Phantasmal Knights

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Founder: Hecek.

Owner: Jaxson

Active Leaders: Pappy.

Requirements: If interested in joining the clan, feel free to contact Jaxson. While previously a very spread out clan, PK will now be more focused on Cenril based rps as we update the continuing story of this clan. Activity is required to maintain membership, and while being a Cenril specific character is -not- a direct requirement, it is a boon to the overall goal of the clan.

The clan previously tended to lean toward neutral alignment, and in this spirit the heart of the clan shall remain so. PK's new mission will be to serve Cenril under the leadership of Jaxson Ravencroft.

The clan was not known icly, it was a "secretive" group that carried out its mission of maintaining the balance that once had several prominent members play vital roles in that endeavor. With this legacy now falling into Jaxson's hands, he aims to rekindle that very mission but with a more direct focus: Protect Cenril. While also using it's roots as a secretive organization to do what must be done to keep Cenril safe.