can assure you that your clothes won't get wet, your armor will not get rusty, and you will float. This is all part of the experience, Hayden. As to how I know, it is my business to know. I just mentioned Madresy to catch your attention. I am glad I did. This trip is so much better with you than without you. Raver lies down in the rising waters of the Time Stream, inviting Hayden to do the same.

Hayden glances from side to side, aware of the rising water. At Raver's counsel, Hayden lies back-down upon the rising waters.

Raver looks out through the entrance of the Shrine at the moonlight that bathes the area. He smiles for it has been a good day and looks to be an exciting evening, day and series of events. Raver takes hold of the Vortex Stone and begins to speak in a language known only to the Timerunners. The moon soon shifts. The two men float as a small current starts making itself known beneath them. Raver's words become a mantra, and as he repeats them, the current grows stronger. Hayden soon sees that they are no longer in the shrine but in a small creek. They continue floating and the mantra continues as well. Night soon becomes day as the sun rises. Hayden may feel a little disoriented as he realizes that the sun is rising in the west and setting in the east. Day becomes night, and night becomes day as they are now caught in a larger current of the Time Stream itself. The sounds of Hollow fill the air: babies crying, mothers sighing, bakers buying, and liars lying. Soon salty air becomes their home as the waters find them in ocean currents. Sea subsides soon enough as they have but moved some eight years or so into the past. Soon Hayden would come face to face with his men of old Strom, Leom and Riato. Ships pass right through their bodies on their way to port. Raver and Hayden are slowing down and find themselves in the port of Rynvale. Raver guides their journey until they are on a small beach to the side of the actual port. He speaks different words, and Hayden feels a tingle all over, like an eel. "We have arrived at the beginning, my newfound friend. You will now see as I see, smell what I smell, hear what I hear. No one will know you are here. You are slightly out of phase with this time. You will see many a wonder. Any questions, just ask, and they will be answered. I am off to the Salty Dog."

Raver gets up and walks amongst the kinfolk of the island and in the port , greeting many that he knows. He steps into the tavern and slips into the back. Across from him sit the four men having a discussion if what to do next when they see an approaching man. The visitor sits at their table and negotiations begin.

Hayden drops his jaw in complete surprise. He was astonished as he soon recognized the figures at the table. "Those are my mercenary friends!" Hayden runs up to the table and shouts their names. "Strom! Riato! It's me! Leo--" Hayden stopped in mid-sentence as he saw the fourth figure sitting at the table. It was Hayden himself! A younger Hayden, in fact. Hayden turns his head to Raver with a confused expression on his face. Hayden's gaze was interrupted by a flicker of realization. Hayden was not in the bar at all! He became even more confused. Hayden blinked and took in his environment. He was on a beach, composed of sand much like those found in hourglasses. Hayden blinked again and saw the tavern again. What is going on?? As Raver ordered a glass of beer, Hayden noticed that the voice wasn't his, but it was Raver's! Hayden came to a sudden realization that he was not in the tavern, but he was looking through Raver's eyes, hearing through his ears, tasting through his tastebuds. Hayden felt helpless, but in awe at the same time. He was experiencing his past years!

Raver orders his beer and passes the waitress the coins with a very obvious wink. She smiles at Raver and says, "M'lord what would your lady think?". Then she turns giggling and makes her way to her next customer. "Hayden, now how do you suppose she knows about my girlfriend?" Raver makes his way over to a closer table and listens in as the negotiations go on.

"Now Mr Hayden , I take it that Strom , Leom and Riato, plus yourself are capable of taking care of this wagon? The younger Hayden, full of confidence says, "Of course we can, Mr. Tylis. We will, of course, need more gold to purchase a boat to get to the east of Rynvale. These boats don't come cheap either." Raver watches as Mr. Tylis haggles with young Hayden to no avail. Soon Tylis is leaving with nothing, and Hayden is counting , "Five thousand and thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six. Come, my friends. We must borrow a boat to get us to Archlier." Raver chuckles and follows the men to the port where they pay a man a measly three hundred gold for a decent boat. Raver slips into the water. Hayden and Himself feel the current once again as they move forward through the timestream. They see as the four men Strom, Riato, Leom, and the younger Hayden relax as they make their way to the east from Rynvale. Soon, the days and nights pass and the boat, and the Travellers slide to a coastline where a caravan appears to be waiting. "Are you our client?" The man nods and shows the four mercenaries the horses. All four men get on and ride away in formation with the wagon. Once they are out of sight Raver gets out, leaving Hayden in his protective cocoon. He summons his own horse. "This is Remmus. He is a shadow horse, born of a special mare, bred by the timerunners. In the future, I will give Lady Kartia this horse as a gift. Come now. Let’s ride."

Raver sprints away, Remmus quickly getting up to a gallop. As he knows where the other men will be, he enjoys the trip. He lets the wind whistle through his hair. He feels the ground shift beneath Remmus' hooves. He stops to eat wild strawberries and drink from a stream. Two days later he arrives at the scene of the ambush.

Hayden's memory is jogged as Raver travels on horseback. He knew what was about to occur, and this caused adrenaline to flow through his bloodstream. Though his first impulse would be to shake with all the extra adrenaline in his veins, over the years, he had learned to control it, to accept it. Still, Hayden's blood churned. His brows furrowed as he remembered the horrible events that took place that day, but at the same time he smiled at his memory of sweet victory at impossible odds. The air smelt of battle, and Hayden, though powerless to intervene in the current scene, was ready for it.

Raver merely watches as he too knows the events that are about to follow. He holds Remmus back. "No, my friend. This is their battle." The first assailant drops with the swiftness of a tornado upon Strom daggers in hand, throwing them as he dropped. From another tree, a man using a whip lunges into the fray. Soon the area is full of men. Hayden’s blades are free of their sheathes. He drops low and sends the sharp edges into the achilles heals of three men. The Connor Cut, a move he named after his father, rends them immobile and lying there, helpless. The wagon had come to a stop as Leom defended the client. Riato was still on horseback, his blade slicing the air, reaching one or two men. Hayden looked as one man on horseback took off down the trail. "Nooooo, Riato!” was all that could be heard as his mate, his friend, charged after the escapee. Too late did Rairo see the other horseman’s blade as it sliced him across the throat rending his head from his body. Hayden went into a fury and killed all. The horses, the men, and very nearly the client. Hayden asked, "Where does that trail lead to?” and recieved the answer “Madresy.” “Now your village is one mile hence Leom will go with you.” Hayden watched as they rode away. He approached Riato, gathering his head and body as one and laid them to the fire: “As surely as you burn, my friend, so shall all who would help the man who killed you!" When Leom returned the three remaining men marched on foot towards their next point, Madresy. Raver following at a distance on his steed.

Hayden's eyes filled with tears. He wasn't quite the emotional type, but losing Riato was a horrible memory. That was one of his men, and Hayden felt partially responsible for Riato's death. Hayden had to remind himself that Riato died because he did not follow orders. When Hayden saw the man who had slain his friend, his blood boiled once again. His eyes grew dark as he recalled his sweet revenge upon that man. Hayden smiles briefly, knowing that quite literally his friend's murderer was going to burn, just as he had said.

Raver remembered the many times he had come to this realm. Its people were good hard working people. Obviously times were hard as many crops did not look as good as they once were. The bandits were also an indication of these trying times. He followed closely enough to hear Hayden, Strom and Leom walking and talking. Soon Raver descended from his horse and whispered in his ear."Go and graze, my friend. I will call you when needed." The horse plodded off into the shadows, and Raver drew his blade and made his way towards the town, his crossbow at the ready. Hayden had been trained by the man known as Connor. "When outnumbered always use the element of surprise.." was often spoken to young Hayden as he trained. Raver watched with delight as Leom produced a few items he "liberated " from the wagon. "Hayden, here are a few gifts, courtesy of our benefactor: Several kegs of lamp oil, three brand new swords, and this lovely Torch. I figured you might get some use out of them.” Hayden gathered the gifts and went to work. "Now, my friends, how nice they were to place their gate at the bottom of this hill". Hayden took the kegs and sliced into them, creating an opening. He tipped it over and sent its contents streaming down the hill, watching, as did Raver, as the fuel followed the trail directly to the gate pooling at the bottom. Several of the coward’s men were stationed there. It would be their final resting place. Hayden struck a match and tossed it into the fuel oil. The hillside lit up like a dragon’s breath, and as the wall of flame reached the gate, it became engulfed in flames. Screaming ensued, and burnt flesh filled the air. Raver took a side entrance into the town as the guard abandoned his post. The three mercenaries rushed down the hill and into Madresy in all the commotion.

Hayden grins as he sees the chaos that the young Hayden invoked. Especially after the pain of watching his companion, Riato die, this scene was especially rewarding. Men shouted across the town, scrambling for cover as they believed a larger enemy was approaching. Hayden closed his eyes, took in a deep breath and sighed, reveling in the absolute chaos that ensued. He once again opened his eyes and watched in delight as the young Hayden and his men charged into a side entrance of the town in search of the man who had slain their friend. Upon entering the small military city, many men rushed buckets of water to the flames at the city gates. Young Hayden scanned the crowd, failing to see any man that even resembled the murderer. Hayden watched as he saw his younger self run around in the panic. No guards took heed to the three foreigners because they were too preoccupied with the flames engulfing the city. As the young Hayden jogged, he noticed a small detail that many others would miss. A black cape lay at the entrance of a small house... HIS cape! Hayden and the other young men rushed the house to find the man cowering in a dark closet, unarmed. Young Hayden ignored the man's pleas for mercy, pulled him by the hair out of the house and threw him upon a nearby campfire outside the city's kitchen. The man's screams were lost in the madness caused by the mercenaries. As the man screamed, he attempted to roll out of the fire just to meet Hayden's blade upon his throat. As the man took his last breath, Hayden muttered, "An eye for an eye". After the deed was done, the three mercenaries calmly exited the city. Older Hayden communicated to Raver from the beach lost in time. "Thank you for this experience. It was wonderful."

Raver watched as the events unfolded. When he knew that all was nearly at an end, he whistled for Remmus. Mounting his steed, he, too, smiled, for justice had been served. He galloped back through the forests, dales and in two daus time was back on the beach. He lay down beside Hayden and said "You are most welcome, my friend. This day bonds us in friendship." Raver takes the vortex stone in hand and begins his mantra once again. Even as they lie there, the waters of the time stream gathers at their feet, the sun rises in the east. Raver and Hayden float along the timestream moving forward. Days become nights and nights become days. Battle sounds, bar brawls, and lovers in love all mark their journey back to the point where they began ."Balance, Hayden, this is the lesson. The scales of justice were yours to tip. You did so wisely in my view. Now take that lesson and apply it to the times coming ahead” As he finishes speaking the two men find themselves once more standing in the shrine. The waters of the time stream recede.

Hayden glances around the room to get a bearing of his surroundings. He was back in the shrine. He shook his head as if to snap himself from a dream. The events were so real. His gaze met Raver’s. Hayden nodded. "This time-traveling stuff is... different."