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Welcome to Stat Club

Do you like to squish the mobs? Collect item drops? Watch your stats increase? Gold farm?
Then this is the place for you!
Stat club is a little space dedicated to our stating players.

As you make progress gaining health points you can h-mail Emilia to add you onto the badge board and earn a prize at select intervals*!


✶Have an active character

✶Participate in stating

✶Have FUN


✶Have fun!

✶Be Supportive to other staters

✶Have Fun!

✶Celebrate those milestones!

HP Rank

100 hp


500 hp


1,000 hp

2,000 hp

3,000 hp


4,500 hp

✶Mesdoram (4.5k)
✶Khitti (5k)
✶Joan (5k)
✶Magikrios (5k)
✶Kanna (5.5k)

6,000 hp

✶Penelope (6k)
✶Quintessa (7k)

7,500 hp

10,000 hp

✶Jaxson (12k)

15,000 hp

20,000 hp

✶Jaelyn (22k)

25,000 hp

30,000 hp


35,000 hp

40,000 hp

45,000 hp

50,000 hp

✶Emilia (51K)

60,000 hp

✶Clovelia (64k)

70,000 hp

80,000 hp

90,000 hp

100,000 hp

Player Rewards Info


Each badge is a pet with different AC the higher level.

✶100 hp- 5k gold
✶500 hp- Stat Club Member (+5) and 5k gold
✶4,500 hp- Copper Badge (+10) and 10k gold
✶10,000 hp- Silver Badge (+10) and 10k gold
✶20,000 hp- Gold Badge (+10) and 20k gold
✶30,000 hp- Sapphire Badge (+10) and 30k gold
✶40,000 hp- Ruby Badge (+10) and 40k gold
✶50,000 hp- Emerald Badge (+ 15) and 1 custom +15
✶70,000 hp- Diamond Badge (+20) and 1 custom +20
✶100,000 hp – Glowing Stone Badge (+25) and 1 custom +25

H-mail Form

Send the following form via hmail to Emilia with subject Stat Club

Character Name and current HP:
Badge Level Reached:
Prize unlocked: Y/N
~Complete below for custom prize~ (50k hp and up)
✹✹ Previous Badge will be Exchanged for the New one ✹✹

Healers Available
Clovelia, Emilia, Jaelyn, Lita, Quintessa, Aira

Quick Resources
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