Skeletal Saurian Scout Squad

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Skeletal Saurian Scout Squad

Skeletal Saurian Scout Squad
Respawn: ??
Level: 7 Attack: 79
HP: 1640 MP: 375 SP: 246

Kelay-Sage Area

Max Drops: 0 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper

Drop: None
If there was a time when these saurian-adjacent creatures were sentient, that time has long since come and gone. Fueled by a primitive need to conquer, these skeletal patrol parties shamble forward seeking to strike down those who stand in their way. Their weapons have long since rusted, but they still retain the knowledge of how to swing and parry their swords and polearms. They communicate to each other in hoarse rasps to alert the others to a new target spotted. Often times, undead members of other races can be seen trailing the party should they have been defeated in life. As with any other undead, one should aim for the head.

Written by Kanna